Weekend adventure...NOT!

What a weekend I had!

Want to take a peek?

View from our window at the 2nd floor:

My one-year old sofa set (or what was left out of the set)

My sister who went to my place over the weekend to relax!

Stranded peeps:

I only managed to save the tv and pc set. Of course my makeups were the first thing I saved LOL. Washing machine, ref and motorcycle - all for repairs, dining table & chairs and sofa set, all gone. To think we bought them all only last year.

Is this the universe' way of telling me to stop buying makeup? I hope not =(

I already cancelled my Singapore trip =( Bye Sephora shopping!

I just want to thank THE ONE above that me and my family are all safe, no one in my neighborhood got hurt. Let's just pray for those who were more badly hit by the storm/flood. And thank God too that it happened while we're all awake, imagine if it happened while all of us are sleeping!? Unthinkable!

Hay! No more storm please, promise I'll be a good girl na.


Askmewhats said...

Its such a sad photo but I'm glad everyone is safe! GOd bless sis!

Kay said...

im glad ur safe sis..:)

Nina said...

I'm just glad you and your sister are okay!

neurochiq said...

good to know you and your family are safe. Dibale, makeup and Singapore can wait =)

Crystal said...

i'm glad you're ok though. and your house wasn't completely flooded :) hope things get better for you!

Crystal Gale said...

I'm glad everyone is safe sis..please be careful..a super typhoon will be hitting Manila again this weekend :(

lelila said...

thanks girls!

hay promise nakakatrauma, di ako makatulog ngayon, nagbabantay sa parating na storm. at least si ondoy, daytime dumating, si pepeng gabi eh.

enelie said...

affected ka pala. glad that you are safe... :)


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