NOTD + Nail Polish haul (again!) - pic heavy post

my christmas nails:

no flash (this one's the closest to the true color of the polish, but still not the right color haha):

 My recent nail polish haul from sis cherrys of girltalk, seriously, how many purple polishes do I need? LOL!

ChicaGo and Miami looks the same in this pic, but in real life, they're not, blame my rusty digicam :p

my favorite so far, did an notd for this already (here)

the freebies: (sally hansen is from belleinpink of GT, was given to me when I bought several MAC e/s from her, the rest from cherrys, she's really generous in giving freebies, I hope she sells more polishes next year!)

my humble NP collection, mostly OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, The Face Shop, Sally Hansen, Orly, etc

 The container is already full! yey!

Uh-oh, does this mean I should stop buying NPs?

My answer:


For this year haha.

Advance Happy New Year pretties!

Etude is here!

I first saw an inconspicuous sign last month at the boutique besides Pink box, a white paper with a small "ETUDE" in it! I double check it and no, I'm not mistaken! It really is ETUDE! Yey!

I first heard of Etude when the girls at GT are raving about the duo fibre brush. Most of the GT BI Squads are the one raving about it so without hesitation, I ordered 2 duo fibre brushes from a multiply reseller!

I must say, for the price (@500+ each including shipping), the brush really delivers! I used it more than my MAC188 to the point that my MAC188 is in my vanity table for collection purposes only! hehe.

Anyway, after more than a month, Etude finally opened yesterday, Sunday. Was kinda dissapointed that it opened on weekend since I can't be there hehe. So today, after lunch, I dropped by for a while even If I'm already late for work, t'was already 1:30pm, my lunch break is up to 1:00pm only, LOL, bad!

The facade (it's supposed to be pink haha, didn't have time to fix my cam, sorry!)

Some nail stuff at the counter:

Some of the skin care stuff

Cute "pink me" mirror

Ooops, that's all the pics I have, there's too many people inside I'm quite shy to take pics hehe.

My mini haul! Was in the store for 10 to 15mins only! Gosh!

Out of the box:

romantic beauty stand (P198), romantic beauty box (198), romantic cushion comb/brush (198), multi shadow brush (P178), mini lash curler (GWP) and the peach skin pact (P678)

In use: eeek! sorry for the dirty blushes and brushes! super busy the past few days =(

Love love love the romantic beauty stand, box and comb, they're very Anna Sui-iiisshh!!!

The peach skin pact I think is a bit light for me, but when I saw there's only 2 left from the shelf, I grabbed one hehe. I'm not sure if it's already OOS, but I hope not! (for your sake haha). The multi shadow brush looks like a bit MAC227 so I'm planning to use it for my browbone. There's etude duo fibre too at P428 each!

Overall, I'm happy about etude. Didn't get any skin care items as I'm not really familiar with the brand! Will do some research first!

Megamall Building A
Besides Pink Box, slightly accross Go Nuts Donuts
Near Toy Kingdom (Mega A)

Read too that a branch at Festival Mall will open early next year so yey for South peeps!

NOTD: Misa Forbidden Lust

I can't stress enough how I love purple polishes! I don't know why but I adore them in my hands!

my fatso hand! LOL

Nail Lacquer Galore!

Remember the packages I posted here last week?

Here's what's inside the third pouch:

Actually, not all of them are from that pouch, that's my collective NP haul for the past two weeks I think.

More pics per brand:

I got CG Fly and Zoya Demi from a pre-order, Melon of troy from melvel of Girltalk, and the rest from cherrys of Girltalk too, she sold some of her polishes to trim down her collection =) I got some brand new NPs, and some used twice, really a great deal and she's generous in giving freebies =) Still waiting for 4 more polishes from her, hopefully I will receive it tom. Yey!

So far, I've used CG Branding Iron last week and I love it sooooooo much, super!

I'm using CG Fly on my tips now and Essie Damsel in a Dress on my toes.

NOTD: China Glaze in Fly

First saw the swatch from, described as "purple shimmer", I'm in love with purple polishes you know! so I immediately sent an sms to Belle_in_pink of girltalk if she has an available bottle of this, but she replied in negative. She offered to include it in her pre-orders if I want, of course I said yes!

When I got hold of the polish, I was quite surprised to see that it's a hot bright color. Well, not too bright-neon, but bright_colorful! I'm quite used to vampy colored polishes that anything as colorful as this is quite foreign to me =)

China Glaze in Fly is a magenta pink polish with (iridiscent) purple shimmer, err, I hope you get it!

In my nails:

With flash:

Without flash:

Early Christmas Shopping!!!

