REVIEW: MAC Prep & Prime (Eye)

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A light textured cream to wear on the eyes as an undercoat to eye makeup. Primes the lids. Smooths textures, neutralizes lid color. Use under eyeshadow, pigments, paints and concealers.
Got this item when SUTIL of held her blog sale thru jaime of

Wasn't able to use this immediately after since I'm not into e/s then (although I don't think I am into e/s now, you'll know later).

But when I got the NARS Brazil Duo as a freebie from NARS Shang (c/o Lara, the very generous NARS MA) I started using this primer.

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Love that it provides enough coverage to even out my lid colour coz I really have a very pigmented lids due to lack of sleep.

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Applying e/s is easier too as it glides smoothly, I noticed though that at the sametime it makes the colors "pop", it also somehow mattifies them. I can't decide yet if it's good or bad haha.

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NARS Brazil: I used the one on the left for the swatches but used both on my eyes.  (My only e/s along with NYX Vanilla, I'm not into e/s as I am with blushes!)

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Pretty decent primer I may say, BUT, if you have a very oily lid, this one's not for you as I've noticed that my e/s creased just after an hour or two!

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See that? I'm glad I didn't buy it at it's original retail price! I'm not sure how much it is exactly but it's $16.50 in US, so give or take, it's around 1k here in Phils. Add a few bucks and you're better off buying UDPP!

Product Rating:

ooops, FOTD (Please bear in mind I am new to makeups LOL) and excuse the red rashes on my forehead, i get those when I'm stress or something plus huge and long wheals all over my face and chest, eww haha.

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NARS Brazil e/s
NYX Vanilla as highlight
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey


Kay said...

awesome review sweetie!

very detailed.. :)

I have been eyeing this one for the longest time.. i have oily lids so i probly pass..

good thing you made a review..

lovely FOTD btw, very fit for work :)

lelila said...

hi kay! thanks!

yeah, better buy UDPP na lang. Although I'll still use this until I get a UDPP of my own.

I was able to compare prep & prime with UDPP since I was able to use the latter twice or thrice coz a friend offered to lend hers so that I can try it first before buying!


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