For the win

Yes I know, I haven't been posting lately, sorry just got busy with reports and some showbiz stuff haha.

Last night, while waiting to go home, I got bored and decided to do this! (Got inspired by a comment I read from chuvaness' blog)

I really feel for her. Hay! Manny, I hate you! and to that girl, I hope your face become as bloated as your FAKE boobs!

PS. Be kind, I'm not a graphic artist! LOL


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

count me in!!!!!darn i hate the "girl" i mean...ever since i saw her sa show from abs cbn sumayaw siya dun feeling sa sayaw...walang talent,pumatol pa kay manny...tama ba yun!!

Caby said...

Oh my god Im super team jinkee too!!!!!! I hate that girl, Do you know the chisms? grabe talaga A friend told me what the news is in the industry but nobody wants to be first in running the story!

Nina said...

Haha, I want this made into a shirt! I really feel for Jinkee. As Chuvaness said, she loved him poor. Now that Manny's richer than ever, everybody wants a piece of him. :(

Karma nalang ang katapat nila.

lelila said...


nakakastress talaga yang babaitang yan! grrr! as in lantaran. kafal!

anyway, i want this on a shirt too, mas ok if black shirt para mag stand out ang fenk! haha. unfortunately, i dont know anyone who's into t-shirt painting!

Khymm said...

OMG! Totoo pala ito.. Before si A.M. now si T.R.?!
i feel for Jinkee too! Grabe si Manny ha!

lelila said...

khymm, sinong TR haha. Talanding R____lo? hahahaha

Nina said...

Nasa Team Jinkee Facebook Group na yung graphic mo! LOL

Khymm said...

LOL! K.R. Pala Lel! haha

Crystal said...

uy ang ganda ng graphic mo! tama, team jinkee din ako. ehehe!


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