The best way to deal with stress

is go shopping!
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I went to work yesterday (Saturday) and will still be reporting for work later today. The slides/presentation for the Board of Director's quarterly meeting that I'm doing is a pain in the a*s! Arghh! I thought I just have to simply plot the data and draft the slides and charts, check on the slides animation, etc etc! But no, the data to be used are from at least 10 different reports I know nothing about! and I have to locate them one by one!

My head feels like exploding come lunch time, hungry and stressed beyond my imagination, I took an hour and a half lunch break. Quick lunch and head off to the Megatrade Hall. Checked on some luggages since I don't have one and I have an upcoming trip to Singapore in 2 months time. Didn't buy one though coz I don't like the designs. There's one that caught my interest, but upon seeing the price tag, "no thank you! haha"

Went to ipanema corner but the sizes are a bit small and the stocks are not organized. Went to crocs but most of the styles and sizes are already sold out, should've went there yesterday! Went home with a Cleo pair in Turquoise/Sea Foam, that's the only color left. This is my first Crocs weeh!

I'm out of the office by 8:00 pm, braindrained! Went to mega again "to relax", bought 2 tops for me and a polo shirt for the bf (P) from Giordano's sale. Bought another top for me and another shirt for P at the department store. Then went home.

And I'm ready for work again, I hope I could shop again after though, haha!

Tops and shirts and a dozen glaze!
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Gotta sleep! Still have some work to do. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Golden said...

I so agree with you. That's what I do when I feel stressed out, I go shopping! Argh, it's bad right? But I make sure that I don't spend more than 500.00. Buying new stuff motivates me to go to work the following day because I've new stuff to show off. Haha!

By the way sis, I'm from GT. Nice blog.

Have a blessed Sunday.

GirLWithGLasses said...


i love crocs! i have 2 pairs. the crocs for dorky people haha!
... and already in its nasty condition! LOL!

enjoy your crocs... they are super comfy.

Marice said...

wow ill update u sana of the list of brands available but i think im late na hahaha

lelila said...


I was actually shocked when I counted my money at home, I'm way beyond the 500 mark! haha!

what's your GT name sis?

lelila said...

jing, they're still on sale today. go na!

saw some sassari there at my sizes, with additional discounts (big sizes haha) but didn't get one, natataasan ako sobra!

lelila said...

marice, yeah, saw your blog, i left a comment there, pero di na nakapag intay LOL. Mega naman is beside our office kaya no prob.

Crystal Gale said...

haha I shop when I'm stressed too! But I prefer to shop in Multiply or GT coz there are no snoopy SAs hehe :)

lelila said...

i need physical exercise when I'm stressed, and shopping at the mall is the most ideal form of exercise for me haha

Gem said...

One of the bad things that happen to a woman when stressed out is that she tends to shop aka retail theraphy. I think every woman is with you on this. Hehe.

Btw, if you were in Megamall during lunch time then I think I saw you :)

lelila said...

Gem, really? yup lunchtime, foodcourt first then megatrade hall.

Janelle said...

i concur! shopping does take away stress :)


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