For real?!?! haha.

Last week, I got a gift from one of the BI squad, Martha. When I saw that she gave me a blue nail polish, I was like, "uh-oh!" coz I think I've mentioned here before, I can't wear a blue or green polishes, even if I'd like to, just because they don't work for my skin tone.

When I was removing my nail polish the other night, I swatched the TFS Blue Nail polish Martha gave me, just for fun, and after swatching it on my nail, I was like, "wow"!!! I really can't believe it. The blue polish looks good on me!

Be the judge and let me know!

To Martha, thanks so much for giving this bottle to me, if not for this, I would never know there are some blue polishes that will work for me. Blame Lipmann Rehab nail polish for making me think blue is not for me!

Horrible noh!!? But the TFS blue above is love! I just wished it's more chip resistant.


Askmewhats said...

have you tried topping it with TFS top coat to make it a bit more chip resistant ? Love the colors!

lelila said...

hi nikki, wasn't able to use TFS top coat since I'm already sleepy, I used Orly in a Snap hehe

will try using TFS top coat next time.

Mindy (aka Lira Cruz) said...

Bagay nga!!! You should get more of that shade, one notch darker or lighter. Experiment...bagay naman sa skin tone mo.


lelila said...

sawa ka na sa porpol? haha. dami pa ako future notd's na porpol haha

Mindy (aka Lira Cruz) said...

At uy, ang yabang yabang ko:


BabyJap,RN said...

super bagay! rehab's color is dull kasi, mas buhay yung pagka-blue nung bigay ni martha sayo.. :) weee!! i wish i can grow my nails that long din..

ThRiSzHa said...

nice...waaa u dont like rehab?? I love it so much when I saw the swatch of it.. di ko lang matandaan kung kaninong blog un.. aside from swatch queen scrangie..LOL!!


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