Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara

Whew what a name! Anyway, say hello to one of the latest addition to my humble makeup collection!

Before this, I only have one mascara in my stash, it's the Lorea'l Telescopic Clear Mascara in Black which I bought from Watson's for 495 I think. I bought it because of allthatglitters21's rave on it in some of her youtube videos, but it was such a letdown for me. The telescopic mascara weighs down my lashes, big time. I thought it was because I'm doing it wrong, the curling-my-lashes thingy, but turned out it was my mascara's fault all this time. I found out about this when I forgot to put on a mascara and my officemate told me to try her HG mascara, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus, let's just call it MM shall we? haha.

I curled my lashes with my Shiseido lash curler and put on MM and voila, my lashes looked longer (although not 15x longer as the product claims) and the curls stayed put! No need to worry about panda or racoon eyes as this mascara doesn't smudge! Even if I always "forgot" and rubbed my eyes, no fall outs, no smudges, as in! Two weeks after I tried MM and I finally got one for myself! Weeh!

It was my first time to use a comb type mascara, I'm used to using the old school spoolie type of wand. And I can say that this particular comb is easier to use, really prevents clumping as I can literally combed out my lashes!


- Cute packaging
- Holds curls
- Doesn't smudge
- Lengthens lashes
- Gives a bit of a volume
- Doesn't clump


- Such a pain in the *ss to remove! You need a good eye make up remover. This is pretty reasonable as we can have the best of both worlds, doesnt smudge + easy to remove = err, cannot be, borrow 1 from 3 haha.
- Not available in Shiseido counter (but just a few click on your pc and you'll know where to get this -- ebay, multiply, girltalk, hello!)
- A li'l bit expensive compared to drugstore mascaras, resellers' price ranges from 950 pesos and up! BUT I'm telling you, it's really worth it!

The picture below doesn't do any justice to what this mascara can do in lengthening your lashes, i applied them in a hurry while sitting at my desk during office hours and took the photos by myself (again in a hurry since my superior is in the area LOL!, left - without, right with MM, 1 to 2 coats!

I will try to post a better comparison photo next time =)


Askmewhats said...

I've heard raves about this mascara and I've heard how difficult it is to remove it...thanks for the review

Chelle said...

ordered two of this baby from Taiwan ^.^ it's just NT$320 sa Watsons Taiwan so I'll be getting this for P650 from a seller, I just have to wait because my Etude house is empty but the MM would come around November 2.

Khymm said...

i have this mascara Lel! its difficult to remove nga as what askmewhats' said.. but i really love how it thickens my lashes.. medyo clumpy lang minsan if naparami hehe

Bea said...

does shiseido sell it here? really want to try this one!

lelila said...

hi bea,

i believe it's not locally available =(

try multiply sellers.


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