Review: Sigma Makeup Blush + FOTD

A month ago,  I got the following items from At that time, there's an ongoing Valentine promo which entitles the buyer of the full brush kit (12 full size brushes) to receive a free Sigma Makeup pouch and Indian Girl single eyeshadow plus the customary free SS217 brush. Nice deal right!

The brushes were left unused after a month so I decided to just sell them.Actually, I'm lemming for the new professional kit hehe. Anyway, that's a different story.

Aside from the brush kit promo, Beauty on the Go Blush and Highlight Kit was on sale too at 25% off! Of course I have to get one, what do you expect with a blush addict like me?

The kit comes in a cute sturdy box (cute and sturdy in one sentence? lol). When you open the box, you'll find a booklet about all the beauty on the go kits of Sigma Makeup. The blushes and the highlighter are individually pack. 

You can pop these items out of their individual mini boxes and stick it to the palette included in the kit.  Although if you don't feel like it for whatever reason, you can bring each blush/highlighter separately. Each case has this cute tiny mirror on it. 

One good thing about the packaging is that the label on each pan is retained when you pop them and when you check on the back of the palette, you can see what shade it is. Pretty helpful for someone as forgetful as me! 

Cute bubbles on top!!! 

On to the swatches! Would you believe I just swiped my finger on one of the bubbles on top of each pan? See how crazily pigmented these blushes are!

Although when I got this, I was kinda taken back, if you can see in the pictures, Ruby Tuesday, Some Girls and Moonlight Mile have these large chunk of glitters on them. Not Fade Away is a matte blush so no need to worry, it kinda remind me of NARS Desire. 

When I used the blushes, I was surprised to know that these glitters easily go away. What I do is dab the brush lightly (powder is very soft so be careful), tap any excess and swipe on my cheek. I'll buff it a little using a kabuki brush and voila, no more glitters! 

And for some FOTD, whew, I seldom post FOTDs so be kind please =)

Can you guess which blushed I used? 

with flash and without 

NARS Sheer Glow in Sta. Fe
MAC MSF Powder
Too Faced Shadow Insurance + Mac Paintpot in Soft Ocre 
MAC Amberlights e/s
MAC Glamour Check e/s
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Korres Lip Butter in Pomegrenate

This is what I wore when I went to the Crocs Sale. Looks like I have too much blush but in person it's not like that =).

 Staying power is pretty impressive. More than 2 hours of waiting under the sun (of course I have an umbrella lol) and half an hour checking some stuff from the sale, sweat, oil and all, the blush stayed put! I still look ok when I went to Shang and even when I got home.

If you find MAC or NARS blushes expensive, you may want to try this one. Although it retails at $36, you get yourself 3 different blushes and 1 highlighter. Hey! I just checked and this is still on sale. Discounted price is $27! They ship here in the Philippines although I suggest you organize a pool ordering so you can save on shipping cost too.

Hope this helps and have a happy weekend everyone!

Btw, I used Some Girls just in case you guys are interested.  =)


Kay said...

pretty, pretty, pretty! :)

i love the glow it gives u, girl!

u should post more FOTDs!
love ur hair btw lel!

Pammy said...

Sollie! Pretty nung blushes. :P Bagay sayo. ;D

Askmewhats said...

I've seen that Sigma did come out with cosmetic line! I know they only started with brushes, thanks for letting us know that their blushes perform almost next to those high end ones :)

Greenpease said...

My guess is Ruby Tuesday. =)

Really nice on you sis!

Now you left me curious with these Sigma goodies!

lelila said...


my hair is wavy, i need to have my hair rebonded, i just use a hair iron that day hehe

pammy, maganda sya promise!!!

nikki, yep, bilib ako sa staying power!

smile, light kase sa swatch yung some girls noh, tapos kita sa akin hehe

oOchaOo said...

pretty FOTD sis! :)
ako din lemming ko yung new brush set hehehehe ^__^

ruby tuesday looks pretty too :)


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