Crocs Sale update!

Yes, i really filed a leave for work today lol.

Was planning to go there early, but got lazy and I decided to sleep some more =)

Left the house before 12noon, and I got there (Megatent) at quarter past 1.

Traffic is terrible. 

The line when I arrived, 5 long loops! 

20minutes later

45 minutes

1hour 10mins

1hour and 30mins

I don't know them lol. Inggit ako, they're done!

2 hours later
ahhh! I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! 
would you believe i stayed here for another 25mins?!?

errr...hello divisoria LOL!

line to the cashier
I heard someone from the line outside that it took them 3 hours to pay
thought she's exaggerating, but this picture will prove she's not!

What I got an hour and a half later


I'm a li'l claustrophobic, can't stand that kind of a crowd
I just went to check the women's section and found out 
Capri(s) are already sold out, the ones that sells for P250 per pair. 
I'm not sure if they'll replenish tom. maybe!
Sassari at P500, Prima at 900 i think, wasn't able to get a pricelist, sorry. 
Some are just marked down by 600 a pair. not worth the 5 hours you have to stand and wait.
But if you'll get like 5 pairs or more, go ahead. 

I waited more than 2 hours to get inside, but I was out in less than 30minutes!
Decided to just go to Rustan's. This sale is really frustrating! haha!

TIPS if you still want to go there:

Go there ONLY if you're going to hoard.
Be there early, like 8:30 or 9:00am early. Sale starts at 10:00am
Have someone with you. I was alone, wrong move!
Once you're inside, ask your "someone" to fall in line (asap!)
while you're checking out the stuff. Alternate if you have to. 
Don't worry about food, there's Mang Inasal and McDo. 
Wear something other than crocs.
They'll put a sticker and will check it before you get out. hassle!
Parking is for Citibank Gold credit card holders only and those with platinum accounts. 
It's hot inside, wear shorts or something comfortable.
It's kinda traffic (this is not a tip lol).


For me, never again. haha!


kach said...

I was there! OMG! I was there from 8am to 12nn! People were going crazy for crocs. Srsly. I wouldnt go there if not for the need of a backup of prima. What more tomorrow? Kanina, citibank card holders lang. Tsk tsk.

Bec said...

We went din kanina. We arrived at 3pm, lined for 1 1/2 hrs and stayed inside for 6 hours! (Grabe kasi ang haba ng pila sa cashier!) Pero I'm super happy naman, I was able to get 2 pairs of Rio for Php730 each na lang. (orig price Php3k+ each) :) Saka dalawa pang styles na nakalimutan ko na yung names. Basta I went home with four pairs. Dapat punta ko Shang, kaso 9pm na kami natapos, super!

Crocs lang daw ang tinda talaga at hindi daw magrereplenish ng stocks sabi nung mga people in charge dun.

lelila said...

saya nga ng may VIP pass eh! senior citizen daw pala VIP,pag may kasama sila, sama na rin sa pasok. no need to line up sa entrance, saya!

they distributed pass din, pero for friends and families lang ng crocs employees

i want capri and cabana lang. cabana wala na for my size. capri as i said ubos na.

lelila said...


kanina for citibank cc holders lang, nirequire nga nung afternoon na cc ang gamitin sa pagbayad kase supposedly nga naman exclusive for cc holders. pag cash kailangan mapakita citibank atm.

kahit kase exclusive lang for cc holders, allowed ka magsama ng 2 other persons eh. kaya andami pa rin talaga.

nikkiz. said...

wow, ang dami tao! buti na lang I got over my crocs phase months ago.


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