First collective haul entry for this year

New year, new stuff! Hehe.

Bought this thru end of December but I got them first week of January. Etude's Pore Smoothing Peach Base in Lavander, read from GT this one's ok. =)

Knitted tops from SM Surplus, saw these on display and thought they're cute. Haven't worn them yet though since I still don't have an inner garment to be worn with this.

My J&J package I got for free by clicking here and filling out the online form. It's still up, you may want to try it.

Bought the following during lunchbreak, my lunch buddies are on leave, wasn't able to eat at the mall since I spent my entire lunch break shopping haha. A pair of slacks from Marks and Spencer (on sale), Beauty box from Etude House, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask I bought from a GT seller whose brother I met outside the office, would you believe I got it for just 250?! Some sellers in sell this at Php400 and above, booo! The last one is the Stila Kajal eyeliner in Topaz which I got as a gift from chel, thanks sis!

I got myself a Shu Uemura cleansing oil too courtesy of Ish aka Babyjapnurse of Girltalk. And look what she included in the package, Guerlain Divinora Eclat a.k.a. eyeshadow haha. Thanks dear for this gift!

Another lunchbreak shopping, it's really dangerous for me (or my wallet) to be left alone at the mall! A pair of transparent peeptoe shoes from Naturalizer (although I think it's just one of their consigned items, on sale), a pair of flat sandals from Marks and Spencer (on sale too!), 2 beauty stand and 1 beauty box from Etude, again. Gave them as gifts to my friends =)

On my way back to the office, I saw a very nice pair of black sandals at Via Venetto, took a lot of willpower not to buy them haha. It's on sale too but still expensive, higher than the combined total of the M&S sandals and Naturalizer's shoes!!!

Another nail polish purchase from a girltalker, Orly in a snap and Sephora by Opi in On a Stage, I originally wanted the Sephora by Opi in Metro Chic but someone reserved it first (argh!) so I settled with On a Stage. Metro Chic, you'll be mine someday!!! Nice of the seller to include a freebie, card case (?) by OPI.

Another purchase from Girltalk, I actually forgot about this package since I paid for this one last year! Chi Iron Guard, heard about this from the youtube gurus, the other bottle is a freebie from the seller.

Okay, the next one is another nice buy!!! I've been lemming for this thing since last year, same time I got my clarisonic, but due to budget constraint, I decided not to get it and just bought the clarisonic. So happy to see at the beauty bazaar of girltalk that cherrys is selling hers! Cherry gave me a nice freebie! A red earth concealer palette, really love buying from her since she's very generous in giving freebies, I got most of my nail polishes from her too.

And the last one, a Longchamp Cabas bag I got from, been lemming for an LC bag for a long time now but I really can't justify the price! So I settled for this one and hopefully my lemming will be gone.

Whew! It's not even half of the first month of the year and I already bought this much!!! There really is something wrong with me haha.

What do you think, did I start my new year right or I really should go into a no-buy mode?!


Kay said...

that was a loooooot sis.. it makes me happy seeing all your hauls..
para akong nagwiwindow shopping.. :)

it's like almost all my lemmings in one post.. UD palette, Stila Topaz, Queen Helene and shoes.. :)

hope u can post a review on the Pore Smoothing Peach Base.. was contemplating on getting it the last time i went to Etude House.. :)

have a nice day..

Askmewhats said...

you hauled for half the year! hahaha but you deserve it, think of it as a great new year start for you! Your hauls are all "lemming-able" hahahah I'm not sure if there's such term but you get my point!

BabyJap,RN said...

lel, you forgot something...

nakalimutan mo magshopping for new year! :P bwahahaha!

melvel said...

I am forever scorned by that Beauty Box! Sigh.

GirL With GLasSes... said...

ito ang haul! lunch time is the best time of the day sayo ha!

wait din ako ng review mo sa peach base =)

Pammy said...

What a haul! :P That's all I can say. :)


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