Beauty bonding - Part 2

Going to the derma last Saturday isn't enough. Sunday afternoon, my sis and I went to SM Hypermart Pasig to have our lashes permed. Been planning to do this months ago. Btw, when I told P (my significant other) about this, he thought I was just pulling his leg haha. But when I told him it's true, he was laughing his ass off! He can't believe that there really is a procedure like that! hahaha!

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At the reception area, we were asked to sign a waiver stating that we are aware that during treatment, we MAY experience itchyness and redness of the eyes and that we don't hold Let's Face It (LFI) liable for such cases, something of that sort. Then we were ssisted inside and assigned to an LFI staff. I had to lie down on a bed (and was asked to close my eyes) and then my lids were gently cleaned even if I'm not wearing any eyemakeup. Lashes will be pressed into a roller (I requested for the biggest roller so that my lashes will be naturally curled) and then a water soluble glue, perming lotion and naturalizer will be applied on it with a 15 to 20 minutes interval each. I believe, a scotch tape will be used somewhere in between. It lasts more than an hour, I'm not sure of the exact procedure, but what I'm sure of is that I dozed off during the treatment haha!

The procedure will give you a slight discomfort. First to notice is the scent of the perming lotion, it's bearable on my case though but not for those with sensitive olfactory system. And then, sometime during the procedure, it feels like the LFI staff is pulling your lashes, but she's not of course, just arranging them on the roller.

Before and after pics: first set is mine, 2nd, my sister's:

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I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to save time from curling their lashes every single day. I was told that this could last 6 to 8 weeks, but I doubt it for myself since I'm quite "fond" of rubbing my eyes, can't help it LOL.

I just wish though that instead of LFI asking their clients to sign a waiver form, they should just insist on a patch test, this may take an extra trip to the salon (LFI) but better be safe than sorry right? After all, we only have 2 eyes. The patch test I believe is necessary to rule out allergic reaction to the solutions used during the perming process.

Anyway, this post is getting longer than what I have planned. All in all, I'm happy with my lashes, no more "ouch" moment every morning for the next 3 to 4 weeks! And most of all, I am fluttering my lashes non-stop in front of P hahaha!

Beauty bonding - Part 1

I miss going out with my family. Eversince I worked in Manila, I barely see them =( That's why, everytime there's a long weekend, as much as possible, I want us to be together. Most of the time, I invite them to come over here in my apartment since we have more options here than when I go home in Cavite. Take note that when I say options, I'm referring to malls where we could dine and shop haha.

So where were we last Saturday?

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We didn't stay long at Megamall where I've met up with them, just ate lunch and headed to Medical City immediately after and spent the afternoon at my Derma's clinic. They tried her Diamond Peel package that I've been raving about. Actually, my sis wanted to have one a few months ago (ever since she saw the improvement in my face) but she has work Mondays to Saturdays, she just made it this weekend since she sneaked from her company's sportsfest.

I didn't have a DP as I am planning to go to the NARS workshop on Wednesday, I dont want to go there with a half-peeled skin LOL. Told Doc that I would be back to her clinic on Thursday.

Was glad with my Derma because she gave my mom and my sis a simple and cheaper skin care regimen, way way cheaper than what she gave me before (unfair! LOL). I love her more now! I used to believe that she's a costly derma (what with my 12k-bill-from-my-first-visit-with-her), now I know she's not, she can work around her patient's budget, way to go Doc!

What she gave my mom and sis (they have some common meds):

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Skin care regimen: She's cool to let my mom continue using the green peeling oil she bought somewhere, as long as it has no adverse reaction to my mom's skin, btw, according to Dra. she has Melasma =(

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Total bill for my mom and sis, around 8k! Her DP btw is 2,750 (quite pricey but really worth it!) and initial consultation fee is 500.

And just for kicks, look at what she wrote for me:

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LOL! Don't you love having a derma who's also a makeup addict like you? If you want to pay her a visit, here's her contact details. She usually asks how did you know about her, you may tell her that you got her details from the internet ;) It wouldn't hurt to mention my name too! Haha! She knows me as Sol, she's not aware of my online name (Lelila).

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Testament on how good she is (and her DP package and meds), please refer to my earlier post, this one.

