Sale Alert

Was planning to drop by at Skinfood Megamall to check on the Salmon concealer (saw sis jheng's review on her blog). On my way there, i passed by Marks and Spencer and saw this sign....

uh-oh! guess what, wasn't able to visit Skinfood's boutique since i spent my lunchbreak at M&S. went back to the office with a bra and a satin sleepwear.

Gifted girls like me can relate on how hard it is to find a good fitting bra. An M&S bra has long been in my wishlist, i just can't take to spend around 1,800 to 2k for a single piece of underclothing (but i do on make up brush LOL!).

Good thing they went on sale, the one i got costs 750, not bad coz i'm buying 500-peso worth of Avon Bras which after a few month's use, the underwires are already sticking out,what a waste of money!

Megamall branch is on sale up to 29 August, i think. see you there! (yeah i'm going back for more! LOL) 

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