MAC Dsquared Collection and Style Black

Girls, ready your wallet (or cc) as Dsquared and Style Black will be simultaneously released end of this week, as announced in theire FB page. Too bad that the only item I'm interested to get from the Style Black collex won't be available here - the volcanic ash exfoliator which earned great reviews from beauty gurus and beauty blogs out there! argh!

NOTE: Style Black will not be available at the Shangrila Branch while Dsquared will not be available in Rockwell (weird, why? LOL I don't know!). For convenience, just go to Glorietta to see both collections, but wait, that branch is notorious for having snooty SAs hehe.

Click on the pics below for the swatches(c/o temptalia and karlasugar)


GirLWithGLasses said...

hi Lel !

thank you for this information.
i am planning to get a l/s from the style black.

do you know what exact day ma release? l/s lang naman kasi balak ko bilhin.

lelila said...

jing, walang sinabi na date eh. if you have a suking MA, call nalang to reserve hehe


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