My new love: NARS Luster

At the moment, I'm quite addicted to NARS blushes, who wouldn't be when you get to take home a nice blush and assisted by a darling MA (Lara) who gives superb freebies (e/s duo hello! and just look at my latest freebie! oopps, you're not supposed to know about this!).

Last week, after attending the workshop held by NARS, I brought home a new blush! I reserved it a week before the workshop without even knowing how it will be on my skin. I just read from the NARS thread in Girltalk that Luster is a nice shade of blush and I immediately called Lara to reserve one for me!

Upon seeing it in person, I was quite dissapointed since it looks like MAC Sunbasque and MAC Margin, both of which I sold last month because they didn't work for me (they highlight my pores!) I still bought NARS Luster thinking that if it won't work for me, I can just sell it. And boy I was glad I bought it! It didn't have the same effect as Sunbasque and Margin on me!

This blush has a natural golden shimmer (just a bit) that really blends well with my skin tone (NC40). Described as "golden apricot", Luster is sheerer, peach, and definitely no hint of pink on it, which is nice since I believe I just have too many pink blushes!

I swatched it against Madly which when compared from the pan, they almost look the same.

Isn't it nice? Another natural looking blush for me, yey!

Next on my list: NARS Deep Throat!


Pammy said...

Luster looks pretty. :P

Go go go get Deep Throat, sis. It's so pretty. :)

Askmewhats said...

the blush look so pretty :) thanks for sharing the shades and swatch on cheeks!

lelila said...

hi nikki, yup it's pretty, for fair skinned gal like you, it can be used as a bronzer!

pammy, yeah so pretty i'm in love with it! No stocks of deep throat pa, will reserve one next week haha!

twinsouls888 said...

I love the swatches very nice ^_^

lelila said...

^thanks sis!

herroyalbleakness said...

amazing, it goes natural on your cheeks!

i hope i can buy a pan of NARS blush too!

lelila said...

sis try mo buy, super sulit promise!

Diana said...

this looks amazing!! i too am addicted to Nars i have 7 blushes and i still have Luster, Outlaw and Sin on my list :D oh . . . so may to get :)


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