Beauty bonding - Part 1

I miss going out with my family. Eversince I worked in Manila, I barely see them =( That's why, everytime there's a long weekend, as much as possible, I want us to be together. Most of the time, I invite them to come over here in my apartment since we have more options here than when I go home in Cavite. Take note that when I say options, I'm referring to malls where we could dine and shop haha.

So where were we last Saturday?

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We didn't stay long at Megamall where I've met up with them, just ate lunch and headed to Medical City immediately after and spent the afternoon at my Derma's clinic. They tried her Diamond Peel package that I've been raving about. Actually, my sis wanted to have one a few months ago (ever since she saw the improvement in my face) but she has work Mondays to Saturdays, she just made it this weekend since she sneaked from her company's sportsfest.

I didn't have a DP as I am planning to go to the NARS workshop on Wednesday, I dont want to go there with a half-peeled skin LOL. Told Doc that I would be back to her clinic on Thursday.

Was glad with my Derma because she gave my mom and my sis a simple and cheaper skin care regimen, way way cheaper than what she gave me before (unfair! LOL). I love her more now! I used to believe that she's a costly derma (what with my 12k-bill-from-my-first-visit-with-her), now I know she's not, she can work around her patient's budget, way to go Doc!

What she gave my mom and sis (they have some common meds):

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Skin care regimen: She's cool to let my mom continue using the green peeling oil she bought somewhere, as long as it has no adverse reaction to my mom's skin, btw, according to Dra. she has Melasma =(

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Total bill for my mom and sis, around 8k! Her DP btw is 2,750 (quite pricey but really worth it!) and initial consultation fee is 500.

And just for kicks, look at what she wrote for me:

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LOL! Don't you love having a derma who's also a makeup addict like you? If you want to pay her a visit, here's her contact details. She usually asks how did you know about her, you may tell her that you got her details from the internet ;) It wouldn't hurt to mention my name too! Haha! She knows me as Sol, she's not aware of my online name (Lelila).

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Testament on how good she is (and her DP package and meds), please refer to my earlier post, this one.

To give you an idea on what to expect from her DP Package, read this!


step 1: we gently remove makeup, dirt, oil and grime by applying gentle cream wash in a circular motion paying special attention to the para nasal, nasal and chin areas (T-zone). Rinse off with water.

step 2: after degreasing the face, a mild alpha hydroxy acid is applied to gently detach the dull dead skin cells.

step 3: the Emerald Three-Pass Microdermabrasion. Unlike standard salon microdermabrassion, dermatologist-grade microdermabrassion is more effective and has longer-lasting results.

step 4: removal of comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) then follows using an inverted vibrating spatula.

step 5: enzyme mask - application of enzyme mask upon which the remaining dull skin would be exfoliated upon rubing of fingertips to the whole face.

step 6: after application of the emerald enzyme peel, further exfoliation with a rotating brush, and scrubbing with a galvanic plate ensures that no dead, dull skin is left. UV treatment is then used to close pores.

step 7: application of topical antibacterial/antifungal antiseptic to protect newly exposed areas.

step 8: vitamin c serum infusion for overall protection and brightening of the skin. (vit c is a powerful antioxidant)

step 9: application of retinoic acid and M2 serum using the combined strength of mandelic and malic acids using an iontopharesis machine that oscillates on a microscopic level to maximize serum infusion.

step 10: moisturizer plush AHA serum and Glycolic 10 for younger, glowing skin.

Whew! Hope to see you there ladies!


Sush said...

Stumbled upon your blog and have spent about an hour reading youre posts! :) Will be following you now! thanks for sharing your derma hahah I really need to go to one, not that my skin is super terrible but i do get breakout and backne(ewie :/) ive always been afraid to go to one because I know it'll be expensive but makeup is so much better with good skin hayyy haha. Saw your older post btw (the roaccutane) and wow your skin is so nice na!

lelila said...

hi sush! i highly recommend dra pascual, she's such a kikay derma! haha.

i feel guilty about going to the derma too because it means gastos! but i cant use all of my makeups if i have a terrible skin ayt? so no choice haha


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