NOTD: China Glaze Carribean Blue

Sorry girls if I'm boring you with NOTDs, don't worry, I'm not turning this one to a nail blog, yet (LOL).

I changed polish last night before sleeping and decided to use the polish I got online last week.

China Glaze Carribean Blue is from the Bahamas Blues collection, this particular shade is described by Scrangie as a bright nearly-neon blue with gorgeous glass-fleck shimmer. I must say, I love the color, and contrary to what Scrangie said, I love the formula!

Orly's It's up to blue + mini review of Nail-a-holics

After finding out that I can get away with blue polishes, I got adventurous last week and tried a teal shade!

Spent my lunch break last Thursday at Nail-a-holics, a nail salon at Megamall B. The front desk girl is nice as well as the nail techs, but I don't like the way they apply the polish, a bit thicker than what I'm used to. As for cleaning the nails, I still prefer my province-based manicurista hehe. Although i like the way they cut my cuticles, neat.

Manicure is 180 and pedicure is 220. Good, same price with Luxe Lounge, my go-to nail salon. Downside with Nail-a-holics, they have limited nail polish selection! Plus they charge additional 40 bucks if you will choose Orly or OPI! With Luxe Lounge, it's already inclusive of their price, the additional charge applies to high-end polish like Chanel, etc.

I had a Manicure (Php180) and a Pedicure/Foot Spa package (Php420). Foot spa is not good too =( I can barely feel the foot massage included in the package, plus too little scrubbing done.

Will I go back? Nope, not satisfied with their service.

Anyway, on to my nails:

Orly I'ts Up to Blue is a metallic teal-green duochrome. I would love to have my own bottle of this.

Stella magazine is love!

I used to love Cosmopolitan magazine, I've been buying Cosmo every month starting June 2004 and stopped buying them early part of last year. I just grew tired of their topics, it's sooo obvious they're recycling articles (and topics). Different pics, same text (not verbatim thank goodness). I started buying Yes! Magazine after, simply because I'm a jologs and love local showbiz issues haha. I also love to read about the houses featured in the mags, wishing I could have my own house as pretty as theirs.

And then I've heard about Stella magazine last year but ignored it whenever I see it on the magazine stand. I remember seeing Angel Locsin in the cover, but since I'm not a fan (I don't hate her though), I didn't buy it. But when their December issue featured Anne Curtis as the cover girl, I grabbed one! She's just so pretty here, she's my local version of Julia Roberts =)

I love the style of their cover, matte finish with embossed letters (the pink ones in Anne's coverpage). I love this finish more than the glossy ones. It's classier.

More than the cover page, I love what's inside. No relationship talks, no sex tips, and no boring stuff. It's all about makeup and fashion which I am currently crazy about especially the first one.

Peek through the pages of Stella Magazines (Jan-Feb issue) here:

My 2 copies so far:

Wish they're on a monthly basis though!


For real?!?! haha.

Last week, I got a gift from one of the BI squad, Martha. When I saw that she gave me a blue nail polish, I was like, "uh-oh!" coz I think I've mentioned here before, I can't wear a blue or green polishes, even if I'd like to, just because they don't work for my skin tone.

When I was removing my nail polish the other night, I swatched the TFS Blue Nail polish Martha gave me, just for fun, and after swatching it on my nail, I was like, "wow"!!! I really can't believe it. The blue polish looks good on me!

Be the judge and let me know!

To Martha, thanks so much for giving this bottle to me, if not for this, I would never know there are some blue polishes that will work for me. Blame Lipmann Rehab nail polish for making me think blue is not for me!

Horrible noh!!? But the TFS blue above is love! I just wished it's more chip resistant.

How I clean my brushes

Okay, first off, what I'm gonna post here is based from what I watched from youtube, watched several vids, applied each and every style and from there, I selected which part works best for me and kinda combined everything I've learned.

There are two ways to clean our beloved brushes (of course you know about that, I'm just playing ms-know-it-all LOL). Deep cleaning and spot cleaning. I'm gonna show how I do the first one. =)

I deep clean my brushes at least once or twice a week, at night before sleeping. I let them dry overnight so they'd be ready when I want to use them prepping up for the following morning!

Here's everything I use to deep clean my brushes.

