Beauty bonding - Part 2

Going to the derma last Saturday isn't enough. Sunday afternoon, my sis and I went to SM Hypermart Pasig to have our lashes permed. Been planning to do this months ago. Btw, when I told P (my significant other) about this, he thought I was just pulling his leg haha. But when I told him it's true, he was laughing his ass off! He can't believe that there really is a procedure like that! hahaha!

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At the reception area, we were asked to sign a waiver stating that we are aware that during treatment, we MAY experience itchyness and redness of the eyes and that we don't hold Let's Face It (LFI) liable for such cases, something of that sort. Then we were ssisted inside and assigned to an LFI staff. I had to lie down on a bed (and was asked to close my eyes) and then my lids were gently cleaned even if I'm not wearing any eyemakeup. Lashes will be pressed into a roller (I requested for the biggest roller so that my lashes will be naturally curled) and then a water soluble glue, perming lotion and naturalizer will be applied on it with a 15 to 20 minutes interval each. I believe, a scotch tape will be used somewhere in between. It lasts more than an hour, I'm not sure of the exact procedure, but what I'm sure of is that I dozed off during the treatment haha!

The procedure will give you a slight discomfort. First to notice is the scent of the perming lotion, it's bearable on my case though but not for those with sensitive olfactory system. And then, sometime during the procedure, it feels like the LFI staff is pulling your lashes, but she's not of course, just arranging them on the roller.

Before and after pics: first set is mine, 2nd, my sister's:

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I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to save time from curling their lashes every single day. I was told that this could last 6 to 8 weeks, but I doubt it for myself since I'm quite "fond" of rubbing my eyes, can't help it LOL.

I just wish though that instead of LFI asking their clients to sign a waiver form, they should just insist on a patch test, this may take an extra trip to the salon (LFI) but better be safe than sorry right? After all, we only have 2 eyes. The patch test I believe is necessary to rule out allergic reaction to the solutions used during the perming process.

Anyway, this post is getting longer than what I have planned. All in all, I'm happy with my lashes, no more "ouch" moment every morning for the next 3 to 4 weeks! And most of all, I am fluttering my lashes non-stop in front of P hahaha!


Janelle said...

wow. what a difference! your lashes are so pretty and long now :)

Mindy said...

Aba aba aba! Masubukan nga rin yan! Pero sana hindi lang 6 weeks. 6 years! Milagro yata hanap ko hahaha.

lelila said...

minday! try mo, aliw sya promise! kahit sang Let's Face it naman meron. ang saya, paggising mo sa umaga, curled agad ang lashes, malandi! haha.

6 years? milagro nga haha

oOchaOo said...

nice! ang ganda ng result for an affordable service hihi will try it soon :) btw, im cha cha && i followed your blog hihi see you around!

lelila said...

janelle and cha, magpaperm na rin kayo dali!!! saya saya LOL

Pammy said...

I've tried this 5 years ago. I fell asleep while having it done but it lasted a good 3 months on me. :) But if I have my lashes permed, good ol' shu curler won't have use for months. :(

It looks good on you and it really saves a few seconds off your make up routine. :P

lelila said...

hi sis pammy, i was thinking of buying shu, I actually have the shiseido curler and I dont like it, always got my eye pinched. anyway, i thought having my perm curled is much benefitial for me since I dont have to spend a few minutes curling my lashes, less late pagpasok sa office! LOL


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