Relax at Luxe!

Luxe is a modern and unique nail salon where both men and women can lounge and relax while enjoying the ultimate manicures, pedicures, and other related services.
I found out about Luxe while having lunch at Mr. Choi's Kitchen in Galleria, they have a little poster beside the escalator and I asked my officemates/friends to try that out one time. And we did. I was just not into blogging back then LOL. I was so impress with the service that I think we went back again twice or thrice.

Last Monday after office, I went back there alone to have a much needed pedicure. As much as I want to have a manicure too, I can't since I didn't tell at home that I'll be dropping by at a nail salon, I just said I'll buy something from National Bookstore =)

What I love most about Luxe is the ambience. It's just so relaxing inside that you can't help but sleep while having your nails done. And I'm not even like that, I like to watch how my nails are being done. But in Luxe, I can't stop my eyes from closing! Soft music, plush lounge chairs and couches, nice interior lights, ahh heaven! I was sorely tempted to have a manicure after just to prolong my stay there!

Luxe has a wide selection of nail polishes to choose from, brands include OPI, Orly, Essie and they even have Chanel and Dior! The salon has a nice and updated magazine selection and with wifi too!

Located at the basement (besides the Bingo place) at the East Lane of Robinson Galleria , it’s a cozy place to have your nails done, a nice alternative for existing nail salons that are usually jampacked and with oh-so-bright-lights that I find not relaxing at all.

my first mani from them (more than a month ago):


Askmewhats said...

I just came back from Rob Gale and I've seen them around! That's a nice color you sported!

lelila said...

hi nikki, you should give them a try, or maybe you don't need to! you're so good doing your nails haha.

i love sporting vampy colors on my nails. =)

Pammy said...

Oooh, nice work on the mani. I'll treat myself with a mani from them. The price is reasonable. :P

smiley13tree said...

I love colors that look almost black but aren't. It's so unexpected!!

Check out my blog! Thanks

lelila said...

pammy, you should give them a try!

smiley13tree, me too!


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