This week's haul

Lazy day today, decided to take a leave for no reason at all (bad hehe). Late afternoon, I went out to pick up something from the office and head to Rustan's Shang to buy NARS deepthroat (yep, another blush hehe). Unfortunately, Lara was not there! You see, No Lara = No GWPs = No Buy! Haha!

Checked out some items in the 2nd floor (bag, wallet, sandals - another danger zone!). Saw a nice flat sandals/slippers with a not-so-nice price tag =(

The angel and the devil in my head debated whether to buy it or not. See below who won!

Yeah, I have gigantic feet!

Also bought the organic cotton pads from TBS while it's still on sale.

The earrings just arrived this week but got it a week ago. If you are watching youtube videos of Makeupbytiffanyd, this is the same one she usually wear. I just fell in love with it when I saw her wearing it, period.

It's really pretty!



The brand is "House of Harlow" which is under the jewelry line of Nicole Richie (feeling Hollywood LOL!).

Now, I'm seriously lemming for the following!

Sol, enough! Haha!


Mindy said...

Naku, magdasal ka na hindi mo makikita yung mga bagong sapatos at sandals na design ni Nichole Richie!! LOL.

Love the earrings!

lelila said...

waah! wag yun, mahal lalo haha. yung necklace nga di ko mabili bili haha

Tish said...

Wow! What a pretty pair of earrings!

Askmewhats said...

awww another blush purchase ha? Sabi daw, wag muna kaya wala si fave SA :) love your hauls! Aerosol is so comfy!!! Earrings look sooo cute

Gel said...

sis, where'd you order the house of harlow stuff? i want!

lelila said...

gel, check

i had it ship to johnny air's office. =)

Khymm said...

nice haul! ang ganda ng earrings..

Crystal said...

aerosoles are good investments naman though since they're comfy :)


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