Weekend adventure...NOT!

What a weekend I had!

Want to take a peek?

View from our window at the 2nd floor:

My one-year old sofa set (or what was left out of the set)

My sister who went to my place over the weekend to relax!

Stranded peeps:

I only managed to save the tv and pc set. Of course my makeups were the first thing I saved LOL. Washing machine, ref and motorcycle - all for repairs, dining table & chairs and sofa set, all gone. To think we bought them all only last year.

Is this the universe' way of telling me to stop buying makeup? I hope not =(

I already cancelled my Singapore trip =( Bye Sephora shopping!

I just want to thank THE ONE above that me and my family are all safe, no one in my neighborhood got hurt. Let's just pray for those who were more badly hit by the storm/flood. And thank God too that it happened while we're all awake, imagine if it happened while all of us are sleeping!? Unthinkable!

Hay! No more storm please, promise I'll be a good girl na.

I'm back (with my birthday haul!)

I know I haven't posted for a while, just that September is quite a busy month for me! We're 5 in the family and 4 of us celebrate our birthdays every September haha. Mine is every 12th, my sister every 15th, mom every 20th and my brother is on the 22nd. December must be a cold month really! LOL! Count backwards and you'll know what I mean!

P and I went home to Cavite on my birthday to have dinner with my family and we spent the rest of the night singing to our hearts' content at a local videoke lounge (?), i don't know what they are called really hehe. Just think of a jologs Redbox, errr. Whatever!

And then, taking advantage of having a reason to buy more kikay stuff, here's my pre and post birthday haul!

Look at how cute the cap of Daisy by Marc Jacobs! Also bought B Spot by Benefit, Kris Aquino's fave perfume haha.

And the cutest thing in my haul (and the most expensive of them all, ouch! take note, got it at 70% off)

I finally gave in to the BI squad of GT on their raves about Guerlain products!

And here's today's haul from the Lorea'l sale at Robinson Equitable Tower (near Galleria), would you believe that these stuff totalled 800+ only? I was kinda sad though coz we went there on the last day of sale and there's no more 110-peso worth per pack of Elseve Shampoo and Treatment tub! And my HG face sunblock, Lorea'l UV Face Fluid Protector, is already out of stock too! Oh well, lesson learned, always go on the first day of sale hehe.

I was with Sutil of abubots.blogspot.com on this sale, I asked her to come with me haha! It was our first time to see each other in person although we've been chatting for years already. Nice to finally meet you dear and sorry we were 30 minutes late! LOL! More shopping to come now that we're working on the same company haha.

I also receive my new passport today, the old one expired last month! Sephora SG, here I come!

Bloggers giveaways!

"-ber" months started, Christmas is truly early as bloggers all over the world are giving out lovely gifts and holding contests left and right! 

Let's start!
Gem is having a giveaway for reaching 100+ followers!

G-lish trio eyeshadow
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G-lish mosaic blush powder
Blue eyelinerBag!


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"THAT'S ALL!I'm making this giveaway very easy and simple. No need to do any fotd. No need to answer any questions. This first giveaway starts now and ends on September 27, 2009 (Sunday). Winner will be chosen thru random.org. The lucky winner will be announced on October 1, 2009.Have a good night ladies!


Xrocksmama too reached 100 followers, click here for the mechanics how to enter in her contest/giveaways!

a preview of what you will get:


Mercury lady is having an appreciation giveaways for reaching 50+ followers!

Click here for the mechanics on how to join.

And according to her,

**If with this giveaway I somehow hit 100 followers, I will throw in 4 more prizes. So 5 winners total.



* Tammi's 50+ Followers Giveaway Contest!!! *

Check out her post for detailed prize and mechanics!


Anastacia's 2nd giveaway, for details, click here!


AllYouDesire's first giveaway!

What you're gonna get:

1. In order to participate you must send me an email with the subject GIVEAWAY on allyoudesire.blog@centrum.cz with a list of your entries, your name and your email. Just one email per person. Then you have to:
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Shen's birthday giveaway!

Happy birthday shen! Got addicted to your blog only 2 months ago i think, or more? I can still remember your philippine flag-inspired header!

As mentioned in my comment on one of your blog entry, it's my sister's birthday today too! (Mine's last saturday hehe). Virgo power!

Anyway, on to the mechanics:

Open to all Philippine-based readers/bloggers as long a you meet the following criteria:
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Of course I won't judge it base on your answer. I will choose the sole winner randomly.

Prizes will be of the following:


• Here's what's in store •

- ck Calvin Klein 0.05 oz Electric Edge Liquid Eyeliner Marker Pen in Black
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Link here!

My latest splurge!

