I'm back (with my birthday haul!)

I know I haven't posted for a while, just that September is quite a busy month for me! We're 5 in the family and 4 of us celebrate our birthdays every September haha. Mine is every 12th, my sister every 15th, mom every 20th and my brother is on the 22nd. December must be a cold month really! LOL! Count backwards and you'll know what I mean!

P and I went home to Cavite on my birthday to have dinner with my family and we spent the rest of the night singing to our hearts' content at a local videoke lounge (?), i don't know what they are called really hehe. Just think of a jologs Redbox, errr. Whatever!

And then, taking advantage of having a reason to buy more kikay stuff, here's my pre and post birthday haul!

Look at how cute the cap of Daisy by Marc Jacobs! Also bought B Spot by Benefit, Kris Aquino's fave perfume haha.

And the cutest thing in my haul (and the most expensive of them all, ouch! take note, got it at 70% off)

I finally gave in to the BI squad of GT on their raves about Guerlain products!

And here's today's haul from the Lorea'l sale at Robinson Equitable Tower (near Galleria), would you believe that these stuff totalled 800+ only? I was kinda sad though coz we went there on the last day of sale and there's no more 110-peso worth per pack of Elseve Shampoo and Treatment tub! And my HG face sunblock, Lorea'l UV Face Fluid Protector, is already out of stock too! Oh well, lesson learned, always go on the first day of sale hehe.

I was with Sutil of abubots.blogspot.com on this sale, I asked her to come with me haha! It was our first time to see each other in person although we've been chatting for years already. Nice to finally meet you dear and sorry we were 30 minutes late! LOL! More shopping to come now that we're working on the same company haha.

I also receive my new passport today, the old one expired last month! Sephora SG, here I come!


Kay said...

happy bday lel! :)glad u had an awesome time..

the guerlain is just so pretty.. im not sure if i can bring myself to use it.. ill probably just stare at it... hahaha

twinsouls888 said...

waaa lei you were MIA for a few days but it looks like you were on a shoppin' spree all those time tsk tsk . I LOVEEEEEEEEEE your haul. Everything looks pretty and nice especially that Guerlain . I'll try to take a sniff on the 2 perfumes. Is it available at Rustans? I'm planning to repurchase D & G Light Blue (my current one's almost empty) since I like Citrusy Floral Scents but who knows I might like Daisy and B-Spot more. Enjoy your hauls ^_^

CHARRY said...

Nice haul! Pls make a review naman on your new guerlain meteorites :) thanks.

lelila said...

kay and charry,

baka nga i wont be able to use the guerlain metoerites, it's just so pretty haha.

twinsouls, shopping spree it is! I'm a fan of D&G Light blue too, it's actually my fave perfume, sad to say that this 2 perfume i bought are nowhere near the scent of D&G. The black edition of Daisy is a bit strong for my liking, you may want to try the white one, same scent but not as strong. B Spot, unfortunately, is not available locally as we don't have a Benefit counter in the Philippines. I bought it from ebay.ph and I so love this one! It works great with my body chem! It feels light and fresh!

Askmewhats said...

I know what you mean! they ran out of the elseve hair mask that I love!!!!

Happy birthday ulit and love your hauls! I love B spot too!

lelila said...

hi nikki, thanks!

we felt bad talaga kahapon kase as we lined up to pay, there are peeps na may mga dalang elseve, ang dami as in! plus maybelline mascara na 100 pesos each, lorea'l lipsticks at 80 each, waaah. They called daw the other day to reserve, daya! haha

Pammy said...

Happy birthday Lel! :P

You finally have Guerlain Meteorites! :P I don't know why I still haven't given in to the craze. :P

Seems like you had a blast with your family. And yeah, December must've been really cold. :D

lelila said...

hi pammy, go buy your meteorites na on the next luxasia sale! sarap nya titigan haha

Khymm said...

ang dami mong pinamili! hehe.. belated happy birthday! ang cute ng Guerlain, ang sarap tingnan.. parang di ko kayang gamitin yan hehe..
nice hauls btw..
thanks for the warning sa GT! *wink, wink*

lelila said...

khymm, that's not a warning noh, reminder lang haha.

ang dami nga, pag nicompute ko, naguiguilty ako haha.

beautystash said...

sis, what binili mong new blush from NARS? Addict! Addict!!!

lelila said...

haha! yeah mahirap magdeny na addict ako haha. hindi sya blush talaga, it's the new bronzer. "irresistiblement", although pwede rin sya gamiting blush

GirLWithGLasses said...

Lel, Happy Birthday GirL :)

May you have more and more and more and more and more Makeups to come throughout the year...


iamsutil said...

huli ka, may blog ka pala nde ka nagssabi hahaha...it was really fun that day sis, actually, i look forward to coming in to work because of our kikay chats. hahha, magastos nga lang hahaha

lelila said...

nyahaha! masikreto akong tao, di ko promote blog ko, nakakahiya haha. blog mo update mo na!!!


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