To give you an idea on what to expect from her DP Package, read this!


step 1: we gently remove makeup, dirt, oil and grime by applying gentle cream wash in a circular motion paying special attention to the para nasal, nasal and chin areas (T-zone). Rinse off with water.

step 2: after degreasing the face, a mild alpha hydroxy acid is applied to gently detach the dull dead skin cells.

step 3: the Emerald Three-Pass Microdermabrasion. Unlike standard salon microdermabrassion, dermatologist-grade microdermabrassion is more effective and has longer-lasting results.

step 4: removal of comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) then follows using an inverted vibrating spatula.

step 5: enzyme mask - application of enzyme mask upon which the remaining dull skin would be exfoliated upon rubing of fingertips to the whole face.

step 6: after application of the emerald enzyme peel, further exfoliation with a rotating brush, and scrubbing with a galvanic plate ensures that no dead, dull skin is left. UV treatment is then used to close pores.

step 7: application of topical antibacterial/antifungal antiseptic to protect newly exposed areas.

step 8: vitamin c serum infusion for overall protection and brightening of the skin. (vit c is a powerful antioxidant)

step 9: application of retinoic acid and M2 serum using the combined strength of mandelic and malic acids using an iontopharesis machine that oscillates on a microscopic level to maximize serum infusion.

step 10: moisturizer plush AHA serum and Glycolic 10 for younger, glowing skin.

Whew! Hope to see you there ladies!

Blush giveaway c/o Sis Pammy

First time to repost a contest here in my blog. Just because I'm a blush addict, I would love to win from my fellow blush addict sis Pammy's contest, yey!

As per her mechanics, I'm reposting her contest (her first one) here in my blog.

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And my fave blush (as of the moment), is NARS Madly, I can't properly swatch it on my hand (as one normally does) but I have a pic wearing this blush where you can see how it looks in my cheek, isn't it the best way to check if a blush looks good on you? Haha!

For my pic wearing NARS Madly, I'll just repost the pic I used in my blush collection entry!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I so love this blush since it really complements my skintone! Looks natural on me...I'm NC40 for reference.

Sis Pammy, September is my birthday month hahahaha!

NARS Makeup Workshop + Recent buys

Hi girls, I talked to LARA of NARS Shangrila and she invited me for a makeup workshop on September 2 around 4-6pm. Time is still tentative, she'll confirm it to me next week, I'll just update this post. This one, I believe is a bit more extensive than the one held by MAC last Sunday. Best to come without makeup! Workshop includes skincare and make up applications. See you there!!!

On another note, we had lunch at Mr. Choi's Kitchen earlier at Rob Galleria. After lunch, we went to Saizen to check out the much raved about Charcoal Mask, unfortunately, I bought the wrong one! Haha! I tried to look for the tube with the word MASQUE on it but cant find any, then I saw this tube with the word "cream" on it PLUS a sticker on top with a caricature face of a girl with gray mask! So i thought, it's the same thing! Argh, should have known better! Good thing they accept change of items within 7 days.

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For raves about the items they carry, check out the thread in Girltalk.

The other day too, I was able to buy my celeteque advance anti wrinkle facial moisturizer and been using it eversince, so far so good!

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Lazy day today, I'm having problems with my work-related web access and shared drive, still waiting for the IT person assigned to fix it. What to do? Blog hopping! LOL

I'm a self-confessed blush addict!

Two weeks ago, I accompanied my officemate/friend to Shangri-la to check out the newly opened Stila counter. Yes, I told her I'll just accompany her because I'm in a no-buy mode. She just got an eyeliner, she would've bought more but didn't because the assigned SA that day is quite snooty! Anyway, after Stila, we visited NARS. It's just at the back of Stila anyway. Again, we went there coz my friend wants to buy a Kalahari e/s duo. I don't know what happened but I got back at the office with this LOL!

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What happened to the no-buy mode?!!?!

Cute bag, first time that Lara gave us a bag, just because we complained that the cashier gave us a small plastic bag haha. Lara, btw, is the nicest MA I know and the most generous haha! No kidding, she's really friendly that we always look forward to visiting the NARS counter at Shang.

