Early Christmas Shopping!!!

Was on sick leave yesterday and this morning due to cough and cold plus lack of sleep (my fault, addicted to cafe world and PBB Double Up).

When I arrived at the office, these packages are waiting for me! yey!

"Costco 2009 Brush Set (Kirkland), Stila Haul from Strawberrynet and Nail Polishes from cherrys of Girltalk"

Individual post for these items to follow (I hope hehe), I love everything I got today. The brush set is so lovely, bristles are so soft and it looks classy!!! The stila set is amazing!!! and I so adore the polishes I got including the freebie!

Anyway, before going to work, I dropped by at Galleria first to send some packages via Air21 and then claimed my sim and cellphone from Suncellular, I applied for a postpaid line from them as my family is complaining I'm so hard and expensive to contact hehe. They're all Sun subscribers and I have a Globe prepaid sim. I need a globe sim for Gcash purposes. But since my family is based in Cavite and I miss talking to them everyday, I decided to get a plan from Sun (applied last Friday). I tried using a prepaid Sun sim but it always get disconnected since I always forgot to load it hehe. I think I wasted 2 prepaid sims!

I'm on the waiting list for the Sony Ericsson W205 unit (it's the newest handset available for Plan 350) but I was surprised to get a call from them last night informing me that they have already have one for me! Great!

And so here is my 2nd phone:

Would you believe my main phone is an antique one? haha!


I bought two of this model (w800i) year 2005, just one week apart. This is my first expensive phone (20k at that time). When I bought the first one, after just one week, it was stolen from my bag! I was busy rummaging from the Kamiseta sale and poof! It's gone. I was using a small backpack that time! Stupid of me not to put the bag in my front, well, I think the word "sale" got my brain stop working for a while hehe.

I was so afraid to tell about it to my parents so I got another one the same day. Up to this date, they don't know about the stolen phone, it's a secret I shared with my li'l brother just because I have no choice, he's with me the day I lost it!.

6 months later, I gave this cp to my father since I got a Nokia phone from my boss, 3k for a brand new N90 haha. Long story how I managed to pay just 3k for that phone but at that time, SRP for N90 is around 39k I think! Wasn't satisfied with the N90, too heavy and too slow, I think I replaced it with a V3x Motorola, the hot pink one. And after that I think I used one low end nokia phone and another low end Ericsson phone. When I bought a new cp for my father middle of this year, I took this back (w800i) and used it, yep, I'm an Indian giver haha! My phone that time was already dying and I'm so not into buying cellphones (even up to this date!). Well, I would love to get an Iphone but the price is so prohibitive, I'd rather buy a cheaper cp plus another gadget (digicam perhaps?).

Also, later this afternoon, I claimed my orders from our annual commisary sale (commisary is a grocery store inside our Company, all items for sale are imported stuff, unfortunately only our expats can buy from there, booo!).

Anyway, every year local staff are allowed to purchase selected imported goods, more like a pre-order thing since the ordering happens usually June or July and goods arrive early December. I got 60kgs of jasmine rice, (I would love to get more but 60kgs is the maximum), plus I also got this:

coffee and creamer for my father, and chocolates (praline, hazel nut and milk chocolate) for me yey!

Whew, I meant to do this post short but I got carried away especially with my phone history! haha

I haven't started shopping for christmas gifts, waaah! I'm forever a-last-minute-girl!!!


Janelle said...

can't wait for you to show us what's inside those packages... :) you have the best hauls!

lelila said...

hi janelle, thanks for dropping by. promise i will show you guys what's inside those packages =)

July said...

Cool stuff..Wow ..Nice pictures.. ..I wanted to share this Christmas shopping idea.. I found this site called EZwingame. They are giving away free things like a free Nintendo Wii ( which I played for to give my son) as well as free Calvin Klien perfume for me and even a DKNY watch for free.

I liked your post..

Askmewhats said...

your old phone is my hubby's favorite phone! hahah he's still using it at the moment :)

Love your hauls :)

lelila said...

nikki, my old fone is still my main phone! i'm so used to it i can text faster even when im not looking at the keypad!

lelila said...

hi july, nice! will check that out later =)

thanks for dropping by!

Gem said...

Can't wait for your Kirkland brush set review :)

Khymm said...

wow you got yourself a Kirkland Brush set! cant wait for your review..
Btw, nagshi-ship pala ang strawberry.net dito? how much ang shipping fee?

lelila said...

gem, will try to do a review this weekend, crossing my fingers hehe

khymm, free ang shipping ng strawberrynet dito sa atin, buy na dali!!!

Malditang Doktora said...

addict, addict, addict!!!

may binayaran ba sa customs?

lelila said...

chel, meron, 35 petots hehe

Khymm said...

talaga?! =) wala bang minimum purchase? hehe

lelila said...

yep free shipping talaga. alam ko walang minimum.

McLaren said...

Hi there! Your posts are funny! I'm not really into beauty stuff but who knows, maybe you'll turn me into a kikay too hehe. I also do shopping online. I love the items (bargain or not) you buy =) Keep it up!


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