Hit and Miss: Getting the right shade of foundation

Nothing beats going to a counter to actually have yourself "swatched" by the experts (MA). I would suggest going to a MAC counter (even if you're not planning to buy, but don't blurt it out on the MA haha!). Read till the end why I suggest to have yourself matched at MAC. It's not just because of my addiction to the brand =)

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I've had my share of hits and misses in getting the right shade of foundation, it's either too dark, too pink or sometimes too light. My being acidic made it more difficult for me. Most of the MA's will ask you about this, and if they forget to ask if you're acidic, scold them! Joke! Tell them. Co'z if you're acidic, you need to get a foundation one shade lighter than your correct shade (of course you already know that, I don't mean to sound like an expert because I'm not, but I'm just sharing based on personal experience, nothing wrong with that right?! =)

A few tips I've read before that you might find useful too:

  • Swatch the foundation in your jaw line. Although personally, I'm not practicing it, I use the back of my hand as 'canvas', so far so good. Don't do this, and if you do, don't blame me LOL!
  • After swatching, don't buy right away. Politely tell the MA that you'll just come back, that you want to test it first, walk around the mall, anywhere but near the counter. The lighting may fool you. Also, try to ask for samples, no harm in asking right? In the first place, they don't know you haha!
  • Check the ingredients! You have to be sure that you have no allergies to any of the ingredients listed in the bottle or box.
  • Consider your skin type. If you're oily like me, you may want to stay away from cream type of foundation. Powder type is more advisable. Or if you can find a water-based liquid foundation, much much better. Although getting a liquid foundie may be costly for you since you need to buy a powder too to set your foundation!

Now, the reason I suggest you try MAC first is because I found a very useful chart!

Go check it out yourself and let me know if it was of a big help to you too! 

Mega Foundation Chart - Click here

Happy weekend everyone!


Chyng said...

Hi Lelila. Nice URL. I like it.

How about tips for the right shade of Blush on? Im using (wait tingnan ko sa bag) eto - Peachykeen (sheertone shimmer blush). Feeling ko di bagay..

a GT

The Shades Of U said...

Sis thanks for commenting on my blog! Yours look great! :)

lelila said...

hi sis aileen, nice of you to drop by. I've been visiting your blog for long time now, i just dont comment before because I cant relate, but it's different now haha.

lelila said...

Hi chyng,

I'll post some swatches of my blushes one day, maybe you could choose from there. Im NC40 for reference. Peachykeen I think is more suited for morena girls like me.

Kay said...

great post sis.. i went thru the same thing before..

always getting the wrong shade..

thanks :)


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