Vanity table

Finally got one last weekend, although it was delivered only last night.

Figured the vanity table is quite small for me, I got a matching drawer too =) The good part, the vanity table itself is just 3,700 and the matching drawer is 1,100 plus a minimal delivery fee and tip. Didn't cost me more than 5k!

My room's wall is a screaming yellow, haha. It was newly painted when we transferred here almost 2 years ago (2-bedroom apartment) so I never bothered changing it.

Yes I know I need to clean my mirror haha!

Stuff I accumulated for the past 5-months. Yes, I'm a new makeup addict LOL!
Missing some stuff though, 6 blushes I sold (4 MAC and 2 NARS - Orgasm/Albatross Duo and Dolce Vita). I have no lipstick! Not even one! Oh wait, I think I have, one tiny lipstick from Laura Mercier which is a GWP courtesy of Lara (NARS) LOL.

I store my brushes and some GWP's from NARS inside one of the drawers. =)

Still not happy with how I arranged my stuff, will probably rearrange it over the weekend and sell some that I don't use!


Kay said...

omigosh lel! i looove ur vanity table.. classy brown finish..

i also love that you have your stuff laid out/displayed on the table..

like i do.. feel ko kasi i'm in a makeup counter pag napapaligiran ako ng makeup.. hehe

teeyah. said...

Congratulations on your new vanity table :)

lelila said...

hi kay! yeah mas ok if nakalagay na sa labas, mas mabilis dumampot ng kailangan, also, this time nagagamit ko na my other blushes that i'm neglecting kase yun lang nasa kikay kit ko nagagamit ko dati LOL

i wanted to copy yours, pero masyadong malaki yung table na nabili ko, won't fit in our stairs LOL

Askmewhats said...

I love your vanity table and I don't hate the color of your wall, kakaiba nga eh :)

Khymm said...

haha! my room is also yellow! =)
love your vanity table.. grabe so organized!

lelila said...

teeyah, nikki and khymm, thanks.

sa gabi lang yan organized, pag matutulog na. sa umaga pag papasok, bahala na si batman, parang dinaanan ng bagyo LOL

nikkiz. said...

wow, nice! love the dark color.

Chelle said...

Ooh this gives me some tips on how to organize my vanity table, I store everything in to keep the dust away but yeah it looks pretty coz it seems like a make up counter!

Crystal Gale said...

congrats on your vanity table! very classic ang design and it's really nice to look at because everything can be seen :)

dulcette said...

vanity table ko namana ko pa sa lola ko :PP

lel! email mo sakin yung styles na gusto mo for both your blog and yung multiply store ha? thanks!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

wwwwoooaahhh!organized hehe.congrats the brushes poooo

Pammy said...

I love it, Sol! :P I am now yellow with envy! And ang mura nya! :)

You are a certified BI squad girl :P

Janelle said...

very nice, i love it! now you'll have even more fun with your make-up :)

Crystal said...

haha that's a lot also for 5 months ha? makeup addicts talaga tayo. i don't even stop by MAC anymore e mapapagastos lang ako.

shasta said...

Sis, nice vanity table!

If you don't mind me asking, what's your foundie shade for NARS and MUFE? Thanks!

lelila said...

hi shasta, thanks for dropping by!

i'm usually barcelona in NARS but with sheer glow foundie, barcelona is a shade or 2 darker, so Lara gave me Santa Fe. =)

with MUFE, i'm shade 150

and for reference, I'm NC40 with MAC. hope this helps


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