just another NOTD post!

Wasn't able to post two more of last week NOTD's

Got these 2 OPI polishes from Rustan's Shang, packaged like this

I gave the free bracelet (bangle?) to my sister.

Ok, the first one is Shim-mery Chic. Bronze colored polish with gold flake glitter and green and small gold glitter, kinda like the Merry Midnight (formula wise). As much as I wan't to love this polish, I can't! Doesn't do much with my skintone (I think) although my officemates believe otherwise.

The next one is Ginger Bells. This one is surprisingly nice, a unique color in my collection (of course! it's not purple hehe). It looks boring on the bottle, but when I used it, it was love at first brush stroke! The pic below is already a day and a half old manicure, no longer shiny (so don't buy Orly in a Snap topcoat ok?!).


Askmewhats said...

Ginger Bells does look surprisingly nice and unique! you're right, it looks boring on bottle but its really pretty!!!!

Chrissy said...

Hey sis, nice purchases!!

As for your inquiry, what is your e-mail address so I can discuss with you my rates. I tried IMing you a few days ago but I don't know if you got my message on YM!

lelila said...

hi chrissy,

i already emailed you on the email ad posted in your blog.

twinsouls888 said...

Shimmery Chic looks sooo good Lei, really pretty on your hands. Sooo lucky of your sister to have the bangle, it's beautiful :).

About staying slim, I'm a voracious eater by day (breakfast and lunch) but diet at night (supper), just a bowl of oatmeal ahaha or sometimes Oatmeal cookies and a glass of milk ;)

Leah said...

Hi! Just chance upon your blog from the Top Phil fashion blogs... I am so green with envy. You have such fabulous nails. I love the shimmery bronze polish on you. xoxo


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