Was on sick leave yesterday and this morning due to cough and cold plus lack of sleep (my fault, addicted to cafe world and PBB Double Up).

When I arrived at the office, these packages are waiting for me! yey!

"Costco 2009 Brush Set (Kirkland), Stila Haul from Strawberrynet and Nail Polishes from cherrys of Girltalk"

Individual post for these items to follow (I hope hehe), I love everything I got today. The brush set is so lovely, bristles are so soft and it looks classy!!! The stila set is amazing!!! and I so adore the polishes I got including the freebie!

Anyway, before going to work, I dropped by at Galleria first to send some packages via Air21 and then claimed my sim and cellphone from Suncellular, I applied for a postpaid line from them as my family is complaining I'm so hard and expensive to contact hehe. They're all Sun subscribers and I have a Globe prepaid sim. I need a globe sim for Gcash purposes. But since my family is based in Cavite and I miss talking to them everyday, I decided to get a plan from Sun (applied last Friday). I tried using a prepaid Sun sim but it always get disconnected since I always forgot to load it hehe. I think I wasted 2 prepaid sims!

I'm on the waiting list for the Sony Ericsson W205 unit (it's the newest handset available for Plan 350) but I was surprised to get a call from them last night informing me that they have already have one for me! Great!

And so here is my 2nd phone:

Would you believe my main phone is an antique one? haha!


I bought two of this model (w800i) year 2005, just one week apart. This is my first expensive phone (20k at that time). When I bought the first one, after just one week, it was stolen from my bag! I was busy rummaging from the Kamiseta sale and poof! It's gone. I was using a small backpack that time! Stupid of me not to put the bag in my front, well, I think the word "sale" got my brain stop working for a while hehe.

I was so afraid to tell about it to my parents so I got another one the same day. Up to this date, they don't know about the stolen phone, it's a secret I shared with my li'l brother just because I have no choice, he's with me the day I lost it!.

6 months later, I gave this cp to my father since I got a Nokia phone from my boss, 3k for a brand new N90 haha. Long story how I managed to pay just 3k for that phone but at that time, SRP for N90 is around 39k I think! Wasn't satisfied with the N90, too heavy and too slow, I think I replaced it with a V3x Motorola, the hot pink one. And after that I think I used one low end nokia phone and another low end Ericsson phone. When I bought a new cp for my father middle of this year, I took this back (w800i) and used it, yep, I'm an Indian giver haha! My phone that time was already dying and I'm so not into buying cellphones (even up to this date!). Well, I would love to get an Iphone but the price is so prohibitive, I'd rather buy a cheaper cp plus another gadget (digicam perhaps?).

Also, later this afternoon, I claimed my orders from our annual commisary sale (commisary is a grocery store inside our Company, all items for sale are imported stuff, unfortunately only our expats can buy from there, booo!).

Anyway, every year local staff are allowed to purchase selected imported goods, more like a pre-order thing since the ordering happens usually June or July and goods arrive early December. I got 60kgs of jasmine rice, (I would love to get more but 60kgs is the maximum), plus I also got this:

coffee and creamer for my father, and chocolates (praline, hazel nut and milk chocolate) for me yey!

Whew, I meant to do this post short but I got carried away especially with my phone history! haha

I haven't started shopping for christmas gifts, waaah! I'm forever a-last-minute-girl!!!


From Rustan's yesterday.

the 3-Step Skin Care set - Limited Edition:

Blair's (of youtube) rave about this set got into me! It's very timing since I ran out of stuff my derma prescribed to me and comparing the prices, Clinique's way cheaper than the total maintenance set I used to buy from my derma. A 100ml PCA toner from her clinic will cost me at least 3k already! Yep, it's that expensive! That's why on my 2nd and 3rd bottle, I bought it through a multiply seller who accepts orders from any reputable US websites, and I got the same toner for Php1,800/bottle. My derma's price is a total rip-off I know, but I still love my cute dermatologist, Dra Theresa Pascual of Medical City, i just hope she won't get to read this haha.

Anyway, this set is a limited edition (this two killer words make me buy everything! grr), contains a travel set and a really huge toner, it's almost half a litre, a 200ml liquid soap and a big bottle of DDMG! Just look at the size comparison below so you'll have an idea how huge the toner is! And I love too that it comes with a pump so I don't need to tilt the bottle!

The clarifying toner beside a 236ml VS bottle

The pump, just put the cotton here and well, pump LOL

I know it's too early to tell, but this set + the clarisonic is total love!

Yesterday morning, I have 3 small bumps on my face (because of aztec healing clay, argh!), and now, it's almost flat! I just use the set last night and this morning! Yey!