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I got Madly. I still remember that when I first visited the NARS counter, this is what Lara recommended for me (I thought she was mocking me because it was the first time I saw a brown blush haha), but I ignored her reco because at that time, my heart is set on the Dolce Vita blush. Then I saw from sis Pattybee's blog her review about Madly, and I'm sold!

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Madly on me, the perfect brown blush for morenas like me! Check out sis Martha's review about this lovely blush.

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Of course, a purchase from NARS isn't complete without a freebie!!! Even if I didn't reach the minimum amount of purchase needed to avail this GWP (Gift with Purchase)! I love Lara haha.

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Meet my other NARS blushes

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Swatches (Orgasm won't show up on my face, I swatched it on my arms for at least 5 times and look at the pic, haha! That's why I'm selling it!)

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My MAC Blushes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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As of posting time, I already sold Sunbasque and Margin as I don't like their effect on my cheeks, they're almost the same color and they both highlight my pores! LOL.

Also, before these pictures were taken, I already sold my Pink Swoon and Pinch o' Peach blushes because they were so light that they barely show up on my skin.

Practicality wise, I believe I have too many blushes already, it will take me years before I consume all of them despite me having huge cheeks haha. But then, I just love blushes and I dont think I'll stop from buying one again!

Next on my list --- NARS Luster, Benefit Coralista, and I wish I can find a MAC Spaced Out blush from MAC's Neo Sci-fi collection last year!

Celeteque Advanced Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer

Having a simple anti-aging skin care regimen can help us look younger than our actual age. Err, I know I'm actually late for this as I can now see fine lines under my eyes. Maybe due to my bad sleeping habit (i sleep normally around 2 or 3am and woke up at 7 or 8, toink!) or maybe, I am really getting old! But wait! Forget I said that, my age is still in the calendar, I'm still young haha!

Anyway, today my officemate forwarded a link to me about Celeteque's new product and their current promo!
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From the site, they explained what the product is all about.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They even have an FAQ portion!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So how to get your coupon? Just go to the following url:

Sign up, you must use a valid email address here. Ok, at the registration part, I cheated haha! The automatic promo coupon will pop out only if the one who signed up is at least 30 years of age, so I jacked up my age haha. Also, to be sure, don't sign up and avail of the promo if you don't have an available printer pronto. I've read from girltalk that there are some who signed up immediately (without a ready printer) and experienced having difficulties in retrieving their coupons.

After signing up, you will received a confirmation link in your email (with subject name as "Welcome to True Result"), click it and you will be automatically redirected to the log in page, enter your username and password, log in and an intro page will be shown, if you have a spare time, go watch the introduction, I'm at the office at the time I signed up so I just skipped the intro part.

Upon logging in, you will see this at the upper right portion of your screen.

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Click "here" to get your coupon, and select the branch where you want to claim your e-coupon and then click print. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups for you to print the coupon, and that's it! You can now buy the Celeteque Advanced at 50% off, SRP is at Php619 I believe, upon presentation of the printed coupon. I'm gonna claim mine today at lunchtime, see yah!!!

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Most of the staff of watson's are unaware of this promo, if they're not familiar with it, ask them to call for their manager, the latter should know about this. That's how it was when I bought mine at Watsons Megamall A, 2nd Floor.

MAC's latest collection...

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA., work's just crazy the past two weeks. I've never been this busy since working at SGV and it was 4 years ago!

Anyway, last Thursday, I received a text from Carlos of MAC Shangri-la.

"Gudday carlos here frm MAC SHANG.i would like to inform u that the winter fall collection are now here at the counter. This are the ff collection: euristocrats, love that look and graphic garden.txt me if u want something to reserve frm the collection.thanks"

O-M-G! I'm not prepared! Errr, let me rephrase that, my wallet is NOT prepared! LOL! I really thought it's sched to come end of the month. And to think it's 3 collections all at the same time.