The latest MAC collection, "Makeup Art Cosmetics", was launched at MAC Shangrila on September 7. I knew about the launch the day before thru the Facebook account of MAC Philippines (kudos to the one maintaining the account, she's prompt in answering questions posted to MAC's wall) so I immediately sent an SMS to Carlos to reserve some items. I reserved one Violet Trance e/s for sis Martha, 2 Notoriety, 2 Photorealism quads and 2 Cocomotion pigments, one set for me and the other one for my friend/officemate, Myra (who's also a Girltalker member and is now getting addicted to Guerlain!). I'm not sure what we want at that time, so I reserved 2 quads haha.

Anyway, when we went to Shang last Tuesday, we ate lunch first at Pepper Lunch, we love the beef pepper rice, want to eat there again haha.

After lunch, we went to MAC to pick up our reserved items. I didn't get Photorealism , I don't like the color plus I don't think it will suit me because of my dark undereyes. Anyway, I just reserved it because of the raves in Girltalk, Youtube and some beauty bloggers. So I got the Notoriety quad which at first I thought was so-so because of the swatches in the net, but when I saw it in person, the colors are really pretty! Great for those who are just starting they're make up collection, this one is a really pretty neutral quad!

I got Cocomotion too, my first pigment yey! This pigment is a dupe of MAC woodwinked e/s, it's so nice! See here, cocomotion on the left and woodwinked on the right, swatch c/o BeautyPsycho of Specktra.net There's only 3 Cocomotion pigments at Shang and we got the last 2, the first one was bought by another Girltalker, Heatherette.

Decided to get Amberlights e/s too, Carlos showed to me that it was great to be partnered with Glamour Check, which is one of the e/s I bought from the previous collection. Was supposed to get Ricepaper e/s too but getting it will make me spend more than my alloted budget, so I didn't (yey! 5 stars for me!).

The babies:

Swatches: (Cocomotion looks like Henna-ish to me, please refer to the link above for the most appropriate swatch)

My uneven EOTD (I rubbed my left eye haha)

MAC Prep and Prime Medium
MAC Notoriety quad
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

Where's the eye makeup LOL! The color disappears once I open my eyes, it just looks like I'm only wearing a highlight e/s haha.


While waiting for Myra (paying at the counter}, I checked out Laura Mercier, then the preggy, not-so-nice Stila MA manning the LM counter, told me that Stila will be holding a makeup workshop on September 19, 4-6 pm, at the customers' lounge near MAC. The international makeup artist of Stila will be there! I signed up even if I'm not sure if I can go, hehe. Again, this is open to everyone. =)

Yay! Awards for me!

I love watching awards night on tv! That's because I get to critic their gowns and say mean things for those who can't do decent acceptance speech! Haha! Yeah, bad girl, sorry LOL! And now I have 2 blog awards and I really don't know what to say but Thank you Girls! Imagine that? Someone, well not just one but two lovely girls like my blog! Yay!

Big thanks to Kay for the Kreativ Blogger Award and to twinsouls888 for the Beautiful Blogger Award

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Beautiful Blogger Award doesn't have rules attach on it. On the other hand, to accept the Kreativ Blogger Award, I have to do the following:

To accept this award do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. - done
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. - done
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award. - done
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. - see below
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers. - see below
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. - done
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated. - done!

Ok, 7 things about myself that you might find interesting, if not, please just pretend ok? I'm really a boring person, =(

1. I'm a (giant) crybaby. I cry while watching movies and tv series, most especially if it features a child (I dont know why!), then I cry when I'm reading pocketbooks (Judith McNaught especially) and I cry when I find it difficult to explain or express myself LOL!

2. I love shopping, online or not. I really think this one is given.

3. I'm a new makeup addict (obvious too right?)

4. I love chocolates. There are times that I would ask bf or my brother at weird hours to go buy me chocolates at the convenience store near us LOL!

5. I'm afraid being underwater. I don't want my head under the water (pool or not) for more than 3 minutes! I prefer floating haha.

6. I love to learn photography, unfortunately, I don't think I have the eye for it.

7. Hmm what else... I have insomnia. I got it when I worked from SGV, my body clock never adjusted after that. There are times that I think, my being insomniac is already psychological. That I won't feel sleepy unless it's 3am! Silly I know, but true.

Whew! Now, I'm forwarding these 2 awards to the following bloggers!

1. Nikki of Askmewhats for her superb nail art tutorials!
2. Pammy of Sugardrop's Hawaiianpunchie for being the ultimate blush addict!
3. Khymm of Shopcoholic for Makeup just because I love her skin haha! Seriously, I like reading her direct and concise review of beauty products!
4. Gale of My Wonderful World of Colors for her love of Japanese and Korean makeups and skincare which I've yet to try
5. Nikkiz of Not Just Minerals for her daring to try other cosmetics other than MMU's
6. Mizhelle of Life Can't Wait for all her awesome sale alerts!
7. Martha of The Beauty Junkee for her honest reviews on every piece of makeup she acquires.

Go check out their lovely blogs!

