Weekend foodtrip: Johnny Rockets

After reading Kay's entry about Johnny Rockets, I immediately told P about it. Good thing we're really planning to dine out after buying some stuff from Gilmore.

We first saw Johnny Rockets when we first tried Stackers which is just across Johnny Rockets, they're still under construction back then with a vintage car in front, wonder where it is now LOL.

When we arrived, there are too many people waiting, were 9th on the list. We just visit some boutiques at the mall to pass time and when we go back, we're 6th on the line, oh boy! We decided to wait in front and in less than a minute, we were called since there's a booth available for two! Yey! Kay's correct when she said it's harder to get a table for a group.

We ordered the same thing as what Kay and her bf ordered, LOL, copycats! I just fell in love with Kay's pic. I love the onion ring with the ranch dip! The burger (Rockets singles) is huge, I didn't finish mine. Sadly, I don't like their fries, nothing special, next time I'll just get the side salad. The chocolate shake is so delicious and so creamy, I didn't finish it either, just too rich for me!

Will we go back? Yes, but next time, we'll just order 1 burger instead of 2, and I won't order a milkshake, I'm happy with water anyway hehe. Wallet damage is a little above 1.4k and here's what we got (Sorry no pics, I don't know, but whenever we go to Eastwood, I always forget my digicam haha)

750.00 Rocket Single Burger + Cheddar Cheese (their burgers doesn't have cheese yet, imagine that! LOL) + Bacon (2 strips) = 285 + 45 + 45
215.00 Chocolate Shake
150.?? Rootbeer float for P (didn't see the price, just an estimate)
185.00 Onion rings
130.00 10% service charge (not the exact amount)

There's a jukebox at our table too! I chose Respect by Aretha Franklin, and good heavens, when it was played, the staff sang and dance in the middle of the resto, CUTE!!!! LOL.

Love the place and the food, unfortunately, P loves Stackers' burger more =(

My takeout with some jelly beans, candies and chocolates we got from the candy bar at the mall!


Kay said...

you're so cute sis.. yeah.. it took them a while to finally open..

same with you.. i'll probably just share a burger with the boyf.. I saw other tables having their burger cut in half..

oh and thanks for the NYX concealer dear.. ah luv it!


ooohh.. hubby and i will eat here as part of his welcome treat to moi.

we're supposed to eat there before he left but it was just too far from our place. we both reside in the south. he lives in paranaque and i live in makati.

now i'm missing him more. :)


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