A sponge and a baby shampoo:

Wet the sponge and squeeze it. Then pour a bit of shampoo (i put too much in this pic). Wet the brush and work it on the sponge, just swirl it on the sponge. Take note though that I do the swirling thing for round brushes like this one (that's my etude dual fiber brush after using on my NYX Rouge Cream blush in hot pink), for flat brushes like the foundation brush, blush brush, etc., I do the sweeping motion back and forth, I'm not sure of the term really, but I hope you get what I mean =)

See how the dirt/stain transferred from the brush to the sponge? You'll know when to stop when there's no more stain coming out of the brush.

Rinse under running water. Make sure to point the brush downwards. I prefer brushing it on my palm. I don't know why hehe. I'll know I've rinse it enough when the drips of water coming from the brush is already clear.

Remember to avoid having water get into the metal part (ferrule) of the brush, or specifically on the part where the metal and the wooden handle meets. Water in the ferrule can cause the glue to loosen around the hair of the brush. We do not want that of course!

Gently queeze the water from the brushes, again point downwards. Reshape the brushes. Where's my nail polish!?!!?!

Lay flat the brushes on a towel (or on a paper tissue if you want) for drying. I use an aquazorb towel. I bought this towel last year but I don't  like using it on my body as I prefer 100% cotton, so I use it instead for my brushes, and it's the best haha!

I normally fold one side of the towel so that the brushes are a li'l bit tilted. I noticed that they dry faster this way, and it also made me feel assured that no water will be in contact to the ferrule. After drying, I wipe the handles and the ferrule with a tissue.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Avoid drying the brushes under the sun and also, don't blow dry them, you'll damage your brushes, they didn't come cheap, remember! I also use a new sponge every time I deep clean the brushes.

A few months ago, I used to say, cleaning brushes is therapeutic for me. Not anymore haha!

NOTD: Sephora by OPI in On a Stage

Got this polish from my recent mini-haul last week. As mentioned in my previous entries, I originally wanted Metro Chic, but since I can't find it locally, I settled for this one.

This is my first time to try this brand, I like this formula more than the regular OPIs. Don't get me wrong, I love OPI but sometimes, the polishes are a bit thicker than what I would have wanted.

Described by sephora as "grey plum", On a Stage, is a li'l bit darker than what I've seen from the online swatches of known NP bloggers. Or maybe, I should've stopped on 2nd coat? Yeah, I think so hehe.

Anyway, here it is on me.

With flash, right after application (I always like the flash version of these nail polishes, they make my fingers look nice ;p)

Without flash, the morning after. Uhmm, I messed up my polish, fell asleep right after applying them! toink!

The 2nd pic is closest to the real color of the polish. Love the formula, but not the price since these are more expensive than the regular OPIs.

Argh, I still want Metro Chic!

First collective haul entry for this year

New year, new stuff! Hehe.

Bought this thru end of December but I got them first week of January. Etude's Pore Smoothing Peach Base in Lavander, read from GT this one's ok. =)

Knitted tops from SM Surplus, saw these on display and thought they're cute. Haven't worn them yet though since I still don't have an inner garment to be worn with this.

My J&J package I got for free by clicking here and filling out the online form. It's still up, you may want to try it.

Bought the following during lunchbreak, my lunch buddies are on leave, wasn't able to eat at the mall since I spent my entire lunch break shopping haha. A pair of slacks from Marks and Spencer (on sale), Beauty box from Etude House, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask I bought from a GT seller whose brother I met outside the office, would you believe I got it for just 250?! Some sellers in sell this at Php400 and above, booo! The last one is the Stila Kajal eyeliner in Topaz which I got as a gift from chel, thanks sis!

I got myself a Shu Uemura cleansing oil too courtesy of Ish aka Babyjapnurse of Girltalk. And look what she included in the package, Guerlain Divinora Eclat a.k.a. eyeshadow haha. Thanks dear for this gift!

Another lunchbreak shopping, it's really dangerous for me (or my wallet) to be left alone at the mall! A pair of transparent peeptoe shoes from Naturalizer (although I think it's just one of their consigned items, on sale), a pair of flat sandals from Marks and Spencer (on sale too!), 2 beauty stand and 1 beauty box from Etude, again. Gave them as gifts to my friends =)

On my way back to the office, I saw a very nice pair of black sandals at Via Venetto, took a lot of willpower not to buy them haha. It's on sale too but still expensive, higher than the combined total of the M&S sandals and Naturalizer's shoes!!!

