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Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA., work's just crazy the past two weeks. I've never been this busy since working at SGV and it was 4 years ago!

Anyway, last Thursday, I received a text from Carlos of MAC Shangri-la.

"Gudday carlos here frm MAC SHANG.i would like to inform u that the winter fall collection are now here at the counter. This are the ff collection: euristocrats, love that look and graphic garden.txt me if u want something to reserve frm the collection.thanks"

O-M-G! I'm not prepared! Errr, let me rephrase that, my wallet is NOT prepared! LOL! I really thought it's sched to come end of the month. And to think it's 3 collections all at the same time.

I saw Sutil of online in ym and pm'ed her about the new collection, and we have the same reaction, we're not prepared! I told her I want the Fresh Cut palette from the Graphic Garden collection but after she saw the swatches, she discouraged me from getting it as it won't suit my skintone.  She advised me against getting pale pinks, only the last two colors will be usable for me, she added. Ok, that's one off my list yey! I decided not to get the brush sets too as I like using full size brushes.  The Euristocrats collection, I'm not interested as it's all about lipsticks and lipgloss, I'm fine with my Burt's Bee's lip balm and Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Anyway, we went to Shang the day after receiving the text. I bought 2 e/s and MAC 217, I was able to stick to my list unlike my officemate/friend who got 6 e/s and 2 pearl glide liners from her original list of 3 e/s and 1 pearl glide. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why 3 e/s in the pic? Because, Carlos gave us one free e/s each, my first freebie from MAC yey! 12 more e/s to complete my palette! LOL

Before we left MAC, Carlos invited us to go back on Sunday (that's tomorrow!) because they'll be having a workshop from 2pm to 4pm. This is open to everyone! I would love to go, but my folks are staying here for the weekend, unless they go home to Cavite before lunch haha.


Golden said...

I'm so ignorant when it comes to MAC.

lelila said...

lately na lang din ako with MAC. It started with Studio fix! Try it sis!

Askmewhats said...

wonderful hauls!!!! so happy you bought MAC 217 :) The best :)

Crystal said...

darn, i just saw this now! sayang may workshop pala ang MAC kanina!

lelila said...

hi nikki, yeah 217 is nice nga! thinking of getting other e/s pa hehe.

crystal, sayang! Heatherette was there, I wasn't able to go since tinamad na rin ako umalis and my parents are still here by lunchtime. Don't worry, there's an upcoming workshop by NARS naman, I'll make sure to announce it here days before so you'll know agad. =)

Shen said...

great hauls you got here! eotd! fotd! :) got the text from carlos of shang and lyn of makati but i'm just not in lemming mood. after i saw how fab MUFE e/s works, it killed my wants for other e/s. sayang i was really looking forward pa naman to love that look. i'm sure by now o/s na un. :)

lelila said...

sana di pa OOS lahat ng e/s, tutal madami naman dumating na collections haha. yung mga l/g and l/s, maubos na silang lahat wag lang e/s, now lang ako magstart magcollect eh haha.

no eotd pa, sa bahay lang ako during the weekends, try ko this week, pag maaga ako nagising LOL!


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