This week's haul

Lazy day today, decided to take a leave for no reason at all (bad hehe). Late afternoon, I went out to pick up something from the office and head to Rustan's Shang to buy NARS deepthroat (yep, another blush hehe). Unfortunately, Lara was not there! You see, No Lara = No GWPs = No Buy! Haha!

Checked out some items in the 2nd floor (bag, wallet, sandals - another danger zone!). Saw a nice flat sandals/slippers with a not-so-nice price tag =(

The angel and the devil in my head debated whether to buy it or not. See below who won!

Yeah, I have gigantic feet!

Also bought the organic cotton pads from TBS while it's still on sale.

The earrings just arrived this week but got it a week ago. If you are watching youtube videos of Makeupbytiffanyd, this is the same one she usually wear. I just fell in love with it when I saw her wearing it, period.

It's really pretty!



The brand is "House of Harlow" which is under the jewelry line of Nicole Richie (feeling Hollywood LOL!).

Now, I'm seriously lemming for the following!

Sol, enough! Haha!

Vanity table

Finally got one last weekend, although it was delivered only last night.

Figured the vanity table is quite small for me, I got a matching drawer too =) The good part, the vanity table itself is just 3,700 and the matching drawer is 1,100 plus a minimal delivery fee and tip. Didn't cost me more than 5k!

My room's wall is a screaming yellow, haha. It was newly painted when we transferred here almost 2 years ago (2-bedroom apartment) so I never bothered changing it.

Yes I know I need to clean my mirror haha!

Stuff I accumulated for the past 5-months. Yes, I'm a new makeup addict LOL!
Missing some stuff though, 6 blushes I sold (4 MAC and 2 NARS - Orgasm/Albatross Duo and Dolce Vita). I have no lipstick! Not even one! Oh wait, I think I have, one tiny lipstick from Laura Mercier which is a GWP courtesy of Lara (NARS) LOL.

I store my brushes and some GWP's from NARS inside one of the drawers. =)

Still not happy with how I arranged my stuff, will probably rearrange it over the weekend and sell some that I don't use!

Beauty Question No. 1

I just came across a post in Girltalk saying that she used MAC e/s in Carbon for tightlining, AND she used a 214? Can it really be done? I'm just curious, I'm new to makeups BUT I'm watching a lot of youtube videos AND talking to my favorite MA's at Shang (MAC and NARS) and this is the first time I've heard about tightlining using an eyeshadow WITH a 214 brush.

MAC214 as described by temptalia:

MAC 214 Short Shader Brush ($23.00) is best described as a stubby 239. It has natural bristles, and the brush itself is fairly stiff. If you’ve ever wanted to smoke out your lower lash line for an ultra sultry smoky eye, this is the brush you’ve been missing. The rounded edge can easily smudge color without getting it everywhere. It can also be used to deposit color into the crease or to create an extremely defined/sharp crease. The stiffness of the brush helps to prevent over-blending of the crease when used for that application.

MAC214 (c/o temptalia)

*it's been an hour since I've read that post, and when I remember that post, I'm still scratching my head.*

Oh well, maybe it CAN BE done. I'm a newbie in makeups afterall, but i want to see HOW haha.

NARS: Sheer Glow Foundation and more!

I just got myself a new foundation from NARS! Was planning to get the Sheer Matte since I'm super duper oily, but when I tried both, I like the consistency and effect of the Sheer Glow, besides it's the one being raved about in blog and youtube reviews.

Please take note that Matte and Glow shades are not the same, well the names are, but the shades aren't. I am Barcelona in the Sheer Matte Foundation (in the pressed powder too!), but it's counterpart at Sheer Glow is just way too dark for me, I'm acidic, if i use it, I might look like wearing a bronzer all over my face. So I got Sta. Fe instead.

It's my 2nd day of using it and I'm loving it so far, oil mine production in my face is suspended for 5 to 6 hours! Foundation doesn't go dark on my skin too, yey! And a little goes a long way, it will take a while before I ran out of this.

Another plus point, it's easy to blend, I just use my fingers in applying this.

What am i not liking so far, hmmm - the packaging! As usual, NARS packaging is always a dissapointment for me. Yeah, it looks lovely and classy when newly bought but when you use it, uh-oh! - fingerprints and marks all over. Just look at the first photo, right?

Also, the bottle doesn't have a pump. It's just the plain old cap and no more. I've heard, the Matte one has an extra lid inside, why didn't they provide one for Glow? Anyway, this isn't much a problem for me as my favorite MA gave me one. She's awesome!

Overall, love this foundation. I like this one better than MUFE HD foundation (heck! I even like Maybelline's mineral liquid foundie better than MUFE haha).

For shade swatches, please check this link!

And oh, I also got myself a Laura Mercier Loose Powder in Beige! Will use this to set my foundation. Review for this in the coming days + an update for the NARS foundation.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Php 2,450
Laura Mercier Loose Powder - Php 1,550

Speaking of Lara, if you guys would like to buy this foundation, just look for my favorite MA in the world. She's the best promise! Very nice, accomodating and generous (to me lol)!

