Stila at Shangri-la

The day after I've read in GT that Stila in Makati is already open, I immediately called Rustan's Shangri-la to inquire if they have Stila too AND if the products are already available for sale. The MA who answered the phone, asked me to wait so she could ask someone in th know. A minute after, she came back and replied to me in affirmative, "yes Ma'm Stila's already available". I got excited that I post it immediately at GT.

Come 11:30, (yes, half an hour earlier than our should be lunchbreak LOL) my fellow-addict-officemate and I left the office and went to Shang.

Look what we've found!

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NO ITEMS YET, just a booth!!! The testers on display are T.Le Clerc stuff. Arghh! Imagine our dissapointment! Silly me I forgot to take the name of the MA who answered the phone. Lucky her! LOL! My question was so specific! I didn't ask if they have Stila counter, I asked "if there are Stila items already available for sale! Hayz!!!!

After ranting to some of the MA's (LOL), we just visited the MAC counter. We didn't visit NARS as I remembered Lara told us that it's her off every Thursday. You see, No LARA = No Freebie. Haha.

I already know what I want from MAC so we just chatted with Carlos for a while to kill time. He showed us their manual (I think) for the upcoming collections (Graphic Garden Collection tentatively this September).

Anyway, got the following from MAC (I used the budget that should've been for Stila! LOL)

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MAC Blush in Dollymix, MAC 266 and a 15-pc MAC Pro Palette for e/s!

Went back to the office smiling as I finally got myself MAC Dollymix which has been in my wishlist like forever! LOL

Btw, the MA's told us that Stila will probably open next week. I'm pretty excited since Girltalkers said that Rustans didn't jack up the prices! weeh!

Babies, you have to wait for a while...

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Would anyone know if Smudgepot is comparable to MAC's fluidline? I'm loving the latter so if I could get something cheaper that works the same, that would be AWESOME!


Crystal Gale said...

that sucks! I will probably do the same thing you did..rant to my heart's content lol ^_^

I'm also excited that they did not double the I'm going to write my wishlist now haha ^_^

lelila said...

yes, yes! prepare your to-buy-list now! although fellow Gtalkers said that the products are not complete (what else is new anyway), only two colors are available for the convertible - rose and petunia and I want Lillium! Oh well...

GirLWithGLasses said...

geezzz... am i looking at a mac brush that can be used for eyebrows???!!!

awwwwww :( so jealous! i want!

forgot that i need one.

lelila said...

go buy a 266 na sis! it's awesome! haha.

i haven't use it on my eyebrows pa, pang fluidline ko pa lang sya ginagamit =)

Gem said...

Smudgepot is good but has the tendency to smudge. Fluidline is easier to apply cos I think the substance is softer than Sumdgepot :)


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