I know the moisturizer from this set, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, has a cult following but I thought it was kind of overrated. Well, I was wrong! This moisturizer is truly amazing and it dries fast, love it!

Although the Clinique SA said that this will last me for at least 8 months, I kinda doubt her haha, I'm giving this set 5 to 6 months top. If I'll have an extra moolah in two weeks time, I'm planning to buy another set as a backup (so my next buy would be on next year's holiday set haha).

Btw, from the consultation done before purchasing this set, I'm a number 3 (isn't it obvious Sol, it's written all over the pics LOL). Before the consultation, I really thought I was going to be number 4 since I'm really oily but the SA said that number 4 is for extremely oily peeps! So there!

Again, I love this set! If you're already a Clinique user, this is really a good time to stock up! This set sells for $59.00 in the US, plus tax and shipping, Rustan's price I think is fair enough at Php4,500/set. And think about it, for a six-month use, it will just cost you Php750 a month! Whoa!

And oh, about the freebies (sample foundation and 2 mini tubes of pore minimizer), I'm not supposed to get these as the holiday set already has a free travel size, but being persistent really works + charm hahahaha!

Craziest haul of the year!!!

Look what i got from the mail today!!!

Yes, my very own Clarisonic!!! Got this during the pre-order held by artegirl of Girltalk last October I think, in time for the Sephora Family and Friends sale. I got this at 20% off its regular price although I was charged 10% of the amount as shopper's fee, but it's ok, i was still able to save some!

This has got to be my most expensive (thus the title haha) purchase, vanity wise. What i reasoned out to myself (yes, I'm talking to myself haha), is that this is a skincare tool or something and not just a new makeup that i might not be able to use everyday. :p

I got the skincare plus set, was supposed to get the pink one but I want the set with a brush for the body too, to bad that particular set is not available in pink. oh well.

I am so excited to use it tonight but upon reading the manual, I have to charge it first overnight. Tomorrow night then! (eek! too much "night" words haha)

NOTD: China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Went to Nail Luxe Lounge after office yesterday and was surprised to see this from their NP choices. I swatched it to my nail and yey, I think I can wear this.

What do you think?

the gold glitters:

Ok, I give up, forgive my low tech digicam, it should look like this! haha

I want my own CG Ruby Pumps!, pls answer my email!

and I want a decent digital camera. =(

Random stuff (pic heavy)

Collective haul for the past few weeks. Yep, i'm a bad, bad, girl =)

I finally found my HG lipgloss, but why oh why it has to be an expensive one! argh! I'm referring to the YSL Gloss Volupte #4 (the slim one, I misplaced the box hehe), thanks to babyjap for selling to me one of her backups! This is definitely an MLBB shade for me! And most important of all, it doesn't dry my lips and I love the scent (which up to now I can't figure out what it is, help!)

The one on the left is a lipstick, shade no.12. Still unused, as expected, since I'm not a lipstick person :p (I don't know why I had to ask Chel to buy this for me during the Luxasia sale at Paseo, LOL)

Confirmed, I don't like sticky glosses, MAC's specifically =(.

Got the pink conditioner from a PX store near me, it's nice but I'm not loving the scent, a little too coconut-sy/vanilla-ish for me!

NYX eye and lip makeup remover, I'm loving so far, doesn't sting my eyes and removes my makeup easily, not to greasy too! =)

NYX rootbeer e/s, i thought I could use as a lid color, but it was a little dark, best used as a crease color, I think!

MAC paint pot in soft ochre, works double as a concealer but doesn't prevent my shadows from creasing (is it supposed to do that?)

fab find from the Office Warehouse, pen stand/organizer for 70bucks, I used it as a brush stand/organizer.

An impulse buy from Beauty Bar, I just love the idea of having my own nail dryer (even if it's just like a battery-operated fan posing as a nail dryer haha). This is their one and only stock at Rob Galleria, sells for P1,850. I've yet to use this set =)

A trying-hard-not-so-near copycat of Jennifer Behr headbands LOL. This one sells at P150.00, very nice and colors are customizable =)

Uber duper cute packaging and the most "best-bang-for-your-bucks" palette!!! Imagine buying a palette with 12 colors inside for just P1,250 plus a full sized lipstick as a GWP to boot! Who would be able to resist, right? Was supposed to get the Stila Smudgepot in Little Black Dress too, but I thought I should finish my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack first. I'm such a good girl noh? =)

Not really, coz two days after, I went back to Shang and got this.

Well, it's not really black! so I didn't buy something I already have! Wooh! Excuses!


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