Etude is here!

I first saw an inconspicuous sign last month at the boutique besides Pink box, a white paper with a small "ETUDE" in it! I double check it and no, I'm not mistaken! It really is ETUDE! Yey!

I first heard of Etude when the girls at GT are raving about the duo fibre brush. Most of the GT BI Squads are the one raving about it so without hesitation, I ordered 2 duo fibre brushes from a multiply reseller!

I must say, for the price (@500+ each including shipping), the brush really delivers! I used it more than my MAC188 to the point that my MAC188 is in my vanity table for collection purposes only! hehe.

Anyway, after more than a month, Etude finally opened yesterday, Sunday. Was kinda dissapointed that it opened on weekend since I can't be there hehe. So today, after lunch, I dropped by for a while even If I'm already late for work, t'was already 1:30pm, my lunch break is up to 1:00pm only, LOL, bad!

The facade (it's supposed to be pink haha, didn't have time to fix my cam, sorry!)

Some nail stuff at the counter:

Some of the skin care stuff

Cute "pink me" mirror

Ooops, that's all the pics I have, there's too many people inside I'm quite shy to take pics hehe.

My mini haul! Was in the store for 10 to 15mins only! Gosh!

Out of the box:

romantic beauty stand (P198), romantic beauty box (198), romantic cushion comb/brush (198), multi shadow brush (P178), mini lash curler (GWP) and the peach skin pact (P678)

In use: eeek! sorry for the dirty blushes and brushes! super busy the past few days =(

Love love love the romantic beauty stand, box and comb, they're very Anna Sui-iiisshh!!!

The peach skin pact I think is a bit light for me, but when I saw there's only 2 left from the shelf, I grabbed one hehe. I'm not sure if it's already OOS, but I hope not! (for your sake haha). The multi shadow brush looks like a bit MAC227 so I'm planning to use it for my browbone. There's etude duo fibre too at P428 each!

Overall, I'm happy about etude. Didn't get any skin care items as I'm not really familiar with the brand! Will do some research first!

Megamall Building A
Besides Pink Box, slightly accross Go Nuts Donuts
Near Toy Kingdom (Mega A)

Read too that a branch at Festival Mall will open early next year so yey for South peeps!


Nina said...

Yay a branch in Festival! I'll definitely buy the duo fibre brush when it opens next year. :)

Janelle said...

cool! i got a whole bunch of etude products while in korea... i want more of their mascara. cheap and cute too!

Sush said...

AHA! thanks for posting :) ill definitely go and check it out

Askmewhats said...

yay! glad the cute "dollhouse" shop finally came to our shores! I can't wait to check it out. I am hoping the prices aren't too jacked up! :)

Khymm said...

love your haul lel!

nikkiz. said...

wow, we have it here na! kaya lang bakit Mega Mall?!? Waaah! I don't go there pa naman...hope they open a branch in other malls.

Chelle said...

I'm lemming the cute romantic beauty box and stand, I agree it's very Anna Sui-sh haha, weeh I better make a list of things to get in Etude House...

herroyalbleakness said...

I want those organizers, too! :) No GWP's??? ;D Thanks for sharing sis!

Lipstickaddict said...

I saw those cases :) and cute, being able to shop for only 15 minutes! Love your haul, can't wait till the shop here in Festival Mall Alabang opens

Linho said...

i my gosh its lee min ho for etude house.. so sexy*_*

locke24 said...

woot woot! festival mall branch!! will buy lotsa stuffs harharhar! thanks lel :) your hauls are soooo cute! will also buy those haha~ im so addicted,been using etude products for months haha ~anyway, happy holidays!


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