From Rustan's yesterday.

the 3-Step Skin Care set - Limited Edition:

Blair's (of youtube) rave about this set got into me! It's very timing since I ran out of stuff my derma prescribed to me and comparing the prices, Clinique's way cheaper than the total maintenance set I used to buy from my derma. A 100ml PCA toner from her clinic will cost me at least 3k already! Yep, it's that expensive! That's why on my 2nd and 3rd bottle, I bought it through a multiply seller who accepts orders from any reputable US websites, and I got the same toner for Php1,800/bottle. My derma's price is a total rip-off I know, but I still love my cute dermatologist, Dra Theresa Pascual of Medical City, i just hope she won't get to read this haha.

Anyway, this set is a limited edition (this two killer words make me buy everything! grr), contains a travel set and a really huge toner, it's almost half a litre, a 200ml liquid soap and a big bottle of DDMG! Just look at the size comparison below so you'll have an idea how huge the toner is! And I love too that it comes with a pump so I don't need to tilt the bottle!

The clarifying toner beside a 236ml VS bottle

The pump, just put the cotton here and well, pump LOL

I know it's too early to tell, but this set + the clarisonic is total love!

Yesterday morning, I have 3 small bumps on my face (because of aztec healing clay, argh!), and now, it's almost flat! I just use the set last night and this morning! Yey!

I know the moisturizer from this set, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, has a cult following but I thought it was kind of overrated. Well, I was wrong! This moisturizer is truly amazing and it dries fast, love it!

Although the Clinique SA said that this will last me for at least 8 months, I kinda doubt her haha, I'm giving this set 5 to 6 months top. If I'll have an extra moolah in two weeks time, I'm planning to buy another set as a backup (so my next buy would be on next year's holiday set haha).

Btw, from the consultation done before purchasing this set, I'm a number 3 (isn't it obvious Sol, it's written all over the pics LOL). Before the consultation, I really thought I was going to be number 4 since I'm really oily but the SA said that number 4 is for extremely oily peeps! So there!

Again, I love this set! If you're already a Clinique user, this is really a good time to stock up! This set sells for $59.00 in the US, plus tax and shipping, Rustan's price I think is fair enough at Php4,500/set. And think about it, for a six-month use, it will just cost you Php750 a month! Whoa!

And oh, about the freebies (sample foundation and 2 mini tubes of pore minimizer), I'm not supposed to get these as the holiday set already has a free travel size, but being persistent really works + charm hahahaha!


melvel said...

OMG, how weird I just bought this also earlier, and then I read your entry. But I've been a Clinique user for years, so I just stocked up kasi sulit na (plus, I wanted the travel sized ones)

Based on experience, the DDMG can last up to eight months (and I use it twice a day ha). The liquid soap mga 6 months (twice a day use also). The toner can last for a year (again, twice a day use).

lelila said...

hi mel, thanks for giving that info on how long this will last!

alam ko nga you're a fan of DDMG.

talaga, 1 year ang toner? kase madalas talaga, toner agad nauubos sa akin. do you think it's wise for me to stock up or wait na lang for next year. kase LE to eh, yun lagi pampakaba haha. ang words na limited edition.

Askmewhats said...

I am a Clinique user! and the toner will last me 8months, but the facial wash? Just 3-4 months!!! :)

lelila said...

hi nikki, talaga? 3 to 4 months lang naku, backup galore na talaga haha.

onga pala you're a Clinique fan, planning to get the turnaround serum, is it good?


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