Mini haul for the week

MAC 150, MAC 188, MSF Natural in Medium Dark and Clinique Superfit in Neutral (tester bottle). Bought the MAC products at MAC Shangri-la while the Clinique superfit, I got from a fellow Girltalker. 

I bought the MAC 150 brush due to Blaire and Elle's videos in youtube (they're sisters who have separate youtube channels, juicystar07 and allthatglitters21, respectively). I don't even know where to use this brush! Haha! All I know is that Blaire uses this brush for her NARS Laguna bronzer. But since Laguna bronzer is still part of my lemmings/wishlist, my MAC 150 might take a rest first on my makeup drawer LOL.

MAC 187 and MAC 188 have been in my wishlist like forever. What made me buy the 188 now is pursebuzz' old video in youtube that I just watched recently, a tutorial on how to apply blushes. In her video, I love how perfectly the 188 deposits the blush right on to her cheek. I bought MAC 131 last month and I love using it with my NARS Dolce Vita, however there are times that my application goes beyond my cheek, making me look like I just got punched LOL! I've yet to try the 188 as I've just wash them last night.

Look how tiny the 188 compared to the 150:

Another item I bought is Clinique Superfit Foundation in Neutral, both Blaire and Elle (again) are using this (although I just watched one of Elle's video that she changed her foundation, still Clinique but not this one anymore, she's using the NEW Even Better Makeup SPF15 variant. (oh well, another addition to my wishlist!). A full sized bottle (30ml) costs 1,750 at Clinique Rustan's (previously 1, 500) but I got this tester bottle, 15ml, for just 400 bucks from a fellow girltalker, goddess_diana3584. She even gave me free shipping! yey! 

the last item I got is the MSF Natural Powder. Bought this to use as setting powder for my Clinique foundation. I want to buy this two months ago but I was told that this doesn't cover blemishes well unlike the Studio Fix Foundation so I held buying it until I have a decent liquid foundation. Carlos of MAC Shang helped me choose the right shade for me which is Medium Dark (same shade of my MAC Blot powder).

That's it! Not much but I'm pretty happy with my purchases. At least, I get to buy some of the items on my wishlist. Although while at MAC, I saw Sunny By Nature MSF from the Colour Craft Collection and I want it. LOL! Next time! I just hope they'll still have stocks. 


GirLWithGLasses said...

wow sis...
this is such a great haul!

my next target is to try mac eyebrow brush. do you happen to know what number is that brush???
or is there an eyebrow brush???

hoooo... i am so new...

have a nice day lel :)

lelila said...

hi sis! from the MAC website its 263 or the 208, although I'm not sure if they're available here. They're both flat and angled.

Maybe you can use MAC 266? I vaguely remember someone mentioning to me that it is what she used for her brows. It's an angled brush too and I believe it would be a good buy since you can use this as an eyeliner brush too if you have gel eyeliner like MAC fluidline.

have a nice day too you too!

lelila said...

sis jhing,

i found a blog/tutorial where a girl used 226 for her brows, check this out

GirLWithGLasses said...

hi sis...

ow... thank you for the help :)

shasta said...

How do you like Clinique's Superfit? Am also looking for a liquid foundie for days when I need the finish. :)

lelila said...

hi sis shasta,

i just got the tester bottle, I don't know but it feels different on the testers at the mall. the tester i tried at Marrionaud is quite creamy but the one I bought is medyo liquid type. I asked the seller, it's new naman daw and it just arrived from the US.

as to the finish, I just want it if I apply using my MAC109 brush, if I use my duo brush (188), I don't like the finish.

Overall, it's nice and feels light on the skin (and coverage is sheer), lasts long to me after setting it either with MSF natural or if I want heavier coverage, I top it of with MAC Studio Fix.

I suggest try it muna at the Clinique counter before buying and if available na yun Even better foundation nila, try it too, heard/read good reviews about it.

(waah my reply is too long, sorry if it bored you out of your wits LOL)


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