I saw Sutil of online in ym and pm'ed her about the new collection, and we have the same reaction, we're not prepared! I told her I want the Fresh Cut palette from the Graphic Garden collection but after she saw the swatches, she discouraged me from getting it as it won't suit my skintone.  She advised me against getting pale pinks, only the last two colors will be usable for me, she added. Ok, that's one off my list yey! I decided not to get the brush sets too as I like using full size brushes.  The Euristocrats collection, I'm not interested as it's all about lipsticks and lipgloss, I'm fine with my Burt's Bee's lip balm and Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Anyway, we went to Shang the day after receiving the text. I bought 2 e/s and MAC 217, I was able to stick to my list unlike my officemate/friend who got 6 e/s and 2 pearl glide liners from her original list of 3 e/s and 1 pearl glide. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why 3 e/s in the pic? Because, Carlos gave us one free e/s each, my first freebie from MAC yey! 12 more e/s to complete my palette! LOL

Before we left MAC, Carlos invited us to go back on Sunday (that's tomorrow!) because they'll be having a workshop from 2pm to 4pm. This is open to everyone! I would love to go, but my folks are staying here for the weekend, unless they go home to Cavite before lunch haha.

The best way to deal with stress

is go shopping!
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I went to work yesterday (Saturday) and will still be reporting for work later today. The slides/presentation for the Board of Director's quarterly meeting that I'm doing is a pain in the a*s! Arghh! I thought I just have to simply plot the data and draft the slides and charts, check on the slides animation, etc etc! But no, the data to be used are from at least 10 different reports I know nothing about! and I have to locate them one by one!

My head feels like exploding come lunch time, hungry and stressed beyond my imagination, I took an hour and a half lunch break. Quick lunch and head off to the Megatrade Hall. Checked on some luggages since I don't have one and I have an upcoming trip to Singapore in 2 months time. Didn't buy one though coz I don't like the designs. There's one that caught my interest, but upon seeing the price tag, "no thank you! haha"

Went to ipanema corner but the sizes are a bit small and the stocks are not organized. Went to crocs but most of the styles and sizes are already sold out, should've went there yesterday! Went home with a Cleo pair in Turquoise/Sea Foam, that's the only color left. This is my first Crocs weeh!

I'm out of the office by 8:00 pm, braindrained! Went to mega again "to relax", bought 2 tops for me and a polo shirt for the bf (P) from Giordano's sale. Bought another top for me and another shirt for P at the department store. Then went home.

And I'm ready for work again, I hope I could shop again after though, haha!

Tops and shirts and a dozen glaze!
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Gotta sleep! Still have some work to do. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Hit and Miss: Getting the right shade of foundation

Nothing beats going to a counter to actually have yourself "swatched" by the experts (MA). I would suggest going to a MAC counter (even if you're not planning to buy, but don't blurt it out on the MA haha!). Read till the end why I suggest to have yourself matched at MAC. It's not just because of my addiction to the brand =)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(photo credit to

I've had my share of hits and misses in getting the right shade of foundation, it's either too dark, too pink or sometimes too light. My being acidic made it more difficult for me. Most of the MA's will ask you about this, and if they forget to ask if you're acidic, scold them! Joke! Tell them. Co'z if you're acidic, you need to get a foundation one shade lighter than your correct shade (of course you already know that, I don't mean to sound like an expert because I'm not, but I'm just sharing based on personal experience, nothing wrong with that right?! =)

A few tips I've read before that you might find useful too:

  • Swatch the foundation in your jaw line. Although personally, I'm not practicing it, I use the back of my hand as 'canvas', so far so good. Don't do this, and if you do, don't blame me LOL!
  • After swatching, don't buy right away. Politely tell the MA that you'll just come back, that you want to test it first, walk around the mall, anywhere but near the counter. The lighting may fool you. Also, try to ask for samples, no harm in asking right? In the first place, they don't know you haha!
  • Check the ingredients! You have to be sure that you have no allergies to any of the ingredients listed in the bottle or box.
  • Consider your skin type. If you're oily like me, you may want to stay away from cream type of foundation. Powder type is more advisable. Or if you can find a water-based liquid foundation, much much better. Although getting a liquid foundie may be costly for you since you need to buy a powder too to set your foundation!

Now, the reason I suggest you try MAC first is because I found a very useful chart!

Go check it out yourself and let me know if it was of a big help to you too! 

Mega Foundation Chart - Click here

Happy weekend everyone!

Stila at Shangri-la

The day after I've read in GT that Stila in Makati is already open, I immediately called Rustan's Shangri-la to inquire if they have Stila too AND if the products are already available for sale. The MA who answered the phone, asked me to wait so she could ask someone in th know. A minute after, she came back and replied to me in affirmative, "yes Ma'm Stila's already available". I got excited that I post it immediately at GT.

