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A bit too late, but worth reposting. I saw this from my link on the sidebar. just sharing for those who doesn't know yet!

NOTE: This feature is available for Indonesia and Philippines only! Astig ang Pinoy!


Khymm said...

thanks for posting lel!

teeyah. said...

I'm incredibly glad they did this. After all, that is their advantage over other sites as they can easily be a store --- lalo na in the Philippines! :) I saw your online store. Congrats coz your items were all sold out agad! :)

lelila said...

hi khymm, no prob!

hello teeyah!

thanks for dropping by. yeah, thanks to all the buyers, most of them bought more than 3 items (average) kaya mabilis maubos. one of the reasons i bought a cosmo mag (bea) again is because i saw you had an article there, congrats!

i stopped buying cosmo a year ago LOL

The NeuroChiq said...

Thanks for sharing this, and it's really a great move for online sellers like us =) Advantage for Multiply too, so everybody happy =)

lelila said...

^no prob sis, para sa atin yan


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