Here's Lara (thanks to Bec for the pic)!

and here's my other NARS purchases before the foundation that I wasn't able to blog about (yet!). Spot the GWPs on the 2nd pic haha!

It's official! We officially support you!

A bit too late, but worth reposting. I saw this from my link on the sidebar. just sharing for those who doesn't know yet!

NOTE: This feature is available for Indonesia and Philippines only! Astig ang Pinoy!

Sale Alert: Lorea'l, Shu, Kiehl's, Lancome, etc


OCTOBER 27-28, 2009.


Employee sale shall be from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

OCT.27 9:00am to 2:00pm - EXCLUSIVE to regular & probationary employees, contractuals and consultants
OCT.27 2:00pm to 6:00pm - OPEN to employee’s, relatives and friends

-All are required to bring an identification card to allow entry in the building premises.

-Reselling of products purchased is strictly prohibited. All employees who bought from the sale shall be asked to sign a “Reselling Conforme”.

NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE! (kindly check your goods before you leave)

Sale will be on a first come first served basis.

Only 15-20 persons per batch shall be allowed to enter the selling area.

All purchases can be made in cash and or major credit cards – Bankard/Visa/Mastercard).

Salary deduction scheme (for employees) can be availed to a maximum amount of Php 3,000.The amount will be deducted from employee’s salary in four (2) equal payments – Nov.15 and Nov. 30, 2009.

Bags, jackets and cell phones are not allowed inside the selling area.

Pre-ordering and reservation of products is prohibited.

Before leaving the selling area, the buyer should double-check the served items. Any discrepancies found (eg. price, quantity, etc.) after leaving the selling area will not be entertained.

Time to hoard ladies! I'm interested with the shu uemura stuff, kiehl's and lancome!

MAC Dsquared Collection and Style Black

Girls, ready your wallet (or cc) as Dsquared and Style Black will be simultaneously released end of this week, as announced in theire FB page. Too bad that the only item I'm interested to get from the Style Black collex won't be available here - the volcanic ash exfoliator which earned great reviews from beauty gurus and beauty blogs out there! argh!

NOTE: Style Black will not be available at the Shangrila Branch while Dsquared will not be available in Rockwell (weird, why? LOL I don't know!). For convenience, just go to Glorietta to see both collections, but wait, that branch is notorious for having snooty SAs hehe.

Click on the pics below for the swatches(c/o temptalia and karlasugar)

Recent buys + a little organizing!

I just got a new bag from Celine. Wasn't planning to buy one but when I saw it, I just realized I don't have a brown bag and a large one. Lame reason to buy, I know, haha! I just can't resist those tags with a 4-letter-red-word on it - SALE!

I also bought a bronze MAC pouch for my brushes from a multiply seller (she has authentic MAC items and some other brands), bought it since I thought it's great to use when I'm travelling.

Bought some trays from Saizen too since my stuff are just all over our place!

the bronze MAC pouch/case:

with brushes inside and glad I can put some blushes too!

some of my beauty stuff:

I replaced the cap of my MAC Brush Cleanser with a spray cap (from my VOV heat defense spray).

My nail polish stuff (I have this tray 2 weeks ago):

That's NARS Bohemia I got as a GWP from my recent NARS purchase!

Weekend foodtrip: Johnny Rockets

After reading Kay's entry about Johnny Rockets, I immediately told P about it. Good thing we're really planning to dine out after buying some stuff from Gilmore.

We first saw Johnny Rockets when we first tried Stackers which is just across Johnny Rockets, they're still under construction back then with a vintage car in front, wonder where it is now LOL.

When we arrived, there are too many people waiting, were 9th on the list. We just visit some boutiques at the mall to pass time and when we go back, we're 6th on the line, oh boy! We decided to wait in front and in less than a minute, we were called since there's a booth available for two! Yey! Kay's correct when she said it's harder to get a table for a group.

We ordered the same thing as what Kay and her bf ordered, LOL, copycats! I just fell in love with Kay's pic. I love the onion ring with the ranch dip! The burger (Rockets singles) is huge, I didn't finish mine. Sadly, I don't like their fries, nothing special, next time I'll just get the side salad. The chocolate shake is so delicious and so creamy, I didn't finish it either, just too rich for me!

Will we go back? Yes, but next time, we'll just order 1 burger instead of 2, and I won't order a milkshake, I'm happy with water anyway hehe. Wallet damage is a little above 1.4k and here's what we got (Sorry no pics, I don't know, but whenever we go to Eastwood, I always forget my digicam haha)

750.00 Rocket Single Burger + Cheddar Cheese (their burgers doesn't have cheese yet, imagine that! LOL) + Bacon (2 strips) = 285 + 45 + 45
215.00 Chocolate Shake
150.?? Rootbeer float for P (didn't see the price, just an estimate)
185.00 Onion rings
130.00 10% service charge (not the exact amount)

There's a jukebox at our table too! I chose Respect by Aretha Franklin, and good heavens, when it was played, the staff sang and dance in the middle of the resto, CUTE!!!! LOL.

Love the place and the food, unfortunately, P loves Stackers' burger more =(

My takeout with some jelly beans, candies and chocolates we got from the candy bar at the mall!