Relax at Luxe!

Luxe is a modern and unique nail salon where both men and women can lounge and relax while enjoying the ultimate manicures, pedicures, and other related services.
I found out about Luxe while having lunch at Mr. Choi's Kitchen in Galleria, they have a little poster beside the escalator and I asked my officemates/friends to try that out one time. And we did. I was just not into blogging back then LOL. I was so impress with the service that I think we went back again twice or thrice.

Last Monday after office, I went back there alone to have a much needed pedicure. As much as I want to have a manicure too, I can't since I didn't tell at home that I'll be dropping by at a nail salon, I just said I'll buy something from National Bookstore =)

What I love most about Luxe is the ambience. It's just so relaxing inside that you can't help but sleep while having your nails done. And I'm not even like that, I like to watch how my nails are being done. But in Luxe, I can't stop my eyes from closing! Soft music, plush lounge chairs and couches, nice interior lights, ahh heaven! I was sorely tempted to have a manicure after just to prolong my stay there!

Luxe has a wide selection of nail polishes to choose from, brands include OPI, Orly, Essie and they even have Chanel and Dior! The salon has a nice and updated magazine selection and with wifi too!

Located at the basement (besides the Bingo place) at the East Lane of Robinson Galleria , it’s a cozy place to have your nails done, a nice alternative for existing nail salons that are usually jampacked and with oh-so-bright-lights that I find not relaxing at all.

my first mani from them (more than a month ago):

My new love: NARS Luster

At the moment, I'm quite addicted to NARS blushes, who wouldn't be when you get to take home a nice blush and assisted by a darling MA (Lara) who gives superb freebies (e/s duo hello! and just look at my latest freebie! oopps, you're not supposed to know about this!).

Last week, after attending the workshop held by NARS, I brought home a new blush! I reserved it a week before the workshop without even knowing how it will be on my skin. I just read from the NARS thread in Girltalk that Luster is a nice shade of blush and I immediately called Lara to reserve one for me!

Upon seeing it in person, I was quite dissapointed since it looks like MAC Sunbasque and MAC Margin, both of which I sold last month because they didn't work for me (they highlight my pores!) I still bought NARS Luster thinking that if it won't work for me, I can just sell it. And boy I was glad I bought it! It didn't have the same effect as Sunbasque and Margin on me!

This blush has a natural golden shimmer (just a bit) that really blends well with my skin tone (NC40). Described as "golden apricot", Luster is sheerer, peach, and definitely no hint of pink on it, which is nice since I believe I just have too many pink blushes!

I swatched it against Madly which when compared from the pan, they almost look the same.

Isn't it nice? Another natural looking blush for me, yey!

Next on my list: NARS Deep Throat!

Collective Haul

It's payday last Friday and I've been buying stuff non-stop (it rhymes!). Every payday, the first thing I do with my money is pay off the bills, transfer money online to my parents's bank account for their allowance and what little is left is budgeted for my own allowance and to fund my current addiction: skincare and makeup!

On to the pictures. Note: I'm not bragging, in the first place, the stuff I buy are not that expensive to brag about, I just love staring at them (be in pictures or in actual). And, I want to see where my salary goes! I already emptied my tiny savings account LOL.

MAC NC37 bought from a Girltalker:

Hair stuff, tissues and carmex lip balm + my chocolate fix haha

Pump dispensers and MAC Fix+ from Nikki of prettynails.multiply.com
Bent eyeliners from Sophie of beautyandminerals.multiply.com

The elusive charcoal masque from Saizen, thanks to Sis Babyjapnurse for securing 2 tubes for me and 1 tube for my friend/officemate, Myra (who bought the Q-tips for me from Pangasinan haha. These q-tips are a lot smaller than the regular q-tips from Watsons)

NARS Luster: I bought this after the NARS workshop yesterday, look at the freebie, it's bigger than the item I bought LOL (Love you Lara!)

And today's mini haul from The Body Shop, it's their last day of sale today! Got the Olive Oil Dry Mist for 450 each, from it's original price of 750, 2 packs of organically grown round cotton for 250 and a tweezer at it's regular price of 250. The tweezer is highly recommended by Myra as great alternative for Tweezerman, I just can't shell out 1k for a tweezerman LOL, coz if I add 350, it's another blush from NARS already PLUS a freebie haha.

Btw, I also enrolled for an FSP2* Card at Rustan's, more reason to buy NARS and MAC items LOL. Unfortunately, temporary card will be issued on October 20, that's more than a month of waiting!

Hmm, no more starbucks for me, no more riding a cab in the morning even if I'm late for work and I have to eat lunch at Paotsin everyday. Lunch there is 65 bucks only inclusive of a buko pandan juice! In short, I overspent my allowance, bought more than I should have! =(

*Frequent Shoppers Plus Program (like SM Advantage Card but way better!)


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