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Hello there!

Excited for the long weekend ahead? I am!

Anyway, been using the Longchamp bag I got two weeks ago (the Eiffel one) and I'm one satisfied user! My only gripe with using this bag (or any other big bag) is that, everything always seems to get "lost". My keys and cellphones are always at the bottom whenever I need them and I always get a lot of miscalls because my phone would ring and ring and I can't still find it.

I first thought of getting a base shaper, since at least, the bag won't slouch and it might help to find things easier. But when I saw an ad of a bag organizer specifically designed for a Longchamp bag, I ditched the base shaper idea in an instant.

Bag-2-Go design aims to provide superior functionality in organizing your essentials and protecting the interior of your bag. Each pocket was carefully designed and strategically positioned making your things well-kept and easily accessible inside the bag. Bag-2-Go gives your bag more than just additional pockets; It de-clutters the bag making it function at its best every time.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 12"x5"x6"

Weight: 0.6 lbs
Available colors: check here

- Makes bag changing a breeze
- Protects your bag lining from dirt and stains
- Organizes your stuff making them easy to find every time
- Comes with a clear zip bag for coins, makeup, medicines, etc.
- Comes with a key holder
- Comes with special pockets for checkbook, cellphone, digital camera, mp3 player, etc.
- Middle compartment will fit long wallets!
- Does not tumble around inside the bag so everything stays in place
- Made with flexible yet sturdy fine polyester
- Washable, color will not fade or bleed.

Everything it claimed to be, I agree. Although I do have some comments, hehe.

Makes bag changing a breeze - yeah, it saves time. Instead of picking the items one by one from one bag to another, you can pull them out all at once with the help of this organizer. BUT, I just wish, it comes with a handle. It really strained my wrist the first time I tried to put the filled-out organizer onto my bag. As much as I want to use both hands to lift it, I can't. LC bags are shapeless, I need to hold it open with one hand and lift the organizer with the other one. See below:

Organizes your stuff making them easy to find every time - yep! Now I can find my cellphone, my wallet, my digicam, everything. Well, as long as I can remember where I put them! Haha. Seriously, it has a lot of pockets that sometimes I'm at lost where I put my things!

Love too, that the middle compartment fits long wallet and/or a checkbook. I don't carry my checkbook everyday and I'm using a small wallet, so the middle compartment houses my kikay kit, and it totally fits!

The key holder is very helpful too, I just have to grab the strap and that's it.

Any kind of bag organizer certainly adds a little weight to your bag but the organizational abilities they provide is totally worth it. I am not a very organized person and this organizer "forced" me to be one. *wink*

Where to get it:

I got mine from ebay for P450 (plus 50 for shipping), the seller also has a facebook page where you can see all her products. She ships fast too, paid for my organizer on a Wednesday morning and I received it the following day.

On her ebay listing,  I saw bag-2-go organizers for other brand of bags too (LV, Gucci, etc).

Will i buy again? Maybe not, I believe this will lasts me for a long time and I can certainly see myself use this organizer on any other bags that I own, be it another Longchamp or any other brand (SM? From a bazaar? anything!)

My bag-2-go in action (click pics to enlarge):


I'm so glad I bought the bag-2-go organizer, it solved my problem of continuously digging through my bag trying to find the items that I need.

Edit, the seller had a problem with her ebay account, to get bag-2-go, please visit her website instead -


Mindy LC said...

Marami ring bag organizer in this store in Robinson's Galleria. Forgot the name, pero sa likod siya banda. I wanted to go back there and get one, kaso...nalalayuan na ako sa Galleria LOL.

AiDiSan said...

Hi there,

I also thought of buying bag organizer since I'm now fond of bigger bags. I've searched on internet and I saw a lot of cheaper bag organizer but I think there is also one available in SM which most likely I will buy.

Happy holy week!!!

lelila said...

minday, i know that, medyo mahal din dun diba? that's the one across beauty bar right? i want to get one of their empty bottles with pumps, ang cute hehe

aidisan, yeah, this is not cheap but im quite satisfied coz it fits my need. i bought 3 bag organizers na din before, but ended up not using them. either too small the organizer for my stuff or pockets are too shallow

shoutingwind said...

I love bag organizers!

Kaya lang I'm using Neverfull GM, susme lang ang liit nung bag organizer ko kaya ending naglalagay pa din ako ng gamit sa labas nung organizer. Edi hindi din organized. LOL.

Meron bang organizer na kasing laki ng neverfull? LOL

Saka I have atomizers ...pinabili ko kay minday! weee!!

lelila said...

she, parang magkasinglaki lang din ata yan at LC ko, pwede na yan. pabili ka kay aling grace hahahaa

thinay said...

Why I never heard of this one before? Thanks for blogging this:)
I really need one because I cant find a bag w/ many compartments. Yeah that's my first requirement if Im looking for a bag.And minsan, kahit di maganda,basta madaming compartment go na ako.weheheh
with this one,kaht walang compartment basta cute ang bag,naku po!go na go ako:) I'll definitely will look for this one:)

winsher said...

hi lelila!
wow, thank you so much for this review! :) i just saw this now. I am very happy to hear that you're loving your bag-2-go.

unfortunately, my ebay account was indefinitely suspended. :( ebay's reason was because i listed multiply items with this title "Bag-2-Go for LV Speedy 30", i should have written "Louis Vuitton" daw instead. :( i really feel that it's unfair since I am selling a legitimate item (definitely not replicas) and they didn't give me the chance to explain. I don't know when the suspension will be lifted. In the meantime, is it okay if you put my facebook online shop instead of my ebay account in your review? The address is ""

Sayang kasi if interested Bag-2-Go buyers search for my ebay store and fail to find it na.

Once again, thank you so so so much for the review! Really appreciate it, sis! :)

God bless!
Dionne / Winsherwinsher 0922-3325778


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