Come 11:30, (yes, half an hour earlier than our should be lunchbreak LOL) my fellow-addict-officemate and I left the office and went to Shang.

Look what we've found!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

NO ITEMS YET, just a booth!!! The testers on display are T.Le Clerc stuff. Arghh! Imagine our dissapointment! Silly me I forgot to take the name of the MA who answered the phone. Lucky her! LOL! My question was so specific! I didn't ask if they have Stila counter, I asked "if there are Stila items already available for sale! Hayz!!!!

After ranting to some of the MA's (LOL), we just visited the MAC counter. We didn't visit NARS as I remembered Lara told us that it's her off every Thursday. You see, No LARA = No Freebie. Haha.

I already know what I want from MAC so we just chatted with Carlos for a while to kill time. He showed us their manual (I think) for the upcoming collections (Graphic Garden Collection tentatively this September).

Anyway, got the following from MAC (I used the budget that should've been for Stila! LOL)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
MAC Blush in Dollymix, MAC 266 and a 15-pc MAC Pro Palette for e/s!

Went back to the office smiling as I finally got myself MAC Dollymix which has been in my wishlist like forever! LOL

Btw, the MA's told us that Stila will probably open next week. I'm pretty excited since Girltalkers said that Rustans didn't jack up the prices! weeh!

Babies, you have to wait for a while...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Would anyone know if Smudgepot is comparable to MAC's fluidline? I'm loving the latter so if I could get something cheaper that works the same, that would be AWESOME!

Lemmings and more lemmings...

MAC 109, 217 and 239 - back up brushes
MAC 187 Brush
MAC Blush - Spaced Out
MAC E/S Expensive Pink
MAC E/S Mulch
MAC E/S Jest

Clinique Superfit Foundation
Clinique New Even Better Makeup SPF15

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

NARS Madly
NARS Luster
NARS Crazed
NARS Deep Throat
NARS Silvana
NARS Laguna Bronzer

Sigma Brushes - Complete Set with Brush Roll
Sigma Brushes - Travel Kit (Nice in Pink)

Stila Bronzer in Shade 01
Stila Convertible in Lillium

Shu Glow On in Peach 47

MUFE Mat Velvet

Alba Botanica Terratints

Benefit Coralista
Benefit Dallas

D&G Light Blue for Women

this list doesn't include this babies yet (coming to Manila next Month!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Of course I want some of them (impossible to buy all of them although I won't say no to gifts LOL)

I want this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
all images c/o

And the list goes on and on and on and on.....

Too much makeup and insufficient funds, tsk tsk!

REVIEW: MAC Prep & Prime (Eye)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A light textured cream to wear on the eyes as an undercoat to eye makeup. Primes the lids. Smooths textures, neutralizes lid color. Use under eyeshadow, pigments, paints and concealers.
Got this item when SUTIL of held her blog sale thru jaime of

Wasn't able to use this immediately after since I'm not into e/s then (although I don't think I am into e/s now, you'll know later).

But when I got the NARS Brazil Duo as a freebie from NARS Shang (c/o Lara, the very generous NARS MA) I started using this primer.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Love that it provides enough coverage to even out my lid colour coz I really have a very pigmented lids due to lack of sleep.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Applying e/s is easier too as it glides smoothly, I noticed though that at the sametime it makes the colors "pop", it also somehow mattifies them. I can't decide yet if it's good or bad haha.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

NARS Brazil: I used the one on the left for the swatches but used both on my eyes.  (My only e/s along with NYX Vanilla, I'm not into e/s as I am with blushes!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pretty decent primer I may say, BUT, if you have a very oily lid, this one's not for you as I've noticed that my e/s creased just after an hour or two!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See that? I'm glad I didn't buy it at it's original retail price! I'm not sure how much it is exactly but it's $16.50 in US, so give or take, it's around 1k here in Phils. Add a few bucks and you're better off buying UDPP!

Product Rating:

ooops, FOTD (Please bear in mind I am new to makeups LOL) and excuse the red rashes on my forehead, i get those when I'm stress or something plus huge and long wheals all over my face and chest, eww haha.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
NARS Brazil e/s
NYX Vanilla as highlight
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey


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