NARS Makeup Workshop + Recent buys

Hi girls, I talked to LARA of NARS Shangrila and she invited me for a makeup workshop on September 2 around 4-6pm. Time is still tentative, she'll confirm it to me next week, I'll just update this post. This one, I believe is a bit more extensive than the one held by MAC last Sunday. Best to come without makeup! Workshop includes skincare and make up applications. See you there!!!

On another note, we had lunch at Mr. Choi's Kitchen earlier at Rob Galleria. After lunch, we went to Saizen to check out the much raved about Charcoal Mask, unfortunately, I bought the wrong one! Haha! I tried to look for the tube with the word MASQUE on it but cant find any, then I saw this tube with the word "cream" on it PLUS a sticker on top with a caricature face of a girl with gray mask! So i thought, it's the same thing! Argh, should have known better! Good thing they accept change of items within 7 days.

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For raves about the items they carry, check out the thread in Girltalk.

The other day too, I was able to buy my celeteque advance anti wrinkle facial moisturizer and been using it eversince, so far so good!

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Lazy day today, I'm having problems with my work-related web access and shared drive, still waiting for the IT person assigned to fix it. What to do? Blog hopping! LOL


Askmewhats said...

can't wait to hear your workshop from Nars afterwards, i'm sure you'll learn a lot of new stuffs and information :)

lelila said...

I wish I can apply it in actual, I've watched hundreds of vid tutorials na on youtube but when I'm the one to do it na, waaah! Frustrating haha.

Been asking jheng for the longest time to teach me one on one LOL. Good thing we'll be officemates na next month, yey!


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