NARS: Sheer Glow Foundation and more!

I just got myself a new foundation from NARS! Was planning to get the Sheer Matte since I'm super duper oily, but when I tried both, I like the consistency and effect of the Sheer Glow, besides it's the one being raved about in blog and youtube reviews.

Please take note that Matte and Glow shades are not the same, well the names are, but the shades aren't. I am Barcelona in the Sheer Matte Foundation (in the pressed powder too!), but it's counterpart at Sheer Glow is just way too dark for me, I'm acidic, if i use it, I might look like wearing a bronzer all over my face. So I got Sta. Fe instead.

It's my 2nd day of using it and I'm loving it so far, oil mine production in my face is suspended for 5 to 6 hours! Foundation doesn't go dark on my skin too, yey! And a little goes a long way, it will take a while before I ran out of this.

Another plus point, it's easy to blend, I just use my fingers in applying this.

What am i not liking so far, hmmm - the packaging! As usual, NARS packaging is always a dissapointment for me. Yeah, it looks lovely and classy when newly bought but when you use it, uh-oh! - fingerprints and marks all over. Just look at the first photo, right?

Also, the bottle doesn't have a pump. It's just the plain old cap and no more. I've heard, the Matte one has an extra lid inside, why didn't they provide one for Glow? Anyway, this isn't much a problem for me as my favorite MA gave me one. She's awesome!

Overall, love this foundation. I like this one better than MUFE HD foundation (heck! I even like Maybelline's mineral liquid foundie better than MUFE haha).

For shade swatches, please check this link!

And oh, I also got myself a Laura Mercier Loose Powder in Beige! Will use this to set my foundation. Review for this in the coming days + an update for the NARS foundation.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Php 2,450
Laura Mercier Loose Powder - Php 1,550

Speaking of Lara, if you guys would like to buy this foundation, just look for my favorite MA in the world. She's the best promise! Very nice, accomodating and generous (to me lol)!

Here's Lara (thanks to Bec for the pic)!

and here's my other NARS purchases before the foundation that I wasn't able to blog about (yet!). Spot the GWPs on the 2nd pic haha!


Nina said...

I've been contemplating whether to get this or the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. Would you say it's a medium coverage foundation?

Great hauls btw!

trizh űű said...

hi sis. how much is the laura loose powder?

lelila said...

trizh, LM Powder is 1,550 for 29grams.

nina, yes it's medium coverage, buildable naman and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

LOLanne said...

ooooh can't wait for your review on the LM loose on the hunt for a good one to set my foundation with :)

im disappointed with the packaging too... im super clumsy anddd i can see myself pouring half the bottle of foundation on my hand with this lol


lelila said...

hi anne, thanks for dropping by. I've yet to open my LM powder haha.

teeyah. said...

Oooh, it looks soo nice! And good to know NARS makes nice foundation. Thanks for sharing who your fave SA is. I'm sure you're her favorite customer, too coz I know you're very loyal to NARS :)

lelila said...


I'm loyal to NARS partly because of Lara na rin. sometimes my freebie(s) is more expensive pa than my purchases haha

Khymm said...

that foundation looks nice lel! can't afford nars for now! lucky you to have freebies..

lelila said...

hi khymm, onga eh ang bait ni Lara. =)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review, the bottle reminded me of something what MAC would come up with no?

Anyways, You've proven my point to be right, when SA's or MA's are nice, you'll definitely purchase more! 'm not surprised you purchased a lot because they are nice :)

lelila said...

yes nikki, when MA's are nice, you tend to buy more whereas snooty MAs stopped you from buying! If that's the case, shouldn't we love those snooty MAs haha.

anyhow, i'm not aware with the upcoming MAC foundie, i only know of studio fix liquid foundie that doesn't have pumps too.

Caby said...

Oh wow, this foundation looks very nice. I love foundation, I should get my hands on this soon! And it looks like I should meet Lara too and pay her a visit :)


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