Playing favorites: Face brushes

As addicted as I am to collecting MAC brushes, my favorite powder brush is not MAC.

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See that light brown syntethic brush at the right? That's my favorite brush, the one I reach the most whenever applying my powder foundation. It's the Silk Naturals Flat Top brush I bought almost two years ago. It's still as soft as the first time I got it. Feels so nice on my face and it's big enough to apply my Studio Fix evenly and efficiently that I am done in less than a minute which is a big plus for me since I am always in a hurry everyday going to work!

See how packed/dense it is!

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It's smaller than the MAC182 but still, I prefer using this for my studio fix. I used my 182 with MSF natural to set liquid foundie.

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I think I got this Flat Top for over 500php at that time (exclusive of shipping). I checked out Silk Naturals' website and they don't carry this brush anymore. I've read in GT too that they no longer ship to the Philippines. How come? Customs issues? Lost packages? Tsk, tsk.

Special mention to my MAC 109 brush (the one right beside the flat top), it's so good to use in applying liquid foundie (clinique super fit foundation). It gives an airbrush finish and although most users complain on the size of the brush (it's a bit small, you can see from the picture), I don't mind. I also use this for my blushes, pretty good in picking up colors too! Too bad they're limited here in the Philippines while they're part of the regular brushes in US.

So guys, what are your favorite brushes? Let me know!


Please excuse the dirty brushes, I used them late this afternoon and I deep cleaned my brushes last night =) (MAC Brush Cleanser on the rescue!)


Pammy said...

Wow on your MAC brushwa. How's the MAC 131?

By the way sis, you are one blush lover so you gotta try the Kryolan blushes. :) half the price of one MAC or NARS compact and the same quality. ;)
BI mode ako :P

lelila said...

MAC 131 is love. I used it for my NARS dolce vita since it's super pigmented, although since I acquired my MAC Mineralized blush in Dainty, I haven't used my 131 ulit. I use the 109 for my MAC Dainty, perfect!

I'm trying not to be affected by the Kryolan addiction. I'm on my way being a beggar for this blush addiction! Another brand will kill my wallet totally! LOL!


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