Busy weekend + recent haul

Had a fun long weekend!

Mine started a day earlier since I took a leave last Friday as I mentioned in my last entry. We were supposed to go home in Cavite Saturday morning but got delayed by the typhoon Santi. I still have trauma from Ondoy's wrath I wasn't able to sleep from Friday night to Saturday morning, we we're afraid the water will rise again just like what happened during typhoon Ondoy. The wind scared the hell out of me too, as in!

Anyway, good thing it didn't last that that long. We were able to go home after lunch and I really love travelling when it's holiday haha. It was just a less-than-2-hour-commute from Pasig to Cavite, yey! On normal days, it takes at least 3 hours =(

Sunday afternoon, we visited my grandparents on my mother's side at Sta. Cruz Cemetery. We came in late because it's just too hot to go there before and after lunchtime. We weren't able to see my aunties at the cemetery, they went there early.
We brought flowers and candles and stayed there for a while.

We had dinner at King Bee, a chinese resto. I'm not sure if there's any King Bee here in the metro but it's quite popular in Cavite. They offer Chinese cuisine. Love their rice topping meals! Price range is from 120 to 200.

Monday morning, we went to Makati Med for my mom's blood test. Right after the blood sample extraction, we ate breakfast at Tokyo Tokyo as my mother was already hungry, no food and water for 12 hours as required by the blood test.

After Makati Med, I convinced them to go to the Bodega Sale ng Bayan in Paseo Center to check out Guerlain's counter, but turned out it's close since it's a holiday, argh! Talk about divine intervention! Haha, sorry Bro!

After that, we went to a cemetery somewhere in Pasig to visit my grandmother on my father's side. It's been a while since I was able to visit her. So I said "hi Lola" and introduce my bf to her haha.

We went home after to rest for a while then went to Shangrila to buy an LCD TV. Of course, I made a side trip to NARS to pick up my NARS Deepthroat yey! Small chika to Lara as I was in a hurry in fear that my parents or the bf will ask how much are the products. LOL! But when I was paying at the counter, Jovie of MAC chatted with me and informed me that the Holiday Collection's already available, O-M-G! I pretended not caring about that update when in truth I was palpitating! Bf's with me at the counter =p

Wasn't able to visit the MAC counter =(

Anyway, we bought our LCD tv at Sights and Sounds. I really recommend this store, they have a super discounted prices and superb aftersales service. We got our 32" Toshiba LCD from them too, five months ago.

After buying the tv, we just went home to leave the LCD and proceed to Gilmore to buy a video card. We had lunch at The Little Big Store in Gilmore, an authentic Chinese resto. My parents went home to Cavite after.

Sorry for the long post, i tried to shorten it as much as I can. Hope it was not too boring for you guys! =)


Pammy said...

I like the part when you picked up deep throat and the worry that the parents and the boyfriend might ask about the prices and when Jovie came and told you about it. Haha! :P

And nice TV! :P

Awww, Ondoy really hit us hard. We also got nervous that time. The scare's still there.

lelila said...

haha pammy, kalorkey talaga si jovie! inform ba ako! LOL. buti na lang din it was jovie there at indi si carlos, kung si carlos baka tuloy tuloy chika haha

teeyah. said...

Niiiiicceee hauls. TV and makeup! :) Glad to know you've had fun, Lel :)

Kay said...

hi lel.. nice hauls.. and u had a very productive weekend.. hehe

i think we have the exact same TV, we got it from sights and sounds too.. the owner is the boyf's friend.. we really got good deals there.. :)

it's funny how u mentioned about avoiding getting asked for the makeup prices.. ganun din ako.. haha.. addict talaga..

Janelle said...

cool! we have a samsung flat screen too! they have the best tvs - more bang for the buck :)

lelila said...

yes Kay, ok sa sights and sounds. we got our first lcd last May I think, it was an LG actually, then nagkaproblema, no questions asked, it was replaced ASAP and we got to choose which brand pa kaya naging toshiba yun tv sa room.

this one's the newest ata from samsung, B series something, not sure haha. I was busy watching wolverine in their showroom while bf was talking to the salesperson, Chris, i think. Si Vic ang may ari diba? saw about their store sa pinoydvd.com

anyway, yes, iwasan gang maaari na matanong how much ang mga kakikayan natin, mahirap ma 1+1, baka icompute how much worth ng mga nasa vanity table haha! kaya kahit gusto ko punta ng MAC, di ko na ginawa, mahirap na haha

Askmewhats said...

girl! We need a new tv and I want yours! :) hahahah Love the Nars on top of tv, that's a blend of beauty love and technology love!

iamsutil said...

geesh, posts about hauls can never be boring! hahahha

lelila said...

korek, i love haul posts too! haha

nikki, you're welcome to watch shows here, wala lang uwian ng tv hahaha!

Caby said...

Nice Haul!! :) Although the TV looks very very nice just thinking about it I'd still choose Make up over TV. But congrats on getting both :)

And I feel you about hoping and worrying your parents don't ask the price hahaha!


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