Celeteque Advanced Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer

Having a simple anti-aging skin care regimen can help us look younger than our actual age. Err, I know I'm actually late for this as I can now see fine lines under my eyes. Maybe due to my bad sleeping habit (i sleep normally around 2 or 3am and woke up at 7 or 8, toink!) or maybe, I am really getting old! But wait! Forget I said that, my age is still in the calendar, I'm still young haha!

Anyway, today my officemate forwarded a link to me about Celeteque's new product and their current promo!
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From the site, they explained what the product is all about.

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They even have an FAQ portion!

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So how to get your coupon? Just go to the following url:


Sign up, you must use a valid email address here. Ok, at the registration part, I cheated haha! The automatic promo coupon will pop out only if the one who signed up is at least 30 years of age, so I jacked up my age haha. Also, to be sure, don't sign up and avail of the promo if you don't have an available printer pronto. I've read from girltalk that there are some who signed up immediately (without a ready printer) and experienced having difficulties in retrieving their coupons.

After signing up, you will received a confirmation link in your email (with subject name as "Welcome to True Result"), click it and you will be automatically redirected to the log in page, enter your username and password, log in and an intro page will be shown, if you have a spare time, go watch the introduction, I'm at the office at the time I signed up so I just skipped the intro part.

Upon logging in, you will see this at the upper right portion of your screen.

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Click "here" to get your coupon, and select the branch where you want to claim your e-coupon and then click print. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups for you to print the coupon, and that's it! You can now buy the Celeteque Advanced at 50% off, SRP is at Php619 I believe, upon presentation of the printed coupon. I'm gonna claim mine today at lunchtime, see yah!!!

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Most of the staff of watson's are unaware of this promo, if they're not familiar with it, ask them to call for their manager, the latter should know about this. That's how it was when I bought mine at Watsons Megamall A, 2nd Floor.


Crystal Gale said...

I had a hard time getting my coupon..I entered my mom hehe..oh and I hope this would work too and will not cause any breakouts for us ^_^

lelila said...

getting as in printing the coupon or redeeming it from watsons na?

i printed two coupons, one for my mom and one for me, later i might print another 3 copies. I used it last night and this morning, like it coz it's so light on my face! dries really fast


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