What's in my bag?!

I love reading blog entries about what's inside they're bags (also video blogs in youtube!).

It's the most decent way of snooping around someone else's bag!

This is my office bag, an IZOD bag I got from EBAY.ph. I love buying bags at EBAY than malls since the styles are a bit different from the mall stocks and less chances of bumping into someone carrying the same bag PLUS they cost a lot less than mall prices! Same case with wallet, i love buying them from ebay.

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What's inside...

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1  A facial tissue

2  Sterillium alcohol (same alcohol used in major hospitals here) - got these during the AH1N1 scare LOL

3  MAC Fafi makeup bag - to see what's inside, click here

4  USB cable

5  Philips Go Gear MP3 player

6  Canon IXUS 75 Digicam

7  Philips earphone I bought separately from the MP3 player. Originally wanted to buy an In-ear type of earphone as it doesn't hurt my ear the way a regular-sized earphone would, but got this instead (even if it isn't In-Ear) because I fell in love with the case which looks like a compact powder LOL

8  My 2 ancient ericsson phones, my main phone has a SMART sim, while I keep a globe sim for my Gcash transactions used for online shopping (addict!)

9 Keys

10 Automatic umbrella

11 Springmaid comb - LOL! I can't style my hair without using a springmaid comb, I don't know why haha. Tried using hair doctor, paganini, conair and other brands, I kept coming back to springmaid!

12 Hand-held Fan - originally typed Fan only, but got used to using it to refer to an electric fan =) 

13 Lacoste wallet, got this as a Christmas gift from one of my supervisors, obviously, it isn't original BUT i ditched my Kenneth Cole wallet for this haha. Love that it has lot of clear sleeve inserts whatever, to house my cards and IDs.

Tagging everyone who will read this! Post your links here so I can see them!


Lavinia said...

First of all, I like your bag, it's super cute and trendy. For some time now I've been using a small bag, I don't like to carry all stuff with me. I hate heavy bags that will kill my arms.My bag has max 0,5 kg:)I prefer wearing big bags when I travel or have a reason to fill it up with things

lelila said...

Hi Lavinia!

Browsed ebay.ph almost the whole day before I found it! Effort! LOL!

I don't like small bags coz I'm such a pack rat! and when I shop (secretly), I want to have some space in my bag where I can hide my hauls! LOL.

If I won't carry my umbrella, my bag will be lighter, unfortunately, part of my skincare is applying a hydroquinon cream so I can't risk having pigmented skin by being expose to the sun!

thanks for visiting my blog!

GirLWithGLasses said...

oh my gosh!

... and i thought i am such a freaky girl???

because i cannot use any kind of comb except SPRINGMAID!!!!!!
probably because when i was a kid, may yaya naming magkakapatid she kept on telling us springmaid is the best! springmaid lang!!! haha! now, im stuck with springmaid :(

good thing i am not alone :)

lelila said...

haha! and I thought I am the only weird person on earth who would trade any expensive comb for a springmaid! Yaya is correct, Springmaid is the best LOL!

Sad though that Watson's doesnt carry this, why o why! Whenever I misplace my comb (frequently), I have to ask someone pa to buy it from tiangges or market!


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