Vanity table

Do you have one?

I don't, haha! I just have this mini table where I placed my stackable mini plastic/transparent drawers I bought  from Japan 88 store =)

I was planning to buy for a long time now but nothing has caught my fancy yet. Browse through and saw a gorgeous makeup table from Ikea, I hope the local retailers of Ikea products bring it here in the Philippines.

Photos taken from members of, sorry was not able to get your respective usernames. Love the table and the collections of course. I hope I can have as many makeup LOL!

this one is the same table I think. I love her mirror! The mirror above is nice and cute but a li'l bit too small for my liking, I have a huge face LOL. if space is any concern, these are nice too =)

if you have one, please post in your blog and let me know, I would love to see it! 


GirLWithGLasses said...

expensive makeups deserved to be placed on a very pretty vanity dresser...

unfortunately, i only have a simple table,,, haha!

lelila said...

at least you have a table! I don't! the one I'm using is where our little aquarium used to be! haha

Kay said...

I want a table as nice as those.. and you're right sis.. the first 2 vanity table pics are the same table. the very famous MALM vanity table from IKEA.

I talked to some peeps from the IKEA resellers here and they were saying that if we want anything from IKEA that they dont currently have here, they can set up a pre-order..

too bad, it's gonna be tough to justify getting it since I have one naman although not as pretty..

someday, we'll both be able to get one sis.. i know it.. heheh

love your blog :)

lelila said...

hi sis kay! thanks for visiting (and commenting).

before I forget, i love your vanity table as it is, lalo na your make up collections =)

how much they would price it kaya? It's too bulky kase noh? Oh wait, I read somewhere, all stuff of IKEA are collapsible! Maybe it's possible! They can do pre-order! I got excited! Weeh!

Lavinia said...

The first one it's super. For the moment I don't have a table....I'm using the same table where my pc is, but I have a big mirror next to it. I would love to have a real make up table.

lelila said...

agree, the first one is to die for!


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