All about nails

Last night, i dropped by at watson's before heading home. Look what i've got.

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My love for nail polish started way back in college. It was my friend Ria who introduced me into it. She even let me use her nail polish to practice! During college, whatever the color of my top, expect my nails to be of the same color!

My addiction continued till my SGV days. i remember back then, before going to work, i would apply nail polish and let it dry while on my way to the office (i didn't know then Sally Hansen Insta dry!).

After that, i kinda lost interest. When i transferred work here in ortigas, i would occasionally buy NPs which were kept unused. Last year, i think, i gave away around 20bottles of barely used/unused NPs.

My renewed love for nail polish is due to a certain thread in Girltalk, although in there, they're discussing about the high end NPs (retail price ranges from Php300-400+), which i don't think i can buy without being guilty! (yaikss, i'ts getting obvious, i'm such a tight wad! haha, i'm not!). 

What was left on my previous stuff:

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all of them in an old container including my recent "haul" (don't have a nipper, forgot to buy one)

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and nail pic of course!

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bobbie's touch of beige


shoutingwind said...

ganda ng nails!! hahah

lel said...

shemps! di halatang local nail polish noh!

yabang amf! ang totoo, kuripot ako to buy mamahaling NPs haha


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