Recent buys + a little organizing!

I just got a new bag from Celine. Wasn't planning to buy one but when I saw it, I just realized I don't have a brown bag and a large one. Lame reason to buy, I know, haha! I just can't resist those tags with a 4-letter-red-word on it - SALE!

I also bought a bronze MAC pouch for my brushes from a multiply seller (she has authentic MAC items and some other brands), bought it since I thought it's great to use when I'm travelling.

Bought some trays from Saizen too since my stuff are just all over our place!

the bronze MAC pouch/case:

with brushes inside and glad I can put some blushes too!

some of my beauty stuff:

I replaced the cap of my MAC Brush Cleanser with a spray cap (from my VOV heat defense spray).

My nail polish stuff (I have this tray 2 weeks ago):

That's NARS Bohemia I got as a GWP from my recent NARS purchase!


CHARRY said...

Nice bag sis :)

lelila said...

thanks sis!

mahirap lang bagayan ng damit LOL

nikkiz. said...

we have the same black baskets w/c I got from Saizen that I use in my vanity table to put all my skin care stuff :-)

lelila said...

nikkiz, the height of the basket is just right lang for bottled stuff noh?


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