Nail Lacquer Galore!

Remember the packages I posted here last week?

Here's what's inside the third pouch:

Actually, not all of them are from that pouch, that's my collective NP haul for the past two weeks I think.

More pics per brand:

I got CG Fly and Zoya Demi from a pre-order, Melon of troy from melvel of Girltalk, and the rest from cherrys of Girltalk too, she sold some of her polishes to trim down her collection =) I got some brand new NPs, and some used twice, really a great deal and she's generous in giving freebies =) Still waiting for 4 more polishes from her, hopefully I will receive it tom. Yey!

So far, I've used CG Branding Iron last week and I love it sooooooo much, super!

I'm using CG Fly on my tips now and Essie Damsel in a Dress on my toes.

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Askmewhats said...

eeeekk! I'd love to play some nail polishes! Love them!!!


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