NOTD: Sally Hansen Moonstone

I mentioned in my other post that I'm waiting for 9 more polishes right? 6 of them arrived the other day, and the other 2, I received from the mail last Monday. It was supposed to be 3 (9-6, yeah, I still know my basic Math haha), but I was told that one bottle broke during transit, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. So, as of posting time, I am still waiting for one more polish =)


The other 2 on the right side are freebies, yey!

Anyway, is it just me or anyone out there who "ranks" anything they received? Something like when I receive several polishes, i rank them which one I like the best? LOL, nevermind, I'm blabbering! Haha.

When I received these polishes, I like China Glaze Ruby Pumps the best (I posted my NOTD of this polish here), next is Zoya Adina, then Nubar Sexy Red and lastly, Sally Hansen Moonstone. I really thought it was a weird shade for me, after swatching them, I was surprised that out of the 4, it was Moonstone I liked the best! Super thanks Belle! (she's the seller).

Moonstone, a silvery gray shimmer, err I believe it's frost, is part of Sally Hansen's Fall 2008 collection which is a collaboration with acclaimed fashion designer, Tracy Reese. Oh well, I didn't  know about it 15 seconds ago, I just "googled" that up haha.

I used 3 coats on this as I find it very streaky, or maybe, it's my [non-existent] "skill"?

Btw, my giveaway contest ends today, if you haven't join yet, you still have a few hours to do so! 

Have a nice weekend ladies! 

Bag-2-Go organizer reviewed

Hello there!

Excited for the long weekend ahead? I am!

Anyway, been using the Longchamp bag I got two weeks ago (the Eiffel one) and I'm one satisfied user! My only gripe with using this bag (or any other big bag) is that, everything always seems to get "lost". My keys and cellphones are always at the bottom whenever I need them and I always get a lot of miscalls because my phone would ring and ring and I can't still find it.

I first thought of getting a base shaper, since at least, the bag won't slouch and it might help to find things easier. But when I saw an ad of a bag organizer specifically designed for a Longchamp bag, I ditched the base shaper idea in an instant.

Bag-2-Go design aims to provide superior functionality in organizing your essentials and protecting the interior of your bag. Each pocket was carefully designed and strategically positioned making your things well-kept and easily accessible inside the bag. Bag-2-Go gives your bag more than just additional pockets; It de-clutters the bag making it function at its best every time.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 12"x5"x6"

Weight: 0.6 lbs
Available colors: check here

- Makes bag changing a breeze
- Protects your bag lining from dirt and stains
- Organizes your stuff making them easy to find every time
- Comes with a clear zip bag for coins, makeup, medicines, etc.
- Comes with a key holder
- Comes with special pockets for checkbook, cellphone, digital camera, mp3 player, etc.
- Middle compartment will fit long wallets!
- Does not tumble around inside the bag so everything stays in place
- Made with flexible yet sturdy fine polyester
- Washable, color will not fade or bleed.

Everything it claimed to be, I agree. Although I do have some comments, hehe.

Makes bag changing a breeze - yeah, it saves time. Instead of picking the items one by one from one bag to another, you can pull them out all at once with the help of this organizer. BUT, I just wish, it comes with a handle. It really strained my wrist the first time I tried to put the filled-out organizer onto my bag. As much as I want to use both hands to lift it, I can't. LC bags are shapeless, I need to hold it open with one hand and lift the organizer with the other one. See below:

Organizes your stuff making them easy to find every time - yep! Now I can find my cellphone, my wallet, my digicam, everything. Well, as long as I can remember where I put them! Haha. Seriously, it has a lot of pockets that sometimes I'm at lost where I put my things!

Love too, that the middle compartment fits long wallet and/or a checkbook. I don't carry my checkbook everyday and I'm using a small wallet, so the middle compartment houses my kikay kit, and it totally fits!

The key holder is very helpful too, I just have to grab the strap and that's it.