NOTD: OPI Louvre me, Louvre me not!

After a stressful day at work, I decided to visit Nail Luxe Lounge and had a basic mani and pedi. Chose OPI Louvre me, louvre me not for my tips and OPI You dont know Jacques for my toes. I love both but I love the one on my tips more, I'm so getting this color on my next OPI purchase. It's a lovely purple nail polish that suits morenas like me (NC40 here).

You be the judge!


If you decide to visit Luxe, please avoid getting Lyka, the one who did my pedi. I'm favoring my right toe now because of the nick she did on my big toe, she has heavy hands suited for a masseusse rather than a nail tech! grrr. Bessie, my fave nail tech was on leave today.

I dont like the one who did my mani either, obvious that she's in a hurry to finish and she filed my nail left and right, back and forth, even after I told her to do it in one direction grrrrr! I dont think I saw them before in my previous visits and I hope I won't see them again! Ever! LOL!

Quick Note

Hey guys, just want to say THANK YOU!!!

In 2 days, my NYX items are almost sold out! I just finished sending totals to 20 buyers!!! I will be placing my orders for the next batch, so if you want some items, kindly post it here or at the wishlist album in my multiply site!

Also, yesterday, I already have 50 followers, yey! You don't know how much this means to me, thanks guys err ladies! I know this number is quite low compared to some of your followers, but I'm happy with it because I'm not really a dedicated blogger LOL. I just want to share my great beauty finds in here, some messy reviews and all!

Life is good... Have a happy Sunday girls!

Digital Traincase's soft opening TODAY!

As opening promo, every CONFIRMED and PAID orders until Sunday will receive a discount in their total purchases (exclusive of shipping fees)!

3% for purchases worth 500 pesos and below
5% for purchases worth more than 500 pesos!

Click the pic below and feel free to spread the news about my site! Thanks! 

What's inside the box?!?!

yes, I will be selling NYX Cosmetics! Site available tomorrow after lunch.

I tried to be reasonable with the prices, the posted price is the lowest I could go, so please dont haggle, my prices are way way lower than existing local resellers! Promise!

Watsons is dangerous to your wallet

Meant to buy cotton buds ONLY. and look what i have when i went back to the office!

the most expensive cotton buds in this side of the world, 500+ (the others are just freebies hahahaha)

Coming soon......

i'm excited!

NOTD: OPI in My Private Jet

I'm loving the color and the formula, so easy to apply and doesn't need a top coat although i used one by The Face Shop.

I just wish I got the holographic version, this one I think is the non-holo MPJ coz I saw swatches on the net of the holo version and it's rainbow-ish. MPJ was originally released back in 2007 with the Night Brights collection. I got mine 2 weeks ago from a local reseller in Girltalk, I'm so updated noh? haha

It's been a while since I apply nail polish, I believe I'm getting rusty on this! =(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, why is it that the sskin near my cuticles is wrinkly? I think it's not like that before....I'm not liking it, who would be?!!

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara

Whew what a name! Anyway, say hello to one of the latest addition to my humble makeup collection!

Before this, I only have one mascara in my stash, it's the Lorea'l Telescopic Clear Mascara in Black which I bought from Watson's for 495 I think. I bought it because of allthatglitters21's rave on it in some of her youtube videos, but it was such a letdown for me. The telescopic mascara weighs down my lashes, big time. I thought it was because I'm doing it wrong, the curling-my-lashes thingy, but turned out it was my mascara's fault all this time. I found out about this when I forgot to put on a mascara and my officemate told me to try her HG mascara, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus, let's just call it MM shall we? haha.

I curled my lashes with my Shiseido lash curler and put on MM and voila, my lashes looked longer (although not 15x longer as the product claims) and the curls stayed put! No need to worry about panda or racoon eyes as this mascara doesn't smudge! Even if I always "forgot" and rubbed my eyes, no fall outs, no smudges, as in! Two weeks after I tried MM and I finally got one for myself! Weeh!

It was my first time to use a comb type mascara, I'm used to using the old school spoolie type of wand. And I can say that this particular comb is easier to use, really prevents clumping as I can literally combed out my lashes!


- Cute packaging
- Holds curls
- Doesn't smudge
- Lengthens lashes
- Gives a bit of a volume
- Doesn't clump


- Such a pain in the *ss to remove! You need a good eye make up remover. This is pretty reasonable as we can have the best of both worlds, doesnt smudge + easy to remove = err, cannot be, borrow 1 from 3 haha.
- Not available in Shiseido counter (but just a few click on your pc and you'll know where to get this -- ebay, multiply, girltalk, hello!)
- A li'l bit expensive compared to drugstore mascaras, resellers' price ranges from 950 pesos and up! BUT I'm telling you, it's really worth it!

The picture below doesn't do any justice to what this mascara can do in lengthening your lashes, i applied them in a hurry while sitting at my desk during office hours and took the photos by myself (again in a hurry since my superior is in the area LOL!, left - without, right with MM, 1 to 2 coats!

I will try to post a better comparison photo next time =)


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