Collective Haul

It's payday last Friday and I've been buying stuff non-stop (it rhymes!). Every payday, the first thing I do with my money is pay off the bills, transfer money online to my parents's bank account for their allowance and what little is left is budgeted for my own allowance and to fund my current addiction: skincare and makeup!

On to the pictures. Note: I'm not bragging, in the first place, the stuff I buy are not that expensive to brag about, I just love staring at them (be in pictures or in actual). And, I want to see where my salary goes! I already emptied my tiny savings account LOL.

MAC NC37 bought from a Girltalker:

Hair stuff, tissues and carmex lip balm + my chocolate fix haha

Pump dispensers and MAC Fix+ from Nikki of
Bent eyeliners from Sophie of

The elusive charcoal masque from Saizen, thanks to Sis Babyjapnurse for securing 2 tubes for me and 1 tube for my friend/officemate, Myra (who bought the Q-tips for me from Pangasinan haha. These q-tips are a lot smaller than the regular q-tips from Watsons)

NARS Luster: I bought this after the NARS workshop yesterday, look at the freebie, it's bigger than the item I bought LOL (Love you Lara!)

And today's mini haul from The Body Shop, it's their last day of sale today! Got the Olive Oil Dry Mist for 450 each, from it's original price of 750, 2 packs of organically grown round cotton for 250 and a tweezer at it's regular price of 250. The tweezer is highly recommended by Myra as great alternative for Tweezerman, I just can't shell out 1k for a tweezerman LOL, coz if I add 350, it's another blush from NARS already PLUS a freebie haha.

Btw, I also enrolled for an FSP2* Card at Rustan's, more reason to buy NARS and MAC items LOL. Unfortunately, temporary card will be issued on October 20, that's more than a month of waiting!

Hmm, no more starbucks for me, no more riding a cab in the morning even if I'm late for work and I have to eat lunch at Paotsin everyday. Lunch there is 65 bucks only inclusive of a buko pandan juice! In short, I overspent my allowance, bought more than I should have! =(

*Frequent Shoppers Plus Program (like SM Advantage Card but way better!)


melvel said...

Oh sis, should've warned you. The new FSP of Rustan's is so not worth it:

lelila said...

aww sis! so dissapointing naman yung change! i've heard good stuff about FSP before kaya when it was offered to us the other day, nag apply kame agad. Shucks, that's 350 bucks wasted!

Pammy said...

I like your NARS haul! And the freebie! :P Lara is so nice. :)

And I saw the picture of you wearing Luster. It flatters your skintone and You look pretty. :)

teeyah. said...

Humongous haul! You're so sweet to provide allowance for your parents :) And nice freebie, too! :)

lelila said...

hi teeyah! Thanks! I've been doing that since I started working, old habits hehe.

herroyalbleakness said...

Aaaaack! This post is loaded with good stuff! I hope I can shop like that, too! Kaso lagi akong nakokonsensya pag gagastos ako ng masyado on make up and stuff! :D

lelila said...

nakukunsensya din ako sis, pero katwiran ko, ngayon lang naman ako nagsplurge ng ganyan, late bloomer ako when it comes to makeup hehe


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