Another nail polish purchase from a girltalker, Orly in a snap and Sephora by Opi in On a Stage, I originally wanted the Sephora by Opi in Metro Chic but someone reserved it first (argh!) so I settled with On a Stage. Metro Chic, you'll be mine someday!!! Nice of the seller to include a freebie, card case (?) by OPI.

Another purchase from Girltalk, I actually forgot about this package since I paid for this one last year! Chi Iron Guard, heard about this from the youtube gurus, the other bottle is a freebie from the seller.

Okay, the next one is another nice buy!!! I've been lemming for this thing since last year, same time I got my clarisonic, but due to budget constraint, I decided not to get it and just bought the clarisonic. So happy to see at the beauty bazaar of girltalk that cherrys is selling hers! Cherry gave me a nice freebie! A red earth concealer palette, really love buying from her since she's very generous in giving freebies, I got most of my nail polishes from her too.

And the last one, a Longchamp Cabas bag I got from, been lemming for an LC bag for a long time now but I really can't justify the price! So I settled for this one and hopefully my lemming will be gone.

Whew! It's not even half of the first month of the year and I already bought this much!!! There really is something wrong with me haha.

What do you think, did I start my new year right or I really should go into a no-buy mode?!

Belated new year post (LOL)

I know it's too late, but just want to greet you all happy new year!

Been neglecting this blog for quite a while, NOTD's all I can post hehe.

I know it's late but I just want to post some holiday pics I have that's been sitting in my digicam's memory card, it's full already, need to delete some ;p

This is last Christmas, we held it in our apartment here in Manila, for my father to be with his siblings who are based here.

This is New Year's eve in our house in Cavite. Yes, we have a motiff every year haha. This year's yellow, I don't know with my mother and aunt why since I've heard purple's the color of the year!

I don't know why my eyeshadow's like that. Seems like I put the entire pan on my lids even though I applied them light, maybe it's just the flash. I used MAC amberlights and MAC expensive pink e/s btw plus NARS Madly for blush plus Stila lipglaze in Blackberry. And these 2 pics look like they're screaming "Sol!!!!! Please have your hair rebonded ASAP!" hahaha!

Some of the gifts I bought:

DVDs for my 3 godchildren (the covenant and exorcism of emily rose are not included of course haha):

Some stuff for my friends (can you guess what they are haha)

Some more stuff I bought during the holiday (4 perfumes I bought as gift to my siblings and parents, unfortunately, were not included. anyway, they're all benetton haha, the one on the pic is for Mommy, my mom's sister, we call our mother, "Nanay")

The Burberry Summer 09 above is my gift for P. And in return, I got this from him, yey!

I also got this for my officemates, BBW Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer Gel in various scents, the Aspen cologne is for my sister's bf :p

On new year's day, P and I distributed candies and chocolates to the children (some we didn't even recognize hehe) and a few goods (rice + canned goods) to some of our neighbors in Cavite, it's our first time to do so, and since we have a limited budget, I let my mom do the list on who to prioritize since she knows who need it the most as I don't really stay that much in Cavite anymore. We're planning to do it again next year =)

Anyhow, this post is quite long. I would totally understand if you didn't read everything hehe. Happy new year to all and many more makeups and beauty stuff for all of us! Yey!

NOTD: OPI Parlez Vous OPI?

yep, I'm still on my nail polish phase!

Parlez Vous OPI? is from the OPI's La Collection De France for Fall 2008. I have a couple of nail polishes from this collex namely this one, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (did an FOTD of this here), Tickle My France-y and Yes… I Can-Can!

I can't express how much I love this one! I thought, I could only love loud or dark polishes, but I'm wrong (well, most of the time I am LOL).

Parlez Vous OPI? is a creamy, mid-tone, grayish purple. I haven't used this till now coz seriously, I don't know how to apply light colored polishes. I brought this polish to the province for new year's celebration and have my trusted manicurista apply it on me.

without flash

with flash

Finally, i got the color right on the 3rd pic! yey!

This polish reminds me of Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic! Ugh! Now I'm lemming for Metro Chic!

Lemming just never ends!


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