I'm a self-confessed blush addict!

Two weeks ago, I accompanied my officemate/friend to Shangri-la to check out the newly opened Stila counter. Yes, I told her I'll just accompany her because I'm in a no-buy mode. She just got an eyeliner, she would've bought more but didn't because the assigned SA that day is quite snooty! Anyway, after Stila, we visited NARS. It's just at the back of Stila anyway. Again, we went there coz my friend wants to buy a Kalahari e/s duo. I don't know what happened but I got back at the office with this LOL!

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What happened to the no-buy mode?!!?!

Cute bag, first time that Lara gave us a bag, just because we complained that the cashier gave us a small plastic bag haha. Lara, btw, is the nicest MA I know and the most generous haha! No kidding, she's really friendly that we always look forward to visiting the NARS counter at Shang.

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I got Madly. I still remember that when I first visited the NARS counter, this is what Lara recommended for me (I thought she was mocking me because it was the first time I saw a brown blush haha), but I ignored her reco because at that time, my heart is set on the Dolce Vita blush. Then I saw from sis Pattybee's blog her review about Madly, and I'm sold!

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Madly on me, the perfect brown blush for morenas like me! Check out sis Martha's review about this lovely blush.

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Of course, a purchase from NARS isn't complete without a freebie!!! Even if I didn't reach the minimum amount of purchase needed to avail this GWP (Gift with Purchase)! I love Lara haha.

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Meet my other NARS blushes

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Swatches (Orgasm won't show up on my face, I swatched it on my arms for at least 5 times and look at the pic, haha! That's why I'm selling it!)

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My MAC Blushes

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As of posting time, I already sold Sunbasque and Margin as I don't like their effect on my cheeks, they're almost the same color and they both highlight my pores! LOL.

Also, before these pictures were taken, I already sold my Pink Swoon and Pinch o' Peach blushes because they were so light that they barely show up on my skin.

Practicality wise, I believe I have too many blushes already, it will take me years before I consume all of them despite me having huge cheeks haha. But then, I just love blushes and I dont think I'll stop from buying one again!

Next on my list --- NARS Luster, Benefit Coralista, and I wish I can find a MAC Spaced Out blush from MAC's Neo Sci-fi collection last year!


nikkiz. said...

Hi Lelila! Love your blog! I'm a blush addict too! I have a lot but they're mostly mineral blushes. I have yet to try out NARS and MAC. Is that e/s duo really a GWP? How much do you need to spend for a GWP? I am intrigued LOL!

lelila said...

Hi sis nikkiz, thanks for dropping by.

the MA at NARS makati told sis Martha that for her to have a freebie, she should buy at least 2,500 worth of products, at the minimum haha.

The e/s duo is really a GWP, this is my 2nd e/s duo freebie LOL. A regular e/s duo costs about 1,250, great deal right? Most of the time, if you insist for a freebie even if you didn't reach the required minimum purchase, you'll be given the mini lipgloss, but it pays to be friendly with the MA. haha

that's why i make it a point to buy NARS item only if Lara is there, Thursday is her day-off. if you want to buy, just look for Lara and tell her you were referred by Sol (that's me, and Myra, my officemate), malay mo, pati ikaw din diba? haha.

try NARS blushes, the best!

nikkiz. said...

Thanks for the info! Is Lara a guy "girl"? I always see this tall guy "girl" at the Shang NARS counter during weekends.

lelila said...

her real name is Larry hahaha! Yeah, tall sya with long black hair

Pammy said...

My fellow blush addict. :P The NARS bag looks cute. I hope Lara will give me a bag and a freebie when I buy either Crazed or Outlaw or simply both. :P Can I also tell her I know you? I dunno if she remembers me, I've bought from her thrice pa lang. :)

Janelle said...

wow, that's a lot of blushes!

Valerie said...

I'm so addicting to all blushes! I own more blush than anything else! =P Love your Nars blushes

Askmewhats said...

I love your wonderful blush collection and the bag is too cute! Nice of the lady to give you freebie! enjoy!

lelila said...

sis Pammy, sure! you can mention my name. Para Lara will believe me na panay promote ko sa kanya haha!

Janelle, yeah i know, i hope to add some more!

Valerie, it's more fun to collect blushes noh?

Sis Nikki, yeah, she was joking she'll charge us 50 pesos for the bag alone haha. Lara is nice talaga!

Jackie said...

wow! that's a lovely collection. your MA is so sweet. ^^

Crystal Gale said...

I love blushes too! But I'm afraid to use MAC blushes..have you experienced breaking out from them? I break out mostly on my cheeks eh..thanks! ^_^

lelila said...

Hi jackie, yeah lara is so sweet, planning to visit NARS again next week, i hope she has new stocks of GWPs! Haha, I'm more concerned with the GWP stocks than the items for sale LOL!

Hello gale, no breakouts so far. I'm using mac studio fix too. the final test will be next month when i had to finally stop taking roaccutane hehe.


naku, blush addict ka na nga sis lelila! :D

ang ganda naman ng freebie ng nars! naaalala ko tuloy yung hindi ako binigyan ng freebie sa makati. hmp. :p

luster ang sunod kong bibilihin. after that. WA NA! TAMA NA! :D

sayang orgasm didn't work for you. i love it kasi coral ang labas sa mukha ko at beach na beach ang dating ng glow. :D

ang madly brown na may hint of coral ang labas sa akin. :D

lelila said...

dissapointed din ako with orgasm, ewan ko bat di kita sa akin, kahit sa wrist ko which is mga two shades lighter compared sa face ko! kainis haha!

after Luster, madami dami pa ako haha. ayaw mo try benefit coralista? hahahaha

Crystal said...

ang ganda noong dainty! i actually like orgasm, but i don't have my own :P

lelila said...

yup sis crystal, super nice ng dainty! i use my 109 when applying dainty, medyo light lang kase sya so walang takot na masobrahan ng lagay! if you can get one, dont hesitate to buy. it's my first mineralized blush, all along i thought di ako magkakaroon ng mineralized blush coz yung mga lumabas sa style warrior di ko type kase puro shimmer, katakot LOL

Crystal Gale said...

update sis ha? I'm done with my oral antibiotic na kasi hehe...naku don't worry sis..hindi din lumilitaw sa akin ang orgasm haha ..pero that's 3 years ago pa..so I'll probably try it again if given the chance since iba na skin tone ko ngayon and I don't have good brushes back then pa ^_^

lelila said...

gale, sure post ko dito if ever! (takot ako waaah)

Pammy said...

Madly looks good on you and complements with your skintone. :)

lelila said...

^yes sis pammy, kaya sya lagi kong gamit ngayon haha

♥ mia said...

*gasp* ur selling ur orgasm blush? aw, i thought it was perfect for every skintone

nice freebie! :D

lelila said...

hi mia, i so want to love orgasm, yun lang di nya ako love haha, sold it na to a friend of a girltalker. =)


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