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Pa-pa-ra-pa-pap Love ko 'to!

MAC Holiday collection is now available at MAC Shangri-la. Received a text from Carlos last Monday!

Ladies, meet Carlos, errrrr, the Holiday Collection '09 hehe.

the sets:

what i got:

The 2 mineralized blushes and a MAC 209 brush. The brush is not included in the collection, I'm just in need of a decent eyeliner brush since I'm having difficulties using my MAC 266 lately.

And may I say, I LOVE the blushes, particularly Conjure Up, pretty pretty color! I'm quite surprised that this blush is super pigmented just like NARS. A single dab on the pan of my Etude Duo Fibre brush is enough, it showed up easily on me, I'm NC40 and I usually need 2 swipes of blush before it shows on my cheek, but this one is LOVE. I'm so happy I got it. When I swatched the 2 blushes on my hand, I got dissapointed since they have shimmers, I'm quite allergic to shimmers as they emphasize my already gigantic pores and pitted scars, but these blushes, surprisingly, looks well on me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

I love the packaging of the palettes in this collection, it's so cuteeee, the brush pouch is cute too, so elegant (I wish they sell pouches LOL). However, when I checked the brushes, I got dissapointed, full size brushes are way way better and worth their prices! Please skip the brushes on this collection, just save up to buy the full size ones.

Also, the blush palette's case is lovely, it's slides up to reveal the powder blush underneath and on top are the blush and the highlighter. Good thing for me, I didn't like the colors.

For the eye palettes, I love some shades in every palette, and in average, I like 2 to 3 colors only (per palette), so what's the point of getting those palettes, when I think I'm better off buying individual e/s that I like. Hmmm, I'm getting wise, yey!

check out the rest of this year's collection :

the brush sets (Php3,800)

the lip/eye sets (Php2,800)

someone's showing off her nail art haha

the palettes:
blush (Php3,050)
e/s (Php2,800)
lips (didn't ask LOL)

pigment sets (Php2,100)
lipgloss sets (Php2,100)

Please correct me for the prices if I'm wrong, just posting based on (faulty) memory.

And look what's waiting for me at the office when we got back!

all together now!

my still incomplete palette, 5 more to go, maybe next year haha!

I got my e/s refill thru greenpease05 of Girltalk, she goes to HK every now and then and she accepts orders for MAC and other cosmetics brands, even skincare items which are cheaper in Hongkong. You may also pm her at her multiply sites.

ME so happy! pa-pa-ra-pa-pa!


Caby said...

Love the mineralize blushes you got! :) The Holiday Collection is screaming "Buy me" wahh!

Sush said... is calling my name. LOL

Janelle said...

nice collection! it's making me drool!!!

+ JING + said...


ang gaganda... nakakasilaw tingnan...

parang kayamanan lahatttttttt



Crystal Gale said...

wow! thanks for the photos..I love the blushes you got..I might check out the counter after my birthday and who knows, I might get my first MAC MSF hehe ^_^

I do agree about the brushes..I bought the 2007 (i think) collection and they suck! so scratchy that I just ended up selling them..just a waste of money..

lelila said...

girls, the blushes are worth it, although, beware, it's a blush addict who's saying it haha.

gale, advance happy bday dear! when is your bday? last i talk to carlos, there's only 2 stocks na lang of Conjure Up. MAC Glorietta and Rockwell, i believe, haven't released these holiday collections yet so you might be able to snag those pa.

Askmewhats said...

eeek both blushes look duper pigmented and gorgeous! I am resisting from visiting MAC!!!!

nikkiz. said...

MAC! wow, still don't have any MAC product yet :-)
How much kay Smile? Is it cheaper there? She lives in HK and goes to the Phils. every month to visit family.

Chelle said...

Ooh now I know how Carlos looks like! =)

lizlan said...

cool! i've been wanting an MSF or a blush from MAC (although i am a die hard NARS fan). i better check out that counter.


Crystal said...

omg, grabeng eye candy toh!

Khymm said...

the blushes look pretty! nice haul LEL!

twinsouls888 said...

waaaa Lei parang ang gaganda ng hauls pero nabibitin me sa pictures di natatapos paglo-load sob. Putol yung pix lahat yay ^_^

lelila said...

girls, thanks for leaving comments. i'm still super inlove with the Conjure Up blush!

Ems, are you in broadband or dial up? the pics are kinda big so baka di kaya if you're on dial up. but if you're on broadband, complain to your provider haha


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