Any kind of bag organizer certainly adds a little weight to your bag but the organizational abilities they provide is totally worth it. I am not a very organized person and this organizer "forced" me to be one. *wink*

Where to get it:

I got mine from ebay for P450 (plus 50 for shipping), the seller also has a facebook page where you can see all her products. She ships fast too, paid for my organizer on a Wednesday morning and I received it the following day.

On her ebay listing,  I saw bag-2-go organizers for other brand of bags too (LV, Gucci, etc).

Will i buy again? Maybe not, I believe this will lasts me for a long time and I can certainly see myself use this organizer on any other bags that I own, be it another Longchamp or any other brand (SM? From a bazaar? anything!)

My bag-2-go in action (click pics to enlarge):


I'm so glad I bought the bag-2-go organizer, it solved my problem of continuously digging through my bag trying to find the items that I need.

Edit, the seller had a problem with her ebay account, to get bag-2-go, please visit her website instead -

Earth Hour 2010

It's tonight! Please participate and help maintain our last year's record!

Philippines ranked number one worldwide in terms of total number of cities and towns that participated in Earth Hour 2009.

Plus, you could also win a prize by participating.

See mechanics below:

Make your mark by documenting Earth Hour in your locality, using your mobile phone or digital camera. Show the world how committed Filipinos are to united action against climate change.
Here’s how:
  1. The contest is open to all Philippine-based individuals, aged 15 years and above.
  2. To qualify, entrants must register via SMS through 5777. Their respective mobile numbers will serve to tag any number of entries.
  3. To register –
    1. Send to 5777 (Smart and Globe users only) the following text message from your mobile phone:
      Example: green reg Mario/C/Santos/Earth
    2. Then, turn on your messaging facilities by sending a second text message to 5777 as follows: GREEN MEMO ON
  4. There will be two categories: photo and video. Digital cameras and cellular phones may be used. All entries must be about an Earth Hour event (taken between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on March 27 or other related activity undertaken in line with Earth Hour and which captures the spirit of Earth Hour).
  5. To submit multiple entries, one must label each one as follows:
    1. For photo entries: 09xx-xxxxxxx-p001, 09xx-xxxxxxx-p002, etc.
    2. For video entries: 09xx-xxxxxxx-v001, 09xx-xxxxxxx-v002, etc.
  6. Photo entries for digital cameras must be submitted in 8R prints or in 4R prints for cellphone cameras. Send all entries with a copy in CD format, which includes the name, registered mobile number, address, email, category and signature of the entrant. Entrants need to submit a brief description of the event/activity captured in photo/video (no more than 50 words).
  7. Video entries must be no shorter than one (1) minute and no longer than three (3) minutes each. They must be submitted as mpeg or avi files with live or recorded audio or music, in DVD format, then stored in a hard plastic DVD case. Name, registration number, address, email, mobile number, category and signature of the entrant must be written on both the DVD and its case.
  8. Photo and video entries must be submitted by March 31, 2010 (or at least postmarked if sent through mail on the said date) to:
    Earth Hour Secretariat
    6/F PNOC Building 6, Energy Center
    Merritt Road, Ft. Bonifacio
    Taguig City, Metro Manila
  9. The top sixty (60) entries – 30 digital photographs and 30 videos – will be included in the official Philippines audio-visual report to the global Earth Hour Secretariat and will be posted on In addition, the most interesting entries that capture the spirit of Earth Hour will be gifted with cellphones, DVD players and official Earth Hour t-shirts as tokens of our appreciation.
  10. Awardees will be notified by email and via SMS (text) from 5777. To claim their prizes, awardees should show the text message or email sent by the Secretariat confirming their awarded entry and bring one legal ID with photo (SSS, driver’s license, passport or school ID). Provincial awardees will claim their prize at a designated area to be provided by the Secretariat.
  11. All entries become the property of Earth Hour Philippines.

Unposted loots! [Picture-heavy post]

Wasn't able to post these loots on time, so here it goes:

Oh wait, this isn't bragging or anything. I just love to read haul posts and watch haul videos in youtube, so I'm doing mine too, just in case there's someone like me who wants this type of post. If in any case you get offended by this kind of thing, please do us both a favor and close your browser, and by that, I hope things are all clear.

Okay, game? Haha

Got my reserved items from MAC's Spring Collex - 3 blush ombre and 1 lipstick (Laugh a lot), which I thought will remain unused but surprise surprise, I'm using it everyday and my lips are ok, there's the occasional dryness but it's nothing a lip balm won't solve.

I also got 2 NARS Purple Rain from Shang, one for my officemate and the other one is of course mine. Been a while since I bought from NARS, but Lara remained generous to me. I got sample sizes (2 of each) of their primer, aqua gel something and brightening serums plus a pouch. Yey!

Also got myself Cabo Coral pot rouge on impulse =)

image from their website

That's NARS Schiap that was bought from Rustan's Makati by Chel (thanks! muah!), "Cute" Flops from Melissa Shoes (they offer free shipping nationwide) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance I got from Cha, a fellow blogger and forumer at!

The flops is one size bigger, ended up giving it to my mom, who, by the way is as frustrated as I am for not getting a pair of Crocs from the sale haha.

It was my first time to order from Melissa and it's one hassle-free transaction with them. I just hope they restock some of their old items and also, I hope they'll accept Gcash payments in the future =)

A pair of jeans, a cardigan (can't find it in the website anymore, although it's similar to the one below), a necklace - all from while the Longchamp Medium LH Eiffel in Black is from

These are their website images, I'm not a good photographer, sad to say!

And the Eiffel bag:

I ordered the bag from thru an online shopper. I paid a li'l higher for this because of tax and shipping, whereas if I ordered from, I'll be charged for the cost of the bag only, and they always have a sale (15-25% off). Unfortunately, I didn't know at first that they'll offer the Eiffel design and when they did, they only have the blue one, no black.

The next one is an unplanned purchase! I just bumped into someone here at the office who's using the same bag and it gave me sleepless nights! I tried to look online but most of the stocks are already sold out, there's one selling it but way overpriced! Good thing that Smile has a schedule trip to HK last week and she was able to snag one for me!

Another Longchamp bag, the LM Nylon LH Medium in Black! I just love the design! Already have 3 LC bags, these 2 and my first LC bag, a large LH one in red. Waiting for another one next month, and that's it! Cross my heart, errr my fingers haha!

And last ones from the mail yesterday:

6 of the 9 polishes I'm waiting for arrived yesterday, 4 of which are just mini bottles. That's Zoya Vanessa and Ibiza on the side.

Bought from a forum a MAC TLC in Popster but the shade doesn't suit me so I included it on my blog sale.

Been using the Eiffel bag for 4 days now and it doesn't look good without a base shaper. I initially thought of getting one but decided to go for a bag organizer instead.

And that's it!

Although, honestly, I still have a few unposted loots from last month, but seeing everything on this post makes me want to cringe. I'm such a [hopeless] shopaholic! No wonder I don't have much savings =(

Please don't be like me!


PS. click pictures to enlarge =)

Blog Sale Updated!

Please click pics to enlarge

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in No. 12 (swatched twice) - Php 350 - RESERVED

Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Gold Glow (swatched once, retails for 1k+) - Php 450 - SOLD

Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Bronze Glow (swatched once, retails for 1k+) - Php 450  - SOLD

Etude House Peach Base in Lavander (used twice) - Php 450

Etude House Peach Pact (used twice, sponge unused) - Php 350

Stila Precision Crease Brush (1pc, bnew) - Php 400

MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster
(can't estimate how much is left, see actual pics below) - Php 350 - SOLD

YSL Gloss Volupte in No. 4 (unused with box) - Php 450

Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer 60ml (around 70%) - Php 600

L'oreal Elseve Concentrated Reconstructor Leave-in Treatment (around 90%) Php 100

Pump Dispenser (bnew), got it for P150 from nikki of askmewhats
check it out
here - Php 100

Will try to add more!

I accept Gcash (with gcash fee), BPI, BDO and Metrobank
Shipping via xend for Manila (add 50)
Shipping via air21 for Outside Manila (add 100 - 120)
Please comment below if you want one. 
Leave your email where i can contact you. 


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