Belated new year post (LOL)

I know it's too late, but just want to greet you all happy new year!

Been neglecting this blog for quite a while, NOTD's all I can post hehe.

I know it's late but I just want to post some holiday pics I have that's been sitting in my digicam's memory card, it's full already, need to delete some ;p

This is last Christmas, we held it in our apartment here in Manila, for my father to be with his siblings who are based here.

This is New Year's eve in our house in Cavite. Yes, we have a motiff every year haha. This year's yellow, I don't know with my mother and aunt why since I've heard purple's the color of the year!

I don't know why my eyeshadow's like that. Seems like I put the entire pan on my lids even though I applied them light, maybe it's just the flash. I used MAC amberlights and MAC expensive pink e/s btw plus NARS Madly for blush plus Stila lipglaze in Blackberry. And these 2 pics look like they're screaming "Sol!!!!! Please have your hair rebonded ASAP!" hahaha!

Some of the gifts I bought:

DVDs for my 3 godchildren (the covenant and exorcism of emily rose are not included of course haha):

Some stuff for my friends (can you guess what they are haha)

Some more stuff I bought during the holiday (4 perfumes I bought as gift to my siblings and parents, unfortunately, were not included. anyway, they're all benetton haha, the one on the pic is for Mommy, my mom's sister, we call our mother, "Nanay")

The Burberry Summer 09 above is my gift for P. And in return, I got this from him, yey!

I also got this for my officemates, BBW Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer Gel in various scents, the Aspen cologne is for my sister's bf :p

On new year's day, P and I distributed candies and chocolates to the children (some we didn't even recognize hehe) and a few goods (rice + canned goods) to some of our neighbors in Cavite, it's our first time to do so, and since we have a limited budget, I let my mom do the list on who to prioritize since she knows who need it the most as I don't really stay that much in Cavite anymore. We're planning to do it again next year =)

Anyhow, this post is quite long. I would totally understand if you didn't read everything hehe. Happy new year to all and many more makeups and beauty stuff for all of us! Yey!

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