It's here! (pic heavy)

Finally! After a month and 3 days, it's here!

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Receiving packages makes me super excited (don't you?), especially this one which I thought was already lost in the mail, even the seller thought so and had refunded me last Friday (which reminds me I have yet to send it back to her!).

Anyway, take a look on what's inside the box!

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Isn't it the cutest?!  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's the MAC fafi makeup bag from the MAC Fafi collection released last year, February I think, I'm not even sure if it was released here in the Philippines since at that time, I was still a J&J-Baby-Powder-kind-of-girl, LOL.

I first saw this cute bag from fafinettex3's "What's in my Summer Makeup Bag" video in youtube. It was love at first sight! I immediately looked it up on ebay (my go-to-site when I'm trying to find something I want) and my heart sank when I saw how much they are at! As much as I want it, I can't bear to spend on something like that when I could buy a full sized bag for what it's worth!

Bad call though! It caused me several sleepless nights. No exaggeration, as this always happen to me whenever I really really want "something-I-know-I-can-buy-but-WON'T".

A week later, I finally gave in! And upon seeing it today, definitely no regrets!

This is the makeup pouch I used before this beauty arrived. A Clinique pouch I bought from, I'm not a fan of the size of this pouch as it takes almost half of the space in my bag, put in my umbrella and I barely have space left for my other stuff.

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What I put inside...

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How they are in their new home...

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Absolutely love it!

I'm just a little iffy with the zipper something, handle? or whatever, LOL. Doesn't look sturdy to me, they could've made it a solid round thingie then embossed the MAC logo on it and shorten it a bit (the part where the MAC logo is right now). Anyway, I'll just be careful with this.

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Before I went home, I browsed thru ebay again and looked for the MAC Fafi beauty powder. I want to buy one, JUST for the powder case. Good thing though that I've read from that the images on the cases are just stickers! Whew! My CC was saved!

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Crystal Gale said...

aww cute! but I don't want to know how expensive it is haha..whenever I want something and I have the money to buy it but I don't, I can't sleep too haha :)

lelila said...

The item itself is not that super expensive but the ebay seller has a flat rate on shipping, yun ang mahal LOL!

Malditang Doktora said...

ano yang dainty na yan, maganda ba yan?

nakita ko din yan ke fafinette!

lelila said...

kay fafinette ko din to nakita eh, meron pa nga ako gusto, yung coach wristlet nya haha.

maganda yung dainty, ask mo pa japjap, ikaw na